Sadda Haq 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
SAmnyu says in which confusion im stuck with ? I just realized that I love randhir and now I have to get engaged with Samir. I have top do this because mom dad’s respect is more than anything. I have to tell randhir everything. but how ? how will I tell him after concealing for so long ? What will you do sanyu ? On one side is family and on other is randhir.

SAnyu says to kasutuki so that’s it my story’s end. I am going to home and I will get engaged. Kaustuki says you get out of problems by magic, I thought you would do something this time as well. SAnyu says all my magic is over its your turn go to dream team competition and win it. I have to pack stuff. They both start packing. sanyu says I have to tell randhir everytjing, kaustuki says randhir won’t be able to digest. Sanyu says I will listen to whatever he says but I won’t go without telling him truth. Before that I have to thank someone.

Scene 2
Yoyo says is bragging about his love to kaustuki in front of randhir. Randhir says in heart what if sanyu rejects me ? How will I handle everything ? Yoyo says what are you thinking ? Randhir says if a girl asks how important she is for you ? What it means ? Yoyo says tell her. She wasn’t sot know everything. randhir says why is she so curious? Yoyo says she has some feelings for that man. Yoyo’s pal says yes that’s how they hook us in their love. Yoyo says shut up. Randhir leaves.

Vardhan is in lab. He is telling everyone what to do ? Sanyu comes in. He says good morning sanyu. is there some problem ? Snayu says no sir. No problems no complains. I just wanna thank you for everything. If there was one thing I would have words. You have done so much for me that I don’t have words. Thank you for helping me in living my dream. Without your support we won’t be able to qualify. Vardhan says you have qualified because of your effort. SAnyu says no one has challenges like me but you never left me. vardhan says are you ? Sanyu says yes I am leaving. I am getting engaged.
Sanyuu says when I came here I had nothing but a dream. now I am taking a lot of things with me, memories, friends, and love, I don’t know when I fell in love with him. I never felt this way for someone. I fought with everyone for my dream team and FITE> I was never ready for these emotions now I have realized that I was so incomplete. There is no better feelings than this. Sir you are the one who knows me so well. I could never fall for Samir but if randhir wasn’t in my life I won’t have know what love is like. For this I like to thank you as well. vardhan says challenge is still in front of you. what will you do now ? SAnyu says I will do what is right. I love randhir buti will marry Samir for my family. Vardhan says what about randhir will you tell him ? Sanyu says no my dream is over but he has a lot to do. Vardhan says I have always scolded at you but today I will let you decide. I will just says that for a few things you get a second chance if yoy get that you know what you have to do. All the best. sanyu says thank you sir.

Randhir says where is she ? No call no text. He sees everyone discussing about the missing things. radnhir says lets do something about it. Parth says lets inform maya. Randhir says no we will do it our self. Sanyu sees randhir and says why is he not looking at me ? I have to talk to him. Sanyu says there must be one phone on. Lets trace with its help. Jiggy says how ? I don’t even have my laptop. randhir says use mine.
Jiggy starts tracking, they all move as it directs. its going to girls’ hostel. tracking leads them to sanyu’s room.
Vidushi is talking to doctor, how is parth ? Is there some serious problem ? he says I can’t comment before the reports come. Vidushi says hurry up. I can’t see parth like that.
They all enter the room.
Radnhir says why would some keep the stuff here ? Vidushi says what’s going on here ? All of them start looking in to the closets. They find the stolen phone. Sahil says this is m phone. Parth says what is it doing in your bag vidushi ? Vidushi says I am nit saying anything that doesn’t mean that you will accuse me for stealing.
vidushi says enough just get out of my room. parths says we all know how cheap are you. What is sahil’s phone doing here. Parth says I have to tell maya everything. He holds her hand and drags her to maya’s cabin Vidushi says please parth stop. SAnyu says to randhir don’t humiliate her.

Vardhan is talking to maya.
They take vidushi to the room. Parth says she h stolen all the things from the college. one the phone was left on and we tracked it was in her bag. She took all that stuff. Maya says is that true ? She says yes. Parth says expel her madam. Vardhan says what way is that to talk to your dean ? You haev done your work rest is up to us. Maya says return all the stuff you stole vidushi. Vidushi says I have sold all that. maya says I can expel you right now but you have to pay for the loss. You will do a job in the college and pay for everything. She asks parth and randhir to make a list of the lost stuff.

