Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj saying we should cancel this marriage. She says what about Krishna. He coughs. She gives him water. He asks him to think only for Krishna and forget Yuvaan is her son, think how Krishna will feel when she knows Yuvaan does not love her. She says Yuvaan loves Krishna, Baby smiled and talked to him, so he liked her, Krishna is simple, but its our duty to find a nice life partner for him, he is our son, now can we forget this. He says I can’t believe you are saying this, when you created an issue and fought with your dad knowing the marriage was forced, you asked Maa why did you get you married to me. She says Maa was right, you did not love Soumya, our parents too right decision, now its our turn to decide. He says we were lucky that we fell in love, we can’t risk anyone’s love. She says how to trust Baby, she said she loves Saiyyam and now Yuvaan, she got police to get you arrested, see her nature, how to believe she will support him all her life. He coughs again.

He says fine, Yuvaan does not love Baby, its infatuation, but he had courage to express love infront of anyone, its clear he does not love Krishna, will it be right to get them married. She says yes, I raised them and know that Yuvaan cares for Krishna a lot, you were not there and you don’t know them. He says yes, you are right, you raised them alone, it will happen what you say. He goes. She asks him to listen.

Yuvani asks Yuvaan what’s wrong with you, how did Krishna come in between, you will have to spend life with Krishna, mumma will cage you up. He shouts shut up. I m marrying Krishna, that’s final. Suhani goes to Pratima and talks about why she has chosen her for Yuvraaj. Pratima says I thought if Yuvraaj really married Soumya or not, I understood it soon, Dadi has taught Yuvraaj that every glittering thing is gold, Yuvraaj did not know the truth, he did not had sense to identify love, he just liked Soumya, other thing was the girl I have chosen is better than Soumya or not, can she make my son a better man or not, and love him despite his thinking.

Suhani says it means you took risk. Pratima says yes, so that the life stays peaceful, we can’t leave everything on fate, its imp to prove any decision right, we should not lose. Yuvani asks are you serious, will you marry Krishna, what about Baby. Yuvaan says I called her, did she come, no, I told her everything and the surprise turned into shock, she loves me right, where did her love go, I called her to propose her infront of everyone, I wrote a chit and sent a red dress, she did not wear the red dress, Krishna was in her place and Baby did not say anything, go and ask Baby what’s wrong. Yuvani thinks why did Baby not come. Krishna hugs Soumya’s pic and says I m very happy.

Bhavna comes and Krishna tells how she got the chit and dress, it was like fairy tale. Yuvani hears them. Dadi asks Baby why did you not come. Baby says Yuvaan fooled me, he told me to come on terrace and insulted me. Dadi scolds her. Yuvani says matter is something else, Krishna is smart, I heard her and Bhavna, Krishna knew of this proposal and did all this. Dadi sends Baby and says we have to tell Krishna with whom is she playing this game.

Suhani goes to Yuvraaj and apologizes. He says its okay. She asks shall I call doctor, you look unwell. He says I m fine. She says sorry, I could give not good values to children, even when you made big sacrifice and got away. He hugs her. He starts coughing and sees blood in his palm. He gets shocked. Saiyyam looks on and smiles. Dadi comes and asks Suhani to go parlor tomorrow with Krishna. Suhani agrees.

Its morning, Bhavna and Sharad argue. Yuvraaj asks whats happening. Pratima says they are preparing skit for you and Suhani’s sangeet. Sharad says we will show your and Suhani’s love story. Yuvaan says yes, we can know how you both met, your love story is secret. Yuvraaj says I wanted it to be a secret, its okay if you know, its tough, Yuvaan will not be happy knowing Sharad used to call Suhani as chai patti. Yuvaan asks what, tell me more such things, I will take Sharad’s class. They smile. Suhani drops Krishna to parlor and asks her to come home. Krishna says I did not come before. Suhani says yes, but Dadi gave this gift with love. Dadi and Yuvani dress in burqa. Dadi asks are you ready, we have to do this, we have to kidnap Krishna. The lady tells Krishna that Suhani is calling her outside. Krishna goes. Yuvaan teases Yuvraaj that he is not romantic. Baby comes and says even Yuvaan is like his dad. Everyone look on.

Dadi talks to Yuvraaj and says you did not kill Sambhav, Suhani killed him, and you went to jail in her place. Saiyyam hears this and gets shocked, thinking Suhani killed Sambhav.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This dadi easily forget that baby did police complain against her family specially her grandson yuvraaj , she claims to love him, miss him but befriend with his enemy . There is no difference between her and her evil sister , infact i prefer her sister to her coz at least she plot aganist other faimily but dadi is plotting against her own family .

  2. Such a crazy script… killers , kidnappers etc.. such a evil… I don’t know what happened to Indian television dramas cz all are same..

  3. Dragging and boring. Now saiyyam will go after suhani. Will dadi and rags kidnap Krishna. What is the point of this serial now? What’s happening, just going round in circles. Suhani blatantly believes anything dadi says. Another kidnapping maybe just so that yuvaan marries baby. Probably same track as barbie.

  4. Thank dadi…. At least she revealed suhani killed sambhav n saiyyam learns the truth n now he will not harm yuvraj….

    In precap, suhani is looking beautiful??

  5. Wt will happen now?sayyam will get to know abt suhani beings his DaD he will make sure all the work which she will be doing will go wrong.again the whole blame will be in suhani.all vilan r on one ie against suhani.

  6. Eventhough Sayyam and Yuvan are different frm each other,they hv one thing in common ….that is both love their mother and can’t see her hurt ……nw wat will Sayyam do…he can’t hurt Suhani….

    1. Amalina

      I agree, but guys sayyam knew that suhani killed sayyam. In the past epi, he kept on saying that he will avenge suhani for sambhav’s murder. He also said that suhani is shameless to marry yuvraj after killing her husband. ryt guys??? tell me if im wrong?

  7. Even they do not upload d spoilr wht wil happen nxt?? Godd evil dadi n her stupid plans :-/ 😐 yuvaani as same as dadi,still rags nt chngd n whr s sourab n msng menka stupid jokes 😀 😀 waitng fr good turns 🙂 🙂

  8. Still love u lot yuvraaj n suhani #yuvaani 🙂

    1. Aqsxxh

      Same x
      The main couple

  9. Wat a bunch of shit they are showing.Have writers gone insane and till when this dadi keep on playing dirty games.She only show off that she love her family but ends up hurting others.Stop this crap and please show something positive.

    1. Amalina

      strongly agree!

  10. Baby is the 1 who’s playing games. Yuvani is such a liar she is belonde evil n wealthyness. Suhani is a bad mum she abonned Saiyam coz of his dad is, she easily for conive 2 give yuvan 2 another woman n she left Yuvani in the worng hands.

    But I agree that Kishna should her DIL. Yuvani is working 4 who put a misunderstanding between her parents. She should already been married…..what an lowlife left behind shit she is.

  11. My god! So much of hatred and vengeance…what a crazy show! The only reason i watch this show is krishna and saiyam despite horrible story…..

  12. do no what is going to happen to yuvaraj pl cvs dont show anythng bad to yuvaraj . jus watchng nly for YUVANI. pl dont spoil it and u can show some bonding bw son dad, saiy, yuvani n suhani bond pl

  13. So much vengeance OMG
    i still miss ze old suhani yaar

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