Sethji 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sethji 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bhajji, Ganiya and Mithal take that girl to a small house and try to tie her there. She shoves them and tries to run away. Bhaaji catches her and they tie her. He puts a tape on her face. SHe says you can’t scare me. He says why would you be scared? We should be scared. If sethji gets to know we are gone. We won’t harm you. She says then why are you kidnapping me? He says please we are not harming you. We brought you here to protect you. We don’t have time and have to go to darbar. We will come back and tell you the reason. They leave and the girl screams for help.

The darbar starts. Nagesh and Bhaorao’s spy is there with microphone. He says can you hear? Nagesh says yes. Raghav brings those two men that were caught.
Sethji says tell me why you two did that? Why you came in this city and brought city things here? The man says we are sorry. We didn’t do anything. Raghav brings the bag of things they brought from the city. Raghav says so you two are innocent? The man says yes. Raghav says in devsu outsiders are not allowed. The man says we didn’t know that. Sambha says you have to go nearby or away? One says nearby other says far. Sambha you both have sinned. You two were caught from the place where Samba ji was murdered. You came there to kill him. The man says we didn’t kill them. We don’t know who he is. We just came here with these things. Sethji says thank you Sambha. She says now you two have confessed you came here with those city things. Now tell us who sent you here before Raghav kills you. The man says we made a mistake. Sethji says you two have made our city impure. You two will be punished in a way that the one who sent you here won’t do this again. They both start blaming each other.
Mithal says to Bhaaji if sethji gets to know what we did she won’t leave us either.
Sethji says so you two are blaming each other. So I will make you both depend on each other forever. Raghav take them. Raghav takes them from there.
Nagesh says shit.

Raghav and men bring them to river and hang them on a pulley. Sambha says now you two depend on each other. if one dis-balances both will falls in the river. You will be here all night. If you don’t fall then you will be free tomorrow.
Sethji also said Mithal, Bhaaji and Ganiya crossed the borders of Devsu. They will be punished. Raghav says but they did that to catch those men. Sethji says but they broke a rule anyway. They will stay at the river all night and keep an eye on the culprits.
Sambha says to the three, you will all stay here all night.

Scene 2
The girl Pragati is trying to break her ropes. She says what should I do. She takes out her phone but it has not signals.
Baji says she is alone. She would be hungry. Mital says do you remember what sethji said? Baji says I will come back very quick. They try to stop him but he leaves. Sambha is asleep. He says where are you going? Baji says where would I go? Sambha says go and stand there.
It starts raining heavily. Pragati says couldn’t be any worse.

Devi comes to jungle to meet Bharao. He says I am meeting you after so many days I missed you. She says if you missed me you won’t have left me here with these animals and you are enjoying in the city. He says you think I am having fun there? She says leave it. He says talk about something good. Please stop crying and complaining. She says that day when you brought sweets from city you asked me to take it in shopper. Sethji found that shopped and she punished. I had to stand in that lake all night alone. He says alone? Devi says what else? Would she come with me? He says don’t be sad. She I brought you more sweets. Devi says I dont’ want it. It will get me caught again. He says take it. She starts eating. Devi says you know how to cheer me up.

Baji says first time I am scared. Not for myself but for her. She is stuck in a wrong place.
Pragati is trying to break free. Baji is worried.
Sethji recalls when her husband was leaving for city she and baji were begging him not to go. She is in tears. She looks outside from the window in tears.

Precap-Baji says she has severe fever. He picks her up. Sethji sees Baji in that shed. She is going there.

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