kriyam – u r my strength Episode 115

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Episode 115
Hi guys… It’s me shaani(Uththara)… First of I must thank u all for ur support n love… I’m really grateful to have u all…
I wanted to say that I have done little change in my story… From this chapter… I have made our sayyam’s business little higher.. I mean now sayyam is well-know businessman… Still he insist Krishna to join the business… N she will accept it soon… Both Yuvaan n sayyam goes to office… Now sayyam is also little busy as his business becoming big…so sayyam don’t get lots of time to spend with Krishna… But however he always tries to find some time for her… And Ema I remember ur request to make Krishna pregnant… Yes I will do it… But before that want to show some moments between them n after learning the truth sayyam didn’t change… He started to respect yuvraaj n suhani more… This was a secret between krishna sayyam yuvraaj n pratima.. Yuvraaj n suhani destroyed all their diaries n pictures of sambhav…

Let’s start with the story….
After some days ——
Yuvraaj has arranged a party…he has invited some clients n relatives… Sayyam came from the office…sayyam enter into the room n was Mesmerized n Awestruck Seeing his Wife Krishna in a Red Saree with a Net Sleeves with a light Embroidery work n with a Deep back….She was Combing Her Hairs n was getting Ready for the Party n was Completely busy in Getting Ready n did not Noticed sayyam Staring Her with a Uncontrollable Feelings… Sayyam Smiled Naughtily n Stared at Krishna Lovingly n Passionately n was Lost in Her Beauty Completely.
Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon. Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai. Mujhe Aadat Bana Lo Ek Buri. Kehna Ye Tumse Hai. Tumhe Apna Banane Ka Junoon. Sar Pe Hai, Kab Se Hai…

Krishna was Completely busy with her make ups n all sayyam Slowly Closes the Door of his room n Locks it without Disturbing Krishna from her work n Moves towards her n Hugs her from back Sensuously by Gripping her bare belly through Under the Saree n Rests his chin on her Shoulder n keeps Staring her Lovingly n Making Krishna Blush.. . Sayyam Sees her Bluishness n Smiles Naughtily n Praises her Beauty n Pecks her nape Slowly…
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Pecks Her Nape Romantically ) Wowow…. u r really Looking soo Gorgeous in this Saree..thanks for Wearing the Saree i Sent U..n Sorry for not Giving u by own my hands…

——- flashback—-
When yuvraaj said that there is a party tonight..ask ladies to prepare for it n told sayyam n yuvaan to come early… When then both went to kitchen they heard that their respective wife talking that they don’t have a good sarees to wear… they told they can’t go shopping becoz they have to make arrangements n also both Krishna n kushi is little upset becoz they don’t pay attention to them these days…

Then yuvaan n sayyam decided to send 2 sarees for their respective wives….
Flashback ends——
Krishna : ( Angry n Does nt Reply ) Hmm.. ( Frees Herself from His Clutches n Goes to the Wardrobe n Takes his Clothes Out ) Yeh is ur Suit… Wear this for the Party…Wear it n Come Down..Guests had already Arrived n i’m Going Down to Attend u also Come soon..
Sayyam : ( Understood ) ( in mind ) Arrey baapree….She is really Angry. .n it’s not gonna be Easy to Convince Her..bagwaan ji… Madat karo….i need to Apologise to Her before Party Ends otherwise after Party She will Definitely not gonna Leave Me..if these important meetings were not there I would have get time to spend with her na.. Er… Mr sayyam U r Gone Today.. ( Fear )
Krishna : ( Angry ) sayyam …what r u murmuring ?? I’m talking to u…m going down..u come soon..

Krishna after saying Went Down Leaving sayyam Tensed n Upset.Soon sayyam too got ready n went down to Attend da Party n Saw Krishna enjoying the Party with Some Guests….He was Mesmerized Seeing Krishna Enjoying n Laughing n Adored Her Beauty Lovingly n A Naughty Smile Appeared on His Upset Lips Soon He Composed Himself from Naughty Feeling n Went towards Krishna to Give Company to His Wife.
Sayyam : Hello Mrs Mehra…hw r u ??
Mrs Mehra : Ohh Hello Mr last u came..Hw r u ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) i’m fine..Mrs Mehra..Till My Wife ( Keeps His One Hand on Krishna’s Shoulder ) My Life Krishna Is with Me so i’m Perfectly fine..nothing can Happen to me.. Ryt Krishna ??

