Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Yuvraaj to forget Soumya. Rags is happy as everything happened as per her plan. Menka comes and asks her why is she smiling. Rags says you should be named pendulum, changing place always. Menka says I always regard you Jiji, Suhani is the sequel one. She asks whats her plan. Rags makes it riddle for her. Menka says please tell me, take me in your team. Rags says no way, you are a loser, I won’t take you.

Yuvraaj clears out the bathroom incident to Pratima. She says don’t meet her, she is your past. He says yes, but she is Suhani’s friend, not mine, Suhani invites her here. Pratima says yes, give Suhani time that she does not have time for her friends, take her out, know her, I will also feel good seeing my son and bahu happy. She asks him will he not do this for her. He holds her hand and agrees. She smiles and hugs him. Suhani says how to help Soumya. She gets the card of the Corner Café, and says whose card is this.

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Yuvraaj finds a ring in his cupboard and Rags looks on. He sees the S ring and thinks about Soumya. He throws it out and Rags thinks whose ring is this. Suhani passes by. Rags thinks Suhani should not get this ring. Suhani goes. Rags takes the ring and see S. Yuvraaj tells Suhani that it was Soumya’s mistake, she would have got a good guy, but she chose a driver’s son, did she think Krishna will make her stay in palace. She says now what. He says she has to keep up the marriage now. He asks about her likes. She says why are you asking as if someone forced you. He says very funny.

She asks him to talk to anyone about Krishna’s job. He says its their life, Soumya chose Krishna and she will manage, why should we interfere in their lives when they did not ask for help. She says she is my best friend, its my duty. He says its your duty to answer husband’s answers, tell me what you like. She thinks and looks at him. She says I like you. Music plays……………… Saawre………………plays………….. he says wow, it means you like me after samosas, I m important in your life, what else after me.

She says Bachchan, then my family. He says I m talking about place. She says I like rose garden, I could not go with Soumya as she had rose allergy. She asks does he have allergy. He says no, get ready, we will go. Dadi sees Yuvraaj and Soumya’s pic and praises them as a couple. She says don’t know why Yuvraaj chose Suhani. Rags comes to her. Dadi says I m busy, come later. Rags says I have answers, give me one chance. Yuvraaj and Suhani are in the way. He says he won’t give his car to her, he don’t even give to driver. She calls him rude, and she was wrong, you are not better than samosa. He says thank you.

He says he will buy new car for her, but not this car. She says we have many cars at home. She turns and sits being annoyed. She smiles and acts like crying. He gets worried and looks at her. She shouts Yuvraaj seeing a car come towards them. He changes the track and gets saved. She keeps hands on her face. He says Suhani, nothing happened, see. She hugs him being in shock. She says sorry Yuvraaj, I was just kidding, accident would have happened because of me, please forgive me. Saawre……………..plays……………. He says don’t worry, everything is fine. She says but car stopped. He says its punctured, we will sit in coffee shop till mechanic comes.

She asks after puncture gets fine……… He says no, never. She calls his car an old model. He says its vintage car, people want such cars. He says how can anyone be so silly. She calls him silly. She says she wants to drive car. He says no way, come now. Rags shows the S ring to Dadi and says Ramesh said he got it in Yuvraaj’s room dustbin, so I thought did he make it for Suhani, its real diamond ring. Dadi says then why did he throw in bin. She says S for Suhani, it should have been with Suhani, it was in dustbin, who can it be by S.

Yiuvraaj and Suhani come in the coffee shop. The manager scolds Soumya for taking advance. She says sorry, my mum in law wanted money. Suhani hears Soumya’s voice and says its Soumya. Soumya asks for Diwali advance. The manager scolds her taking her name. Yuvraaj and Suhani are shocked seeing her. Soumya says she came late so she will work for more time. Suhani asks Yuvraaj to come as she does not want Soumya to see them. They leave.

Rags says if this ring is not ladies’ ring, I would have agreed its for Snoopi or Sharad. Dadi says Yuvraaj won’t make it for them. Rags says S has another name, Soumya. Dadi says why will Yuvraaj make ring for her, stop this nonsense, leave. Rags says she is not saying nonsense, she wants to guess whose ring is this. Yuvraaj asks Suhani to be away from Soumya’s matter. He says she is not my wife. She says I can’t see Soumya asking for bonus. Rags shows Dadi to see Yuvraaj and Soumya’s pic. Dadi says yes, why did Yuvraaj choose Suhani.

Rags says yes, its strange, maybe my doubt is right, Yuvraaj made this ring for Soumya. Dadi says when Menka told this, you scolded her. Rags says yes, I did not have proof, I did not believe her. Dadi asks how will we check. Suhani calls the manager and asks him to help Soumya. Yuvraaj hears this and Suhani says she did what she could. He says you mean you don’t need me. She says no, I need you. He says fine, tell me if you need my help. She says you can much angry, but at the end, you make everything fine, you are my first choice. He says nom whatever I do is my duty. She says but not all manage, I feel I m lucky wife to get a husband like you. Rags thinks Suhani’s fate will change soon.

Dadi asks Rags to give the ring. Yuvraaj is shocked seeing it.

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