Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvraaj getting samosas to make Suhani happy. She gets happy and understands his surprise. She does the puja. He sees she is not eating and takes it. She says why are you taking it, its mine. She eats the samosas. She says my friends use to ask me to punch someone and offer samosas. Yuvraaj smiles. She says she waited for him all night. She says she know s his anger is his acting. Music plays………….. Suhani comes to Pratima smiling. Pratima is glad seeing her smiling. Suhani says she broke her fast and it went well, but she regrets for lying to everyone. Pratima says leave it, its good Yuvraaj got samosas to break your fast.

Krishna and Rakhi talk about Soumya. Soumya comes and faints. Krishna gets worried. Krishna lifts her and asks Rakhi to get water fast. He says how did I forget that she has low BP problem, she can’t be hungry all day, she should have not kept the fast. She asks Rakhi to call doctor. Rakhi says its a fast, can’t she stay hungry for you for one day. Krishna scolds her and asks her to call doctor fast. He puts water on Soumya’s face. Krishna apologizes and says I forgot you have anemia.

Bhavna talks to Amit on video chat. He apologizes and says he will come soon. He gets Rishi’s call and says don’t worry Bhavna will come home. Amit tells Bhavna to go home, as his mum has fever and Rishi can’t manage alone, he will come too if possible. Bhavna gets tensed and says fine. Dadi asks Rags what happened to her nails. She asks her not to become like Suhani. Rags thinks how to tell she agreed to Menka. She says her nail got broken and so she has cut all nails, sorry. Dadi leaves. Rags gets angry. She gets a call from Pramod, who invites her in birthday party.

She says sure, we will come and you can meet Yuvraaj’s wife, Yuvraaj will refuse to come, but you insist. Rags ends the call and says this party will be unforgettable for Suhani. Suhani comes and asks what. Rags gets shocked and says surprise for you, I will tell infront of everyone. She calls Menka. Menka asks why did they wear yellow clothes. She says Rags dressing sense is becoming like Suhani’s. Rags scolds Menka and asks her to get everyone in the hall. Menka leaves. Krishna takes care of Soumya. He apologizes to her. He says why did you not tell me, I would have not made you fast. Soumya is annoyed. Rakhi thinks Soumya could not do this for my brother.

Krishna says Soumya won’t keep Teej fast now. Rakhi says she is sensitive, every woman keeps fast while doing house work, but she does not keep. Krishna asks Rakhi to come with her. Everyone come and asks whats the suspense. Rags says Pramod called and invited us in his birthday party. She says its special invitation for you and Suhani. Saurabh says he will surely go, we have business relations with them. Menka asks Suhani, shall we call makeup artists, rich people will come there. Dadi says Suhani will not go. Dadi says she will embarrass Yuvraaj. Rags says but Yuvraaj’s friends want to meet her. Yuvraaj says why to take Suhani, if she is not comfortable. Menka says we will be with her. Dadi says no, she will insult Yuvraaj.

Krishna asks Rakhi to interfere between him and Soumya. Rakhi gets angry and tells her mum that Krishna scolded her, he has changed now. Yuvraaj talks to Pramod and says yes, marriage happened soon and even my Dadi could not come. Pramod insists and asks her to get Suhani. Yuvraaj agrees. Rags and Menka are happy knowing this. Rags says she has a plan for the party. Menka says what will we do there, we can’t do anything. Rags says it will be fun as she will be going in high class society party for the first time. Menka praises Rags. They smile.

Yuvraaj gets ready and says don’t know how will people react seeing Suhani, I will leave Suhani and come early. Pratima brings Suhani. She wears a black saree and Pratima asks how is the surprise. Yuvraaj looks at her and says not bad, come with me. Suhani smiles. Menka says she gives all tips to Rags. Rags comes and looks stunning. She says I don’t take her tips. Rags says Suhani is looking good and better than Menka. Menka gets upset. They come in the party. Suhani’s saree gets stuck in the car door. She tries to free it. Yuvraaj helps her. Saawre……………….plays………………. They have an eyelock.

Yuvraaj’s friends taunt him seeing Suhani. Suhani dances badly and embarrasses Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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