Krishna : ( Blushes bt Controls ) Hmm.. ( Goes from there to Hide Her Bluishness ) Accha Mrs Mehra ..u carry on..will b back..
Mrs Mehra : Ok my dear..
Krishna Smjles n Goes from there Immediately n sayyam n Mrs Mehra Notices Her Bluishness n Smiled Looking her Going..

Mrs Mehra : Mr Sayyam. . u r Really lucky to Have a wife like Krishna..u know what jabsse She came down she was only Looking at the Stairs n was waiting for u Eagerly..She did not Tell Me anything but i could See the Restlessness on her face to See u Once..
Sayyam 🙁 Happy) Really ?? Is it so Mrs Mehra ?? Hw do u know ??
Mrs Mehra : ( Smiles ) sayyam..i’m Double ur age n i have seen the World More than i can Tell the Feelings of ppl by Looking at their Faces Only..i know She is Angry with u for some thing…idk what is the matter…bt i can 100% say that ur Wife is rally Angry with u..she wants to talk with u but her Anger is not Letting Her talk to u..she might show that she is Angry with u bt from outside i can feel dat in spite of being Angry with u She Cares for u n Wants to Spend the time with u…
Sayyam : ( Happpy ) Thnk u soo much Mrs Mehra..u r really great..u r really smart haa..Yes u r ryt..She is angry with Me ( Explains da Matter ) So now i can’t Understand how to Apologise Her n Make her Mood Normal again..

Mrs Mehra : ( Smiles ) Hmm..yeh toh u only have to think My Dear..u only have to Convince Ur Wife with ur Own Ideas..i can’t Help u in that..I’m so Sorry..
Sayyam : Its Ok Mrs Mehra..u told Me Her Feelings n that’s More dan Enough for Me..Rest i will Manage..Thanks Once again..
Mrs Mehra : Its Ok Dear..nw go Fast n Convince Her.
Soon sayyam after having a Talk wid Mrs Mehra Left from there n tried to talk to Krishna bt all went in Vain becoz She was always Surrounded by Guests n Ladies were busy Talking to her..So sayyam couldn’t nt Find even a single Opportunity to talk to Krishna n Convince Her..
On the other hand Krishna was enjoying sayyam’s state..
Sayyam : ( Frustrated ) Arrey Yaar..what is this ?? Its a Party but still i can’t find even a Single Opportunity to talk with My Wife..n My Wife She is busy with Everyone n has time for Everyone in da Party but does not have time to talk to her Husband Rude. . ( Angry)
Just then yuvaan Comes n Pats sayyam’s Shoulder n Consoles Him as He was also Suffering from Same Problem

Yuvaan:mere chota bhai..kya hua ? Krishna maani hai kya ??
Sayyam : ( Sad ) nahi bhaiya..Meri Biwi ko sab k liye time hai iss Party main but Mere liye ek minute bi nhi hai… I trying to talk with her lots of time but She is Ignoring Me….
Yuvaan : ( Sad ) aree mera bhi yehi haal hai..kushi is also Ignoring me since Long time. And see she gave me the task to look after rohan….i tried to talk to Her many times but she is not ready to Listen to kya kare Bhai mera bhai??…
Sayyam : Pata nhi bhai..we need to do something quickly warna they will get more angry..
Yuvaan : Yes….u r ryt..
Both the Brothers were Talking n Discussing on how to Apologise to their Respective Wives sayyam n yuvaan went towards dadi(pratima) and told their problem … Pratima ask yuvaan to give rohan to her so that she can make him sleep n asked both of them to go n convince their respective wives…at last they waited for a ryt time…