Maya gets a call, she asks everyone to leave. She goes out.
vidushi is our people comment on her. I don’t belive there are people like that in college.
Doctor calls vidushi and tells her that so far the reports are fine I am sending reports to dehli. Vidushi says yeah send the reports my heart says he will be fine I will pay you. She turns parth is standing there. he says you are more than disgraceful. You are still smiling. you live in sanyu’s room you could have learnt something from her. Vidushi says sanyu sanyu all the time, You have to face more humiliation than me.

Sanyu hugs kaustuki and says I didn’t talk to randhir.
Sanyu calls randhir. He says I thought were ignoring me. You didn’t even meet me. sanyu says meet me in the audi. He says are you again asking those questions ? how important I am etc. Snayu says meet me I will tell you.
one the way randhir hears some guys saying I heart her engagement called off but now she is going back. sanyu is with her stuff she recalls all the good memories of FITE.
randhir hears someone saying she is getting engaged to Samir and she is leaving the college ? Randhir says who Samir ? He says don’t you know look there. Randhir goes to the notice board and asks sahil parth and jigyy why are you all so stressed out ? They move. Randhir sees sanyu and Samir’s engagement card pasted there.

Precap-Vardhan says it was not her mistake. she did as I directed. Randhir says you didn’t think hat will happen when she leaves. you are not my friend you ahd yoru reasons but sanyu has to pay for this.
Randhir enters sanyu’s engagement.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. PRECAP – i am dying omg!!! Rd in sanyus engagement….. Rd to Vardhan – abt sanyu – isski keemath toh usse chukaane hi padegi!!!

  2. Por vidu, hope e/one forgives her…. Parth shld realize she did e/thing for him…. i have a doubt where is Parths mom????

  3. Sumedha varshney

    Oh my gosh! Precap!!! Wow wow wow. Dyng to c nxt episode! 😀 😀

  4. Oh god now d cvs will shw dat ‘engagement wala precap’ till sunday..!!! Bt i jst hp dat rd will handle dis truth nd nt agn bcm dt old rd

  5. Come on meera tat vidushi 1ly posted the engagement card n the notice board…and u r saying everyone should forgive her….noo yaar…..atiba Thankz for the update dr

    1. @ ash —- i am being honest here… mujhe bahut buraa lagaa jab Parth Vidu ko gaseetke Dean ke paas le jaa rahaa tha… kiseene koshish kiyaa hotha – vidu se akele me poochne ki ussne aisa kyuu kiyaa??? i thought by this RDA OR SANYU wl come to know of Parths problem,…

  6. what is the full form of M.C.P?

    1. full form of MCP actually is Male Chauvenist Pig… but for me, as far as PSB is concerned, it is Most Charismatic Person!!!!

      1. For me it’s my cuttiee piee

      2. wow thats so nice!!!!

  7. precap : i hated when Vardhan says to RD – ussne mere kehne pe ye sab kiyaa.. i hated i hated i hated….. poor RD..

  8. how i wish @ absent was here.. i wld like to know her POV on sanyu deciding to choose her family over Randhir…. hey where r u???? atleast i thought she wl stand up for herself and Randhir…. seems too late now…

  9. can’t wait to see tomo episode!!!!

  10. Now how will sanyu face randher when sameer will get engaged to her!
    Plz randher bachaleh sanyu aur apni luv life ko or else it will be too late!!
    Cant see them seperated!!

  11. Ye kya ho gaya…sanyu ki engesment….wo bhi us bewakuf sameer k sath………i hate sameer yaar…koi bhar nikalo usko serial se…….

  12. can’t wait to see tomo episode!!!! dont think I will have a peaceful sleep till tomo

  13. Kl k episode se to sb kuch change ho jayega…..everyting…..sanyu ki life se problems jate hi nhi…..
    PTa nhi ab aage kya hoga…

  14. I felt really bad for Vidhusi after all she did it for Parth …but she could have something else and not by stealing like she could have talked about it to Maya,Vardhan or directly to Parth and convince him
    Coming to Precap……I think Vardhan will tell Randhir that Sanyu loves him and make him understand (as a mentor he should do it and all this is coz of him)and also ask Randhir to bring Sanyu back

    I am damm sure by next week or in near future Sanyu will be back in FITE by hook or crook

  15. what if RD does not stop the engagement, it takes place acc to sanyu n her family wishes and then sanyu is able to convince that chomu to let her finish her engg. studies and he accepts it and sends her to FITE then???? sanyu wl def choose her studies and family again over RD…. hamaaraa RD kaa kyaa hoga?? is he some sort of use and throw stuff??? use him selfishly and then…..

