Mere Angne Mein 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rani telling Babloo to stay at home and she will come in some time. Rani takes Amit’s clothes and makes excuse. Babloo sees her and thinks where is she taking Amit’s clothes, shall I follow her, but I can’t leave Lallan alone. Shivam gets angry. Kaushalya convinces him to get ready. Sarla says leave Shivam, Amit will come. Amit and Rani come home. Sarla asks Amit to go to Lucky and give haldi to him. Amit agrees. Nandu is worried and talks to Ramesh. Ramesh asks him to be confident, but when Preeti knows the truth, will she leave you or accept you. Nandu gets sad. He says Nandu is dead, I feel Nandu is not left inside me now. Shivam and Amit come there. Nandu sees them and hides. Shivam says we came here before and did not see Lucky.

Amit says leave it come. They meet Ramesh. Ramesh says Lucky is coming, sit. Shivam asks what’s this, there is no mandap, relatives, what’s going on. Ramesh says we have no relatives, shall we keep haldi ceremony at your home, you are also our relatives now. Nandu comes as Lucky. Amit asks them to come and do haldi at Shanti Sadan. Nandu worries. Shivam says I will wait outside. Amit talks to Lucky and goes out. Lucky worries and asks Ramesh why did you tell them about haldi at Shanti Sadan. Ramesh asks him to think, he can sit with Peeti and get haldi applied. Amit goes to Shivam and calls him unemployed. They both argue. A man comes and taunts Shivam about Preeti’s second marriage. Shivam beats him up and the haldi falls. Amit stops Shivam and asks what was the need to beat him, your sisters spoiled name first and you are spoiling more. They leave.

Sarla sings the haldi song Banno ki ayegi baraat….. Preeti is happy. Amit and Shivam come home. Amit tells everyone that haldi fell down, Shivam did a good thing, a boy came infront of bike, the kid got saved and haldi fell down. Shivam thinks why did Amit not say about the fight. Kaushalya says its abshagun. Shanti says why are you saying of abshagun now, Nandu died yesterday and we did Preeti’s engagement, was it not abshagun, end the haldi ceremony soon, this matter should not go out, I don’t want any issue, finish this marriage soon. Shanti scolds Preeti. Kaushalya cries and sings song. Nandu and Ramesh come. Kaushalya says how can they see each other now. Shanti says they know each other very well and met many times, haldi is happening together, what can be more strange. Nandu and Ramesh greet them.

Sarla asks where are other relatives, will there be no baraat. Ramesh says no. Shanti says we want to meet elders, someone will be there who does rituals. Ramesh says we don’t have any family. Nimmi says Rani can apply haldi to Lucky. Lucky says I don’t have any problem.

Rani asks Sarla to end the problem soon. Kaushalya worries. Shanti taunts Nimmi for appearing happy. Kaushalya stops Shivam and asks him to stay here. He asks do I need to prove that I love you. She says you changed a lot. He asks who is like before in this house, everyone changed, what problem do you have with me then. Pari tells Preeti that Nimmi is after Lucky now. Nimmi applies haldi to Preeti. Preeti stops her and refuses to get haldi applied by Nimmi. Nimmi says fine if Preeti does not want. Shanti makes Nimmi apply haldi and says I will not apply, Nimmi has done it on my behalf. Pari applies haldi to Preeti. Preeti smiles.

Nimmi says Nandu’s parents are coming. Preeti asks what, and they all run. Nandu’s parents say we accept Preeti as our bahu now, we came to take them. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guard babu is missing very often in this soap. Even at he time of important events happen in the family, he is not seen. Is it not important for this family to inform police or parents of nandu about suicide of their son in law. All the family members are dumb as its Director.

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