Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna getting Saiyyam’s message that he is coming home with many gifts for her and baby. She cries and thinks how to face Saiyyam, what to tell her. Saiyyam talks to Pratima and Bhavna. He cries and says my baby is no more. Bhavna says I know its a big thing, it will take time for you to accept this. He hides all the clothes and toys. Pratima consoles him. He says I m fine, Krishna will be sad seeing this. Dadi says you are doing right, I know this happened wrong, move on in life by forgetting everything.

Dadi says even Rags was worried, and left from here. Saiyyam says ask Rags to come back, we won’t cry. Krishna comes there. Saiyyam says I was just moving all this. She says we don’t need this now. She cries. He hugs her. She apologizes. He asks why are you saying sorry. She says I could not take care of baby. He says its not your mistake, this happened because of Baby. Pratima consoles Krishna. She asks them to move on.

Bhavna receives a call while seeing them. Saiyyam says we will do something to make mood better. Bhavna says we can play antakshiri. Baby hears them on call. The photographer tells about a camera, which can take anyone’s life along with a photo. He shows the laser gun in the camera. Baby smiles and says I will give your money now. She kills the man by the camera. The man falls down. She asks the assistant to help her, else she will kill him too. He agrees to help her.

Yuvraaj shows a board to Suhani. Suhani asks what are you doing. He shows I love you. He says I did not see more unromantic person than you in my life. Bhavna and Pratima smile. They all do antakshiri arrangements. Suhani says you can say anything to me. He says I don’t want to say. She says fine, even my mood isn’t good. He holds her and says filmi lines. She laughs.

She says I love you. He says I love …… He sees her dupatta catching fire and blows it by hands. Suhani pours water on his hand. She asks did you go mad, does anyone do this. He says you saved my life many times, how would I lose this chance. They smile. Suhani waits for Krishna. Pratima asks her not to worry, Krishna is not annoyed with you, she is annoyed with fate. Suhani says I changed her fate. Pratima asks her to trust Lord, something good will happen. Yuvraaj teases Suhani. Rags comes and says we will start the game if lectures are over. Dadi says we have to change the atmosphere. A man comes there as photographer. Rags asks whom do you want to meet. The man says Saiyyam called me to take some photos. Yuvraaj stops her and checks the bag. He asks her to remove the specs. Suhani asks what are you saying.

Yuvraaj reminds Baby came as pandit before. Dadi says he is right. Baby enters by window and thinks I m not so foolish to come by door, you all know I m come here. Yuvraaj asks the man to come inside. Krishna asks why did you all do so much. Bhavna says it was Suhani’s idea. Pratima say we did this for you. Baby sends the man. Everyone get seated. Yuvraaj sings Kal ho na ho…. for Krishna. Saiyyam records them. Yuvraaj dances with Dadi. Baby aims at Suhani to shoot her by the camera. Yuvraaj comes in between. Yuvraaj dances with Pratima and goes to Suhani. They dance. Everyone clap for them.

Suhani gifts a watch to Yuvraaj and makes him wear it. Pratima asks Krishna to sing. Bhavna cheers for Krishna. Yuvraaj asks the man/Baby to click their photo.

Suhani sings Mere Ghar aai…. Saiyyam says I did not call any photographer. Baby aims to shoot Suhani and Yuvraaj.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hafsaaa

    Please update fast?

  2. Good that Yuvraj LL die… Now Suhani LL get only tragedy scenes n dialogue.. baby LL get all enjoyment n cool type of dialogues n lot of screen space.. well done director

  3. Director I want to give one idea.. y don’t u give 70 percent of screen to baby .. so that all others actors LL get frustrated n quit on their own.. tat time u can make baby as complete heroin n show her with 100 percent screen space. U can also feel happy to always see her

    1. Laavanya

      Baby already have 85℅ screen space. ?

  4. Fidato

    For the first time I hear something good from dadi… Kriyam scenes very emotional…They literally made me cry…

    Yuvani moments…Was really cute… I dunno how to watch ssel without sahil…

    Such brilliancy for baby’s scene… And when it becomes main lead..CVS act like idiots..

