Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushali waiting outside bathroom. Neena comes and says it is Vaishnavi inside. Once comes out of bathroom and plays a prank that she has filled cold water for her, but when Rushali puts her hand in bucket, she gets angry that it is hot water. She comes out and starts scolding Vaishnavi and Ankita. Ankita asks her to relax and stop badmouthing about her, else she will reveal her secret and will kick her out. Neena hears whole conversation and thinks Ankita has come back as a dictator.

Ankita gets Vaishnavi ready and says she will admit her to the school. Vaishnavi says she does not have friends. Ankita says she will get many in school. Ashi watches Ankita braiding Vaishnavi’s hair and thinks she should also get her hair braided. She asks Pari to get her hair braided like choti maa did to Vaishnavi. Pari scolds her for calling Ankita as choti maa and asks her to get her hair braided by Ankita itself. She comes back sadly to Ankita and asks her to braid her hair. Ankita braids her hair. Ashi says her mom asked not to call he choti maa. Ankita says she can call choti maa. Rushali sees Ashi with Ankita and gets angry. She takes with her from there. Ankita gets sad with Rushali’s behaviour.

Mansi sees Prashanth praying god and asks what is special today. He says today is special day for all of us as Ankita will be taking charge as MD and he was praying god for her. Mansi says he is right, hope our happiness continue like this and god will listen to our prayers for sure. She takes him to breakfast table. He says he does not want to have food as he is having party in office.

Naren prepares Ashi’s tiffin box. Pari comes there and says she wants to talk to him. He says he has to drop Ashi school. Pari says Rushali will drop her school and asks him to come in as it is important. Once he gets into the room, she asks him to shut the door and asks why was he with Ankita in the temple and starts fighting with him. He has what happened to her. She asks him to keep away from Ankita as she will trap him. Naren says if she has to trap me, she can kick us out of her house. Pari says she does not want to listen to him as she has to reach office now.

Prashanth gives Pari bouquet and asks her to greet Ankita with this. Once Ankita comes in with Teju, whole staff claps for her and gives boquet. Teju introduces Ankita as their company’s new MD. Prashanth forces Pari to greet Ankita. Pari with her typical wierd face congratulates Ankita. Ankita goes near Naren who also congratulates her. Ankita shakes hands with him and says hope they will enjoy working together. Teju takes Ankita to the cabin. Staff congratulates Pari for Ankita’s new position and says her sister is a new MD now. Pari gets irked hearing that.

Pari comes home and Ashi shows her new dress gifted by Ankita. Pari scolds her and sends her from there. Mansi asks why is she scolding Ashi. Pari says she is irked with Ankita as she ruined her life. She had to lose her house, career, etc., because of her. She says Mansi she cannot understand as she is not career oriented and is happy with her family and children. Mansi says she is telling right, but she is happy with her family and does not want to run behind money and property and get jealous like her. She says when she is complaining that Azoba did not give her property, even she should complain as she is also Azoba’s grand daughter. She says she is happy for Ankita and says even she should thank Ankita as she left her happiness for her and left even the city. She Ankita does not complain at all and gets happy even when she does not have money. She says she should stop thinking about money and should concentrate on her husband and daughter, else she will be alone forever. Pari gets irked and leaves from there.

Teju comes to Mansi and asks why is she not in pooja and why is she looking tensed. Mansi tells what Pari told. Teju says she can understand her concern and cannot believe Pari can do that. Mansi says she is afraid of Pari now and worried for Ankita, nobody will gain from it, but she is also worried about Pari as she is her sister. She says Pari troubled Ankita even before.

Precap: Ankita asks Prashanth to send someone from technical department as she is finding some irregularities there. Prashanth says Naren handles that department.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The story is getting more interesting.

  2. Oh my God nia if you are given the chance you wont spare pari and rushali from cleaning the gutters not just toilets,well they both actually deserve more than that especially rushali a wicked mother

  3. Pari and her mother-law 2 b*t*hes,naren is idiot,pari and mummy dearest ruin his life since his mariage 2pari

  4. Pari-puvri,pia-ovi, same sh-t different days,talk abt wrong and strong , money talks and bulls–t walks,ankita remain tru and come out d best,

  5. Wow finally i can see sunshine at the other end of the pavitra rishta’s tunnel. Good going Ankita (y)

    1. story is getting better

  6. Pari the pig and Rushalli the rat. Honesty and trufulness will tell its own story. Prepare to clean the toilet you both.

  7. 2nd yay

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