Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baby asking Suhani to stay away. She asks what will you do. Suhani says you shot my Yuvraaj, I will kill you. Baby says really, I will tell you something, I killed your son, I made your Yuvaan away from you. Suhani and Saiyyam get shocked. Baby says you could not do anything that time, what will you do now. Yuvani and Krishna hear this and get shocked. Baby says I have sent you jail in Yuvaan’s murder blame. Saiyyam makes the blade fall and slaps Baby. Suhani picks the blade and says I will not leave you. Yuvaan stops Suhani. Suhani says Baby has killed Yuvaan, she has hurt Sharad and Yuvraaj. Krishna stops her.

Pratima comes to them and says Yuvraaj. Suhani drops the blade. Yuvraaj is treated. Doctor says there was much bleeding, his body could not bear operation, we had to stop the operation, his heart can stop working in some hours. They get shocked. Dadi asks doctor to cure Yuvraaj any way. Lata asks her to calm down. She asks doctor to do something. Doctor says sorry, you can take him home, so that he can spend the rest of his lifetime with family. Dadi says you are lying, nothing will happen to Yuvraaj, we will not lose. She asks Saiyyam to call big doctors and get Yuvraaj saved, we won’t lose this way. They all cry. Suhani thinks you can’t leave me Yuvraaj.

They all take Yuvraaj home. Suhani sees him and cries. She holds the watch and makes him wear it, recalling the old moment. She sits by his side and says Yuvraaj. He wakes up and smiles seeing her. He says sorry Mrs. Birla. She says I should say sorry. Pratima comes and looks on. He says I promised to take all your problems on my head. She says but I took promise. He says I fulfilled it, that’s me, you know me. He smiles with tearful eyes.

Dadi asks Rags to find a good doctor, I will pay any money, just get a doctor. Rags tries arranging doctor as Dadi is in stress. Lata says Rags is trying, some doctor will come, you meet Yuvraaj. Bhavna asks Dadi to come. Dadi says I want a doctor for Yuvraaj, I won’t lose like Pratima and Suhani. She insists Rags to find doctor.

Yuvraaj says Maa’s tension got over, now she does not have to choose between me and Suhani. Pratima says I used to joke that way, I always used to be with you. He asks really, now I m going, so will you say anything to keep my heart. They cry. Suhani asks him to fight for his life. He says no, I can’t fight more, just let me go, I can’t go without you and Pratima’s permission. He asks Pratima shall I go, you both are always with me. Pratima says always.

Rags says Dadi, all doctors are saying same thing. Dadi asks shall I lose, no way. Lata asks her to have courage, help Yuvraaj in going. Dadi says he won’t go anywhere, he will be here. Yuvani comes and asks them to come fast, Yuvraaj is critical. Yuvraaj asks Saiyyam to call Dadi.

Suhani cries and kisses him. He asks Suhani shall I go now. She signs no. He says please. She nods and I love you. He says I love you…. He looks at Suhani and leaves his breath. They get shocked. Saiyyam asks Dadi to come fast. Dadi and everyone come. Suhani sees Yuvraaj’s watch. She closes his eyes. Dadi comes and shouts Yuvraaj. They all get shocked and cry.

Yuvraaj’s mourning ceremony is kept. Everyone cry and recall Yuvraaj. Krishna says I liked to call him Daddu, my Papa was not in this world when I was born, Yuvraaj was the one who took me in lap when I was born, he is my dad, I m not his blood, but just he is my dad for me, he will always be with me, I love you Daddu. She recalls Yuvraaj.

Pankaj says Yuvraaj was my son, Suhani used to complain that I love Yuvraaj more than her, yes Suhani, I loved him more, I raised both my daughters as sons, I wish he was my son, lucky people get sons with such thinking and qualities.

Yuvraaj’s funeral pyre is seen. Suhani faints. Doctor tells Suhani that she is pregnant. Suhani gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nithu

    im on verge of crying cuz my ssel is going to end…….but its good that its ending before evryone strts hating my ssel………………..i love u ssel…………………

    1. Ruksy

      ?? always loved this show and I still do even though they are showing nonsense

    2. Nithu

      yes di……………evn i love ssel ……..di i wish alll the friends gang of ssel shd be back atleast at the last so that we can rock…..di.miss u ppl………di………..

    3. hey rusky hey nithu, i only watched this episode… and i cried so much…

    4. i missed all the gang so much, and… ugh it is so saddening

  2. Wow suhani is pregnant!! Arrey cvs ko at least show katam hone se pehle kriyyam track shuru karna chahiye tha. Lekin nahi abhi bhi kuch nahi huwa aur aagaya suhani ka track. Either baby ya dadi ya suhani. Koi youngsters ko bhi dikhayega ya nahi. Aur yuvani aab yaad aaya cvs ko ki yuvaan aur saiyyam ki ek behen bhi hai!!? Bas yuvraj margaya toh laut aayi yuvaani. Bas har baar koi na koi rubbish track bana dede thay hai!!!

    1. Yes bohot hi ghatiya track hai suhani pregnant Krishna honi chahiye this ab su ka pregnant track laya hi hai to phir miscarriage bhi ho jaye to better hoga kriyam ke story per dhyan de ab CVS plzz

  3. anay bangalore

    Re u guys out of your mind to show suhani pregnant again. use little commonsense. Is there something called family planning or no? anything you will show?

