Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranvijay going out of house and meeting Pari. Pari says she needs his help. He asks what help she needs. She says today is his haldi, but Naren will try to stop it. She says he does not know the total story. He asks what is it. She says Ashi is Naren and Ankita’s child. Ranvijay says it is true, then Ankita should marry Naren. She says Naren is just playing around. He first married Ankita, then left her and married her, now wants to marry back Ankita as she is rich now. He asks how can Ankita not see this. She says Ankita is blind in love and is eager to marry Naren. She says Ranvijay that he has to marry Ankita to save her and other’s married life. She asks him to think about Vaishnavi who cannot stay without Ankita. She says if Naren finds another rich girl, he will leave Ankita and marry her. She again requests him to marry Ankita and leaves, smirking.

Ankita enters Ranvijay’s room. He is already ready for the marriage with sherwani. He asks if she is worried about Ashi and says after marriage, he will adopt Ashi and take care as her own daughter. She asks how does she know. He says someone told her. She says Naren sir. He says he knows Naren wants to marry her and says if she marries Naren, he will ruin her life. He says he just wants to see her happy and says he will not let her make a same mistake which she did 5 years ago, says Naren is selfish and married Pari leaving her. He says she is part of his life now and has to marry him at any cost. She asks if he means she should marry for he favours he did. He says Vaishnavi cannot live without you and even he cannot see her marrying Naren and says marrying Naren is like making suicide and asks her to go and get ready. He thinks he had to force her as he does not want Naren to ruin her life, so he has to marry her.

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Naren looks at black sari and asks Sunanda if he bought it for Ankita. She says yes and asks him to go down and stop marriage. Naren says god has complicated my life and does not what he has kept for me. Sunanda says god does not do everyone, one has to take their own stand. He says he will wait, if Ankita loves him, she will come back and says he will see if fate is in his favor or not. She says she cannot leave everything on faith. He says he is sure Ankita will marry her.

Sunanda comes down and sadly sits among guests. Neelima asks Naren to bring Ankita.

Ankita thinks what is she doing, why is she so confused. Naren comes into her room and locks it from inside. He says he will apply haldi on her. She says she is marrying Ranvijay and only he can apply haldi on her. He says love is bigger than anything and nobody can separate us. She closes her eyes and he applies haldi/turmeric on her face and says happy haldi. They both share a romantic moment. Naren touches her cheeks with his and applies haldi on himself. Mere haath me tera haath ho….fanaa… song plays in the background.

Ranvijay knocks Ankita’s door and asks her come out for haldi. She says she is changing and will come in 2 minutes. Naren says like he applied haldi/turmeric, he will marry her in front of everyone tomorrow. Ankita and Naren come down together. Everyone are surprised to see them together. She slips and is about to fall, but he holds her. He then holds her hand and says like he applied haldi in front of everyone, he will marry her also. Ranvijay gets irked seeing them together. Ankita goes and sits beside Ranvijay for haldi rasam. Neelima and Kavita apply haldi on them. Pari reaches there with sweets. Rushali sees her and asks what is she doing here. Pari says it is her sister’s marriage today and hands over sweet box to her. She challenges her that Naren will not marry Ankita.

Precap: Pari says Naren that still their relationship is not over and he cannot marry Ankita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. F*** you pari!

  2. Thank goodness. This stupid show is coming to an end soon!!!

  3. divya rampaul

    Just