  5. Swetha7

    i think the show is going to end after a month. because of this dumb cv.they were warned about law TRP but all they were doing was hanging wiht stupid baba and baby track.if they have focused on more yuvaani and kriyam this will not happened.they should not be deserved another project.i am a huge kriyam fan and i am so sad of not being able to see proper kriyam track.

  6. This is happening because of Dadi. She always wants perfect Bahu not like Suhani. Now all the family members are in trouble. She’s just too selfish

  7. ther is limit of negativity! even the cvs fond of poulomi they culd hv shown real baby alive n this champakali out. they culd hv triangle with kriyyam! n abt sahil, he ws realy good as actor n we cnt even imagine any1 else being yuvraj. cvs doesnt potrayed his character properly. bt we shuld respect his decision n it ws also good fr him.

  8. Sahil did right

  9. The show is going to end??????

  10. Oh freak..I still wonder how ppl are watching this crap with baby all the time.

    Anyways its now confirmed that the show is going to end In a month.

    Karan has confirmed it on twitter.

    Congrats to the director for makinf the show disgusting with baby all the time.

    This show is going to be replaced with Sanjeeda sheiks new show. I dont remeber the name but promo is already being aired on starplus

    Proma is shown every day as upcoming new show on starplus

  11. Laavanya

    Dadi for the first time speak something good to Kriyam.
    I don’t think TRP will ever reach above 0.6 at current slot. Yuvraj exist means high drop in TRP because there will be more misery of Suhani and less SaiSu. No comments for Kriyam. ?

    1. Laavanya

      Wrong emoji ?…. actually wrongly interpreted by TU ?

  12. Stupid baby track ke chakkar main ssel off air ho raha hain jani ki no kriyam i am big fan of kriyam kam se kam ek kriyam selfi hi de do i very sad i crying kash ssel ki trp bar jaye to ssel off air nahi ho i think ye 5pm ka slot hi wrong hain 6.30 ka slot acha tha and today episode awesome kriyam scene

  13. #Yuvaniforever

    I am still an Yuvani fan! no one can recreate the magic they had…today when Yuvraj sang the kal ho na ho song…..he was in tears….perhaps the emotions of all these wonderful years of suhani and countless memories came together!!!! who would not cry! wonder how suhani could smile during that sequence …would have been so difficult for her! The last Yuvani dance….. the last i love you….the last eyelock….to be separated for ever….. 🙁 atleast they could kill both of them together if they were anyway going to go off air….what is the point of killing Yuvraj…..again…why am i even saying this….CVS and director are heartless…… why so much pain in this love story…. why???? it would have been such a lovely story if Yuvani were still the old Yuvani…without this kids drama/leap…..all trouble started then…… there was no need of that leap….that Barbie…..she was responsible for all this shit along with Dadi! and who has to suffer…Yuvani and us!

    Feel bad for the characters Suhani and Yuvraj…. atleast they held our interests in their hearts and carried on with this stupid story for over an year!!!! ridiculous…… just wish and hope if we can get to see Yuvani again in a different serial!!!! that is the only wish! want Yuvani back! :'(

  14. Loved kriyam scene soo much today. So emotional

  15. Tomorrow is going to be a very sad episode for Yuvani’s fans. In those last episode, they gave us a lot of Yuvani’s scene, but three episodes of Yuvani’s romance is not enough, when evil like baby got so many episodes focuses on her.
    I think Sahil did right by leaving, his talent was not correctly used. I wish him all the best because he is a good actor.
    I’m happy that the show is ending because there is no use to keep it on without YuvAni, as the story is based on them, for once they took a logical decision.
    For Kriyam’s fans, don’t think that you are going to get some romances scenes between them, you will get it just if Krishna or Saiyyam die.
    This leap was unecessary, as they didn’t used the young generation correctly, in the beggining it focused on Saiyyam but once truth was out, they forgot him, when Yuvaan understood he loves Krishna, writters killed him, whereas they could have built a good story and focuses on Krishna, Saiyyam and Yuvaan. And what about Yuvani? she was never here and her character is useless.
    I feel sorry for those talented actors, who were put aside whereas they deserved more screen space.

  16. for the love of god, wasn’t there supposed to be police all over the birla house how the hell idiot baby got in. Then again I forgot she is superwoman lol

  17. I’m so sad they r starting a new show like wtf. I hope SSEL doesn’t end

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