    1. I just wish jaise aap kah rahe hain waisa na ho I don’t wanna see my bro acting like a devdas or an arrogant person ….he is such a sweet heart and wanna his character also be sweet heart

  16. @meera aftr reading ur comment I feel there is 75% chances what u predicted can happen…..Randhir why??? always him Getting hurt

  17. I actually agree with nila…… Maybe vdhan sir will convince rd to go to sanyus house n stopvthe eng.
    Btw,i wont be able to post cmmnts or ff till 17 sept bcoz of my classical dance exams….plz bear wit me

    1. BOL!!! for ur classical dance exams.. waise 7th september CS pe yaa phir 8th september MONDAY ko aa jao naa… hamaara PSB kaa real life birthday hai… as a sandhirian i thought e/one of us wl drop in a line of b’daywish / greetings……apart from that days epi comments….. aayegi????

      1. his bday is on 8th september….

  18. Guys jo bhi ho hungama toh hoga with sandher moments!
    Luv it! 🙂

  19. Guys maya is developing feeling for vardhan!
    Abh kya hoga??

  20. @meera @nila chill guyz as we all know diz serial based on a girlz struggles to acheive hr dreamz so how is it possible that girl will clamp a seal on hr drmz …..i m damn sure sanyu will join fite soon..and our sandheer will be together again………….cuz heroin hamesha apne hero k sath hoti hai……. villan k sath nahi….. 😉

  21. kya koi mujhe bata sakta hai k youtube pr sadda haq dekhne k liye kya procedure hai….plz

    1. Had posted this on 26th cs,..
      (1) if u like to watch Sadda Haq daily episodes in YOUTUBE, then open Youtube, select “channels” (there will be videos and channels given therein) and type smruti shah…. u can watch the show in parts…..

      (2) t save a downloaded video, u have to download TUBEMATE APP & select the video that u wish to save & watch again later on..,, it gets saved either in your device or mc…

  22. @game changer, u can simply open youtube to watch shq or u can go to There u wil find the links nt only of youtube bt othrs also. And u can also get direct links from facebook of youtube in the page named “Sadda haq-randhir+sanyukta=sandhir”
    I hope this can help u

  23. Guys….Just now read a HEART BREAKING news :
    SADDA HAQ going to END in 6 MONTHS :'( 🙁 :'(
    Read in FB …….I am really heart broken pls comments badaao n try to watch SHQ daily TRP badaao FB & TWITTER par likes ka tsunami kardo
    I am not confirm but PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.
    Agar galat news hai ( I wish so) tho mujhe mat daatna mein bas vo hi bata rahi hoon Jo pada

  24. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Hope u r joking,plzzzzzzzzzszzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Noooo shq cant end!!!!!!!
    Its the program on V,after d3
    In the past few mnths,i got 9 ppl addicted,
    And plus,i also read news in places that its gonna end,well,it never does.
    Fb main toh 2nd time!
    But plzzzz guyz,aaj se hame roj cmmnts 100 se jyaada le jaane hai.
    Watch all the repeat telecasts too,whneever u r free do whater we can!
    Shq is our life,our aim is to make it continue!!!!

    1. I wish I was

  25. Precap was awesome i wish rda just stop sanyu n samir enangement n he owself become engage with sanyu

  26. Guyzzz i thnk ds tm d nws of shq going off airis true as we all knw dat d shw is based on a girl’s (sanyukta) dream of doing mechanical engineering nd becoming a mechanical engineer…nd nw dey r on 3rd yr nd in sm mnths dey will be on 4th yr nd aftr dat dey will be pass d main cncpt of d shw will be fulfilled nd guyzzz dnt u all wnt dat dey end shw in a good way dn kpt d shw dragging nd mk it boring…its jst my opinion tk it in a positive way

    1. i agree with u… i/o dragging it for years like any other ypical saas-bahu serials, if SH is a 1 year show with another finite number of episodes ending the way we all sandhirians desire, then it is fine with me too…..

  27. thanx @meera @pareeniti….and @pakhi i have d same feeling bt dnt u think ye show ko bahot. jaldi aage badha rahe hai i mean abhi to show ko1yr bhi cmplete nahi hua aur inho sanddhir ko 3rd yr me bhi pohcha diye……well jo bhi ho yr ye show itne jaldi end nahi hona chahiye dis is the only show i like to watch….luv u

  28. I agree with all of you I also don’t wanna the show becoming boring …….but as I am addicted to this its little painful 🙁
    Anyway luv the whole team of Sadda haq and everyone enjoy the present track JAB KHATAM HOGA TAB KA TAB DEKHA JAYEGA……..

  29. Oh no,aisi news mat sunaya karo yr,ek hi show h jo dil lagakar dekhti hu ab ye bhi khatam to mera kya hoga……..Nhiiiiiiii
    Very disappointing 🙁

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