[not focusing on yuvaan n kushi]
Krishna was going towards somewhere… Suddenly she felt Strong Arm Pulled her inside a room… Krishna was about to shout but when that person touched her… She understood that he is non other than his husband..sayyam Held her Bare Belly Romantically n with a Naughty Smile..Krishna Blushed…
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam chodo ..what r u doing ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Kyoun. .kya hua. ? U only were telling na ki i forgot u..toh abb jab i’m Hugging u n Romancing with u y r u feeling Shy ??
Krishna : ( Blushes n Lower her gaze ) sayyam. .Plzz..chodo..i was Kidding..i just told it for fun..i did not mean it… N I know that u r busy with office work.. The thing is that I missed u during those days…

Sayyam : ( Husky Voice ) but i’m Serious..n i mean it..ur Words has touched my Heart n has Woken Up the secret Man inside Me.. ( Smiles Naughtily ) so plzz let’s focus on our work nw..
Krishna : ( Shocked bt Blushes ) sayyam..Pagaal ho Gaya hai kya ?? Is this the time for all that… everyone r waiting at downstairs…chalo.. Plzzz…
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) My Princess Romance has No time..Romance can be Done anytime n anywhere….ryt Mrs Sayyam Birla ??

Krishna after Listening to sayyam was totally lost In sayyam’s Eyes n was Bushing Hard seeing him Coming Towards her shivering lips as she was about to free herself… sayyam Immediately Placed his lips On hwr soft Lips n Adjusts his Lips on Hers n Started Enjoying the Kiss…Krishna who was Shocked n Surprised by sayyam’s Sudden action too started Enjoy the Kiss with Full Passion n Kept Caressing His Hairs while sayyam Caressed Krishna’s Bare Belly Sensuously which Made Krishna to grip his hair in her palms due to Sensuous Touch of sayyam on Her bare belly as each Seconds n Minutes Passed their Kiss turned more n more Passionate…Pee Loon Tere Neelay Neelay Nainon Se Shabnam plays from background

  1. I’m dead???it was too romantic to handle❤?I’m blushing???hehehe great episode?

    1. Shaani

      Haha..??? I have submitted the next episode also… It will be same like this but less than this may be?
      Btw…thank, for commenting buddy..

  2. Amezing epi but bich mai hi end kar diya next upload

    1. Shaani

      Thank u.. I have submitted the next episode it will be the continuation of this part..

  3. Hafsaaa

    Aaa shaani the episode was on fire??? Saiyyam is the best.Falling hard day by day for your ff ❤️????☝️

    1. Shaani

      ?? thank j so much hafsaaa..??

  4. Wow loved the epi, so romantic.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ??

  5. Can’t stop smiling and blushing ????????

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ???

  6. The episode is undescribable loved u are such a perfectionist specially in romance ?

    1. Shaani

      Have became a perfectionist in writing those scenes ? omg? I’m not…
      Anyways thank you so much for reading… Glad to know that u loved it..

  7. It was indeed scorching hot and steamingly sensuous. The episode was literally on fire during the end and made my cheeks turn into freshly picked cherries.
    Krishna’s anger and sayyam’s desperation were beautifully portrayed and written about. The episode focussed on both the young couples which was truly awesome. Sayyam’s thoughts and subsequent expression-ful actions are really going to be the death of me…

    1. Shaani

      ??? I’m glad to know that u liked it n enjoyed it… I hope u enjoyed it…
      Thank u soo much for reading n commenting ???

  8. That was really hot I want more of these scenes. ????

    1. Shaani

      ??? Aisha… I won’t be able give these kind of scenes soo soon becoz Sayyam is going to Delhi Na.. So It won’t be possible…but if he came safely then I will surely make a episode with full of kriyam scenes

  9. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow…? the hotness is just too hot…loved it…u are a perfectionist at writing kriyam scenes…

    1. Shaani

      ??? I have became a perfectionist in writing those scenes ? omg? I’m not…
      Anyways thank u soo much for ur support as always…
      U r truly amazing frnd Annie…
      I’m really happy to have u…

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      I am happier to have an amazing writer friend…..❤??

  10. sooo romantic

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much?

  11. Nnnya

    Ufff what an episode was too hot to handle hehe…God bless you and keep writing 🙂

  12. Killed it!! Intense romance?..oho saiyyam itna desperate ho raha that…loved it

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