Ishqbaaz – Shivaay and Mahi (One shot)

Hey all….how are u guys….
I just thought to end the character of Mahi with a positive note and so, this is the first time I am posting something. Please tell me your reviews for this.
After Shivaay had fallen unconscious during the fight with the goons, Mahi comes and saves him and takes him to the hospital.

After some time when Shivaay is resting in his room, he heard someone approaching.

Shivaay’s POV – Hey isn’t that Mahi coming in? Is he here to take my place again? I should just act as if I m asleep and should know what is his plan.

Mahi comes and caresses Shivaay’s hair and starts speaking, “Shivaay, u must be wondering that why I saved u from those goons and brought u here as this was the best opportunity for me to take your place. But trust me Shivaay, I never wanted to hurt you. When I came to know that ma had sent some men to kill u, it was very late. But I had realized my mistake and did all that was possible for me to save you.
Till now I had been living in a web of lies. People always called me an illegitimate child. With whatever little time that I spent with your family, I understood the real meaning of what a family is. They have given me lot of love Shivaay, because all of them love you so much. You are the strength of the Oberoi family. If anything happens to you, the entire family will shatter and I cannot let such a loving family shatter like this.
After everything that I have done, I know that sorry is a very small word but still, I ask forgiveness from you and your entire family.
Also please ask Anikaji to forgive me. I insulted her, fought with her so that she stays away from me. I am bad but not so bad that I’ll put my eyes on someone else’s wife. I just look like you, but I will never be able to become like you Shivaay. Now, I will go very far from here and start my life afresh. I will never come in between you and your family ever again. Shivaay, I ……..”

Both Shivaay and Mahi heard someone entering Shivaay’s room. Mahi quickly hid behind the door and as soon as that person entered, Mahi quickly left the room and their lives forever….!!


So guys this is it from my side. Please tell me your reviews on this.
N I’ll not be coming on TU for a while now as I have my college exams and my professional course exams back to back. As much as difficult it is for me to stay away from here, but that’s the only choice I have. But I will definitely catch up with all the FFs and stories I am following once I am back.
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  1. Samm

    such a nice way to wrap up the story right here in the show! with colourful paper, pretty pink bows and a lot of love for both my fav characters 🙂

    1. Nita D

      Thank u so much for such a sweet comment dear ??

  2. Jerry_36

    Hey Nita !! You also write I never know and this amazing !! Loved it. I also really wanted this to happed in CVS. Hope it comes true. Mahi’s part was so emotional, overall its superb di !! Best of luck for your exams and courses☺

    1. Nita D

      Thanks so much Jerry….writing is a part and parcel of what u read n such a voracious reader I m, I guess that is were it comes from….well some day I’ll may match up you all wonderful writers….
      N thank for your wishes as well??

      PS- I know voracious is the one who devours food but the same is with books n articles in my case??

  3. Ahaana


    1. Nita D

      Thanks Ahaana??

  4. Wow! Awesome one..
    Loved it!!…so simple yet amazing…
    Nd all the best for ur exams..

    1. Nita D

      Thank u so much Bhavna….??

  5. Manasvi

    Hey dii!!
    Juz read it now!!
    It will be really amazing if something like this happens!!

    1. Nita D

      Ya manasvi, but it seems that the writers have something else in store for us….
      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Awesome

    1. Nita D

      Thanks Ankita?

  7. It’s was an awesome shot ????

  8. Neha_Pheonix

    I like d the way you portrayed the ending… reflected sweet and caring heart of Mahi….Superb work! I loved both Mahi and Shivaay…Write soon when you are free again. Love ya ??

    1. Nita D

      Thanks dear?? luv ya more??

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