  4. Its good she is pregnent now she cann give her baby o kiryyam

  5. This is beyond stupid. So Baby confesses to killing Yuvaan and shooting Yuvraaj and these idiots just stand around like statues? They don’t call the police? No one recorded it? Most of these characters are on their mobiles night and day and never think to record anything and when they do, they share that evidence with the bad people who always outsmart the main characters.

    Seriously, Suhani pregnant? This is utter nonsense!

  6. Very boring epi today kal ka bhi yesa hi hoga I hope ki writers ab 1month ke liye to kriyam ke romantic senes dikhate koi new entry Krishna s look change ho

  7. What are the show’s CV’s are thinking, Suhani is going to be a mother at a age where she should be a grandmother.
    I don’t even know weather to cry on this mess or to laugh.
    But, I am getting a feeling that KRIYAM would end up taking in and rising up the baby.
    ha, Saiyam’s brother could become his son.
    At first I was sad that the show is ending but now I am actually ok with that, these CV’s could not do any better with kriyam.
    I want Karan and Srishti to get caste in a new show with better story line.

    1. Saiyyamlover_17

      Omg sameee. I really think they should Create a spin off show based on Kriyam and their love story. I mean Kriyam is one of the most popular couples and slot of people support and ship it. If by any possible chance they do create a spin off ( Whichninfind highly unlikely) Kriyam fans will be sooo happy ?

  8. Sarita

    crying crying crying whole epi i was crying.sahil mehata today u nailed whole epi dedicate to sahil mehata aka word for today yuvAni scéně. yuvraj or uske bacche kitne badnaseeb h ki unhe pita ka pyar mil hi nhi pata h.yuvAni jaisi life kisi ki na ho poor kabhi shanti se rah hi nhi paaye

    1. i agree with u di.. yuvani sath me kbhi khush rah hi nai paye

  9. Strange tat baby was not seen much in today episode.. atleast on last day of yuvraj director had a little common sense to give space to yuvraj

  10. Yuvraj dint even recall dadi. Dadi loves yuvraj unconditionally n madly.. atleast he should have spoken to her once. I felt so

  11. i think suhani might die after giving birth to a baby-girl. And Saiyyam might raise her as his daughter and name her suhani.

    1. Huh that’s a really good thought that might happen but if they did it will be sad because suhani will die

  12. heart touching episode! Sahil sir, u were awesome n today episode was totally urs.. y y always cvs make us cry.. suhani got pregnant? i think they will believe tat yuvraj s born again n end with tat on a happy note.. we cant do anythng n they wud hav already decided the final track.. everytime we request or complain to cvs bt they never listen.. last final request, pl cvs bring yuvraj back atleast for final epi… end with him pl.. am at loss of words…

  13. Saiyyamlover_17

    Can’t believe Suhani is pregnant. And at this age. I mean Krishna was pregnant just a few days ago and now her mother is. Saiyyam and Krishna will probably bring the baby up. It will be quite funny though for Saiyyams Younger brother or sister to call him Dad. Just so upset SSEL is finishing soon. And so sad that Kriyams love story was so short???

  14. Jazzmaan

    haha actually i was very emotional to see yuvraj death but later precap made me laugh.. so so stupid cvs

  15. Khushi1707

    Guys, I’m very disappointed that SSEL is ending.. CVS could have shown Suhani’s life with Kriyam, but nothing.. and now pregnancy? Seriously yaar!!! How can be they so illogical? I have decided to stop all my Kriyam ffs. No Kriyam, nothing in the show. Sorry if I hurt somebody, I’m really sorry. Kriyam is fav. couple, but CVS just ruined their love story. This may be my last comment. I made many new friends, and I think some of my first friends were SSELians. Aarti dii, Arshi dii, Rockstr, Annie, Syedul, Hafsa dii, and mannnnnnyyyyyyyy more…. I will try to keep in contact with each one of you.
    Lots of love and sorries,

    1. Why would u end it!!! Don’t end it!!!! If they can’t give a good love story U should

    2. Oh noo plzz atleast finish them

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      U r kidding Khushi…I loved all of ur ffs. I thought after SSEL…i would enjoy kriyam with them…plz don’t stop it….I just loved ur writing skills. They were really good..plz reconsider…

  16. I am so sad that kriyyams love track is gonna end.pls cast Karan and shrishti in a very good scripted soap.pls….?☺️

  17. Oh for goodness sake what the hell suhani pregnant again r u srs god man wth nonsense Krishna should bcome a mom not suhani emotional seeing yuvraj die

  18. Fidato

    Brainless CVS… I thought as a medical miracle Krishna will become pregnant…But..This is ridiculous…. Suhani.. Pregnant…
    Outstanding performance by sahil mehtha..No words… I was crying…

  19. Why no kriyam scenes????

  20. I said I’ll miss this show, now I won’t I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT! Why will they make suhani pregnant, she’s old well she’s supposed to be old she’s supposed to be like 50 because of the leaps and all, her kids are like 20 wtf do u not have common sense she can’t get pregnant. If I could sue this show I would for teaching people wrong things

    1. And also if krishna has a baby it will be younger than suhanis isn’t that wierd what would they call each other

    2. And whta if kriyam takes suhanis baby. His brother is his son? I’m confused I feel like laughing why doesn’t it end. Ik later I’ll cry if it ends. But what is this!!!!!!! Sahil is a really good actor!!!! I’m still crying ?

    3. Agree with you, it is also not possible to get pregnant at this AGE!
      Suhani is 67 in character age. Dumb writers dumb to the last.

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