Devanshi 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sakshi waking up Devanshi. Devanshi gets scared in darkness. Omi calms her and asks her to get friendly with all her fears. Even with her darkness, then the darkness will not scare her, promise me you will never get scared of anything. She promises and hugs him happily. He thinks she has to bear a lot, she should not fall weak. Its morning, Gopi tells of his dream. Sarla gets the prasad and gives to Devanshi asking her to give to everyone. Devanshi says its already consumed, its lie that its fresh prasad. Omi says yes, Choti Mata is right, the laddoos are waste and throws the laddoos in bin. He asks Sarla to make fresh laddoos and till then Devanshi can play outside. Sarla gets angry. Devanshi goes. Sarla argues with Omi and asks will I make laddoos. Omi says you always say to use mind, this time I used mind and you did not understand, I saved you, you stopped Devanshi from having pizza made outside, if you got laddoos from shop, you would become liar in her eyes, you make laddoos in kitchen. She asks him not to act smart and help her.

Rajjo convinces everyone to come for aarti, as Kusum has chosen Devanshi in her place. Mohan says there will be such thing that will shake up Devanshi. Sarla shows the gold and fake jewelry to Omi. Sarla tells Omi that Nutan wants the jewelry, so I divided this. Omi asks what will you do. She says I will put fake jewelry in hundi and keep real ones in cupboard. Devanshi comes and shows the laddoo she made for Sarla. Sarla says its good, you go and get ready for aarti. Devanshi goes. Sarla throws the laddoo. Omi asks her to think by heart, Devanshi loves you more than Sakshi does, value her love once. Sarla does not listen.

Devanshi comes in Kusum’s temple. Sarla chants her name. The man gets the problem and says I have financial problem, I have to spend in my daughter’s marriage, I m in very much problem. Devanshi gives him jewelry. The man praises her big heart. Sarla gets shocked realizing Devanshi has worn real jewelry. Omi says you can cheat the world, not Maiyya. Sarla asks Gopi will he not sing bhajan, Choti Mata did big thing. Gopi refuses. Sarla says see him, he does not respect Mata. They all ask Gopi to sing the bhajan. Nutan asks Gopi to sing, whats the problem.

Devanshi convinces Gopi to sing bhajan for Kusum’s sake. Gopi agrees to sing bhajan. Gopi sings sona kitna sona hai……Devanshi is unable to do the aarti by holding the stand. Rajjo goes and helps her. They do aarti together.

Ashutosh asks Devanshi how did your hands get burnt. Devanshi says while doing aarti, the stand got hot. Ashutosh thinks how to explain Sarla. He says don’t worry, I will talk to Sarla. She says no, she will get annoyed. He says let it be, I will not let this happen. She says its fine. Sarla calls Devanshi and goes. Ashutosh says Rajjo has a soft heart, she took Devanshi’s care, Sarla has ruined Devanshi’s childhood. Mohan is on call and Geeta asks him what was he doing in Kusum’s room at night. Mohan says I came by some work. She scolds him for going to Kusum’s room, just the female servants can go there. He says I did mistake. She asks him not to do mistake again, else I will tell Kusum, go from here. He leaves.

Its morning, Devanshi is at temple. Gopi tells Sarla to explain Devanshi that she is Mata now, she has no right to live an ordinary life now. Mohan says yes, now Choti Mata have to solve big problem. He says there is epidemic spread in the village and calls the ill people. Devanshi and everyone get shocked. Mohan asks Devanshi to do Kusum’s duty now. He asks her to see the people’s state now. She says if epidemic spreads like this, people will start dying, you have to save them. The people ask Devanshi to help. Devanshi asks Sarla what happened to them. Omi says the disease which spreads from one to another, its called epidemic and it can kill people. Rajjo asks Mohan to call doctor and get them treated. Mohan says doctor has run away, now just Choti Mata can help. Devanshi gets shocked.

Devanshi worries. Nutan says Devanshi will be blamed for the deaths now. The people pray to Devanshi. Devanshi runs somewhere. Kusum laughs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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