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Hloo…… throw all your chamelis along with rotten eggs and tomatoes on me for being sooo late… I’m sorry I’m holding my ears and saying sorry upto 100 to the power infinity times please don’t be angry on me… please… the link for the previous episode is given below

Episode 9

Evening time.

Rudra went to shivika’s. Shivay was sitting near the pool side along with his laptop. Anika was sitting beside him and was feeding him evening snacks with her own hands while shivay was doing his office works in his laptop. Rudra came inside and went to the pool side.

Rudra: bhaiyaa… (making a cry baby face)

Shivay: haan bol rudra
(yaa say rudra)

Rudra: aap to kabhi mere haath se aise nahi khayaa karte the
(you never ate from my hand like this)

Shivay looked upwards and looked his cry baby face. Shivay kept his laptop aside and called rudra near him and made him sit between him and anika.

Shivay: hmmm…

Rudra: kya hmm??
(what hmmm??)

Anika: awwww….

Shivay: kya awww?? Ye aww kahan se aayaa?
(what awww?? From where did this awww come?)

Rudra: pool ke paani ke andar se
(from the water of the pool)

Shivika: kya??

Rudra: aur bhabhi aapne mujhe kabhi bhi ayse nahi khilaya…. Mai aap dono me se kisi se bhi baat nahi karunga..
(bhabhi you never fed me like this… I’ll not talk to both of you)

Anika: aawww… mera chota devar mujh par gussa hai?
(awww… my younger son-in-law is angry on me?)

Rudra: koi awww vaww se aap mujhe pighla nahi sakte
(you cannot melt me through your awww)

Anika: achha thik hai to tum hi batao ki kya karne se tumhara gussa thanda hoga?
(ok fine you only tell us what can we do to make you normal from that angry mode?)

Rudra: pata nahi….
(I don’t know…)

Shivay: anika tumhe kahin se jalne ki badboo nahi aa rahi hai?
(anika are you not getting a smell of anyone burning in jealousy??)

Anika: shut up shivay….

Rudra: abb aap dono ka dhyaan phir se mujh par se hat gaya dekha?
(see again your focus shifted from me…)

Anika: arre baap re ok soorryyy….
(oh… ok sorryyy)

Shivay: thik hai my dear bro tu bata tu kisses jal raha hai?
(pk my dear bro tell us from whom are you jealous?)

Rudra: aap dono se
(from both of you)

Anika: mujhse kyun?
(but why from me?)

Rudra: mai shivay bhaiyaa par jealous isliye hu kyunki unh eek aur pyaar karne walaa mil gaya
(I’m jealous from shivay bhaiyaa because he got one more person in his life to love him)

Shivay: hmmm…??

Anika: thik hai par mujhse kyun jal rahe ho?
(ok fine but why are you jealous from me?)

Rudra: kyunki aapko shivay bhaiyaa mil gaye na iiitttnaaa pyaar karne ke liye
(because you got shivay bhaiyaa to love you sssooooo much)

Rudra extended his hand upto the last limit to show the amount of love.

Anika: okk thik hai tu pahle ye snacks taste karke bata ki kaisa hai?
(oh fine at first you taste this snack and tell me how is it?)

Anika puts a pakaura inside his mouth.

Rudra: bhabhi ye to awesome hai
(bhabhi it’s awesome)

Shivay: mere haath ke banaye hue pakaure se bhi achha?
(it’s better than my hand made pakaura as well?)

Rudra: haan… par wayse ye banaya kisne hai?
(yess… but who made it?)

Anika: maine…
(I made it)

Rudra: isiliye itne ache hai
(ohh… for this reason only it is ssooo delicious)

Anika starts putting pakuras in rudra’s mouth and he was enjoying every bite as he is getting fed by his most cute and lovely bhabhi.

Shivay: anika mai bhi idhar hi baitha hu ek-do mere munh me bhi daal do
(anika I’m also sitting over here so put one or teo pieces in my mouth as well)

Anika was about to put a pakura in shivay’s mouth but rudra grabbed her hand and put it into his mouth.

Shivay: what was that?

Rudra: devar bhabhi ka pyaar…. Bhabhi I love you
(daughter-in-law and son-in-law’s love….. bhabhi I love you)

Anika: I love you to

Shivay: I love you anika..

Anika: pata hai….
(I know)

Shivay: haawww rudra ko I love you to and apne pati ko pata hai??
(haawwww you replied I love you too to rudra and for your hubby just I know??)

Rudra: dekha bhaiyaa bhabhi aap se zyaadaa mujhse pyaar karti hai
(see bhabhi loves me more than you)

Shivay: tu ruk mai tujhe dikhata hu
(you stop over there I’ll show you…)

Rudra got up and ran from there shivay was following him ya rather say chasing him. Both of them went to om’s room. Rudra hid behind om and shivay applied brake at the door only remembering that statue breaking event.

Om: kya hua tum dono aise bochho ki tarah bhaag kyun rahe ho?
(what happened? Why are you both laughing like two kids?)

Rudra: anika bhabhi loves me… anika bhabhi loves me…

Shivay: tu bahar nikal… om ke peeche se
(you come out…. From om’s back)

They both started running around om. After some time om got angry on their childish gesture and shouted at the top of his voice.

Om: sssstttttoooppp…

Shivru stopped at one go

Om: hua kya hai koi mujhe batayega?
(will anyone say what happened?)

Rudra described the total incident and the three brothers laughed out loud and after some time fell on om’s bed holding their stomach. They got up and rudra sat in between shivom. Shivay hits on rudra’s head lightly

Shivay: duffer..

Rudra: par bhaiyaa ye to sach hai na ki anika bhabhi aap se zyaada mujhse pyaar karti hai
(but bhaiyaa it’s true that anika bhabhi loves me more than you)

Om: haan shivay ye to hai
(yes shivay this is true)

Shivay: ok baba thik hai anika mujhse zyaada tujhe pyaar karti hai….. happy??? (pointing towards rudra)
(ok fine I agree anika loves you more than me…. Happy?? (pointing towards rudra))

The three brother shared an obro hug………. Lafzon ka ye rishta was playing at the background.

Next morning.

Soumya was going out of her room dressed up in a very nice manner. Rudra noticed that and went to her.

Rudra: kahan jaa rahi ho tum?
(where are you going?)

Soumya: tum se matlab?
(why should I answer you?)

Rudra: bas aise hi puch raha hun………..
(I’m just asking…….)

Soumya: hmmm…

Rudra: wayse batao kahan jaa rahi ho?
(but tell me where are you going?)

Soumya: kuch friends’ ke saath day spend karne
(to spend my day with some of my friends’)

Rudra: kaun se friends?
(which friends?)

Soumya: tum itna question kyun puch rahe ho?
(why are you asking so many questions to me?)

Rudra: tum hamare ghar me rahti ho to tumhaaraa khyaal rakhna hamari duty hai isliye pooch raha hu
(you stay at our place and taking care of yours is our duty that’s why I was asking you)

Soumya: wo mai trip par gayi thi to mere naye dost bane unke saath jaa rahi hu
(actually I made many new friends on the trip I went so I’m going with them only)

Rudra: naam kya hai uun doston ka?
(tell me the name of those friends)

Soumya: roohani, panchi and rohit

Rudra: yee rohit kaun hai
(who is this rohit?)

Soumya: he is my friend

Rudra: jo koi bhi ho ussse thoda dur se hi baat karna
(whatever maintain a distance from him)

Soumya: oh excuse me he is my friend mai ussse kaise bhi baat karun why does it affecting you?
(oh excuse me he is my friend I can talk to him in any way I want but why does it affecting you?)

Rudra: why will it affect me?

Soumya: good ab mujhe jaane do
(good then let me leave)

Rudra: kisi ka permission liya?
(did you take anybody’s permission?)

Soumya: haan daadi ka
(yes daadi allowed me to go)

Soumya went from there. Rohit came and picked her up from oberoi mansion. Soumya was talking to him in a very friendly manner. She was laughing with him and was also patting his back for some reason. Rudra noticed all this from far away and felt sad. Daadi was standing behind rudra but he did not notice that.

Daadi: oye khotia…
(oh my son…)

Rudra: yes my darling daadi

Daadi: idhar khare hokar soumya ko kyun dekh raha hai?
(why are you standing here and keeping an eye on soumya?)

Rudra: nahi daadi mai usse kahan dekh raha hu mai to bas ye dekh raha tha ki wo kiske saath jaa rahi hai
(no daadi I was not keeping an eye on her I was just looking that with whomw she is going)

Daadi: rohit ke saath……….. bahut achha ladka hai wo
(with rohit…… he is a very good guy)

Rudra: aap kaise jaanti ho rohit ko?
(you know rohit?)

Daadi: wo phone par baat karwaai thi soumya ne
(actually I talked to him over phone soumya insisted me to talk to him)

Rudra: hmmm…….

Daadi: par tujhe kyun fark padne laga ki soumya kisi se bhi mile kisi se bhi baat kare..
(but why is it affecting you? It’s soumya’s life she can meet or talk to anybody she wants)

Rudra: kyunki daadi wo meri biw…
(because daadi she is my wif…)

Daadi: kya?

Rudra: kyun ki wo meri best friend thi isliye
(because she was my best friend)

Daadi: hmm…. Par beta soumya rohit ke saath khush rahti hai tune dekha na?
( but son she remains so happy with rohit you saw na?)

Rudra: hmm dekha maine
(hmmm…… I saw)

Shivom: phir se jalne ki badboo nahi aa rahi hai?
(again something or may be someone is burning in jealousy….. right?)

Daadi: oye tum dono ab iss bichhre ke peeche mat paro
(now you both don’t tease him)

Rudra: meri pyaaarrriii daadi
(my loovveellyy daadi)

Rudra kisses on daadi’s cheek after completing his sentence.

Shivom: achha thik hai nahi parenge
(ok fine we will not tease him)

Daadi: good boys

Shivomru: love you daadi

Daadi: love you too my dear pottosss..
(love you to my dear grandchildren)

Abb kya hoga? Soumya pregnant? Nahiiinnnn… this cannot happen

Please stay tuned and from next time throw all your chamelis if I post late- NILASH

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