Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila says her family that her opinion regarding Pari is not wrong. Pari wakes up in the morning and thanks god for sending maid as she does not want to work. She is surprised to see hot water glass next to her bed. Radha comes and says she kept lime and honey water for her as she wanted to get slim. Pari gets impressed and drinks water. Radha says she is beautiful and does not need to lose weight and says she will even prepare oil-free food for her. Pari happily hugs her. Kokila calls her and she goes down.

Kokila with her family on breakfast table asks Pari how did she prepare breakfast so early. She says her new maid prepared it and introduces Radha/roopmati to them. Kokila asks Pari how can she keep maid without her permission and asks why is maid hiding her face in veil. Pari jokes that maybe she is religious like Gopi. Kokila asks her to stop taunting. Pari says she does not like working and says this new maid will charge less than Meethi. Kokila says Meethi is our family member, not servant. Hetal asks where did she get maid from. Pari says she got it from agency. Radha brings breakfast for Pari. Kokila asks what is her name. She stammers and says her name is loopmati. Pari says she stammers and her name is Roopmati. Kokila asks her to show her face. Radha says in our community, ladies don’t show their faces to everyone. Hetal says she has to show her face if she has to stay in this house. Radha hesitantly opens her face. Kids get afraid seeing her face burnt. Radha says that is the reason she does not show her face to everyone. Kokila asks how did it happen. She says she got burnt in an accident and her husband does not like for that reason. She then reminisces how she applied choc sauce to look burnt. Kokila asks Pari if she got her police verification. Pari says agency will do it. Kokila asks how can she be so ignorant and commands her to get it done by tonight, else maid should go out. Pari says she will.

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Kinjal massages Urmila’s back who is writhing in pain and asks what happened to her. She says it is none of her business. Pappu says he will massage her, sees blue marks on her back and asks her to tell the truth. She asks him to mind his business and asks Kinjal to continue massaging her back.

Pari comes to her room and gets happy that she got an obedient maid who understands what she needs before she says. Radha comes to mop floor. Pari asks if she has any ID card for police verification. Radha says she does not have any as her husband did not make it and says if she loses this job, it will be difficult for her to live. PAri says she will do something.

Builder calls Urmila and asks if she wants to sell her chawl or not. She says she will sell it, sees Pappu standing behind her and cuts call. Pappu asks why is she talking to herself and asks if she is afraid after seeing monkey. She says yes. He says he is not as he is strong. She gets irked and asks him to run away from her room. She gets a call, thinks it must be of builder and says she needs some time, but it is Gopi’s call. Gopi informs her about whole family getting ill and Pari getting a new maid. Urmila asks if her maid will come to her home also as Kinjal has become kamchor.

Pari is sound asleep and worriedly wakes up feeling someone touching her feet. It is Radha who says she wants to massage her legs as she walks a lot at home. Pari asks her to stop trying to butter her. Radha says she is the reason for her new job here, so she is taking extra care of her. Pari gets impressed and tries to take out money to give her tip, but does not find money. Her papa comes and she asks money from him. He says he does not have money. She she will get money from ATM and give her tip. She says that Radha has to get at least 1 ID for police verification. Radha shows Meethi voter ID which she has stolen from her cupboard and shows it to her. Pari says she will use Meethi’s ID card.

Precap: Pari shows Meethi’s police verification as Radha/Roopmathi’. Kokila allows Radha to work as maid. Radha thinks Kokila made a big mistake by letting her in her house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yes, Radha now u r back, this serial is going to rock. Thanks Mr.Writer, for bringing Radha back

  2. I think john has got head injury

  3. Yeah, i think u r right John

  4. bkwass

  5. It means radha ddnt regret for the evil thng she did in the past? I thnk am starting to hate this series

  6. How can modis be soo foolishhh!!!!!

  7. n Radha…………..4 how long can u talk in your fake voice!!!its soo difficult…’s not like dng a mimic on a stage 4 an hour or two…… YOU WILL BE CAUGHT RED HANDED!!! Dare u!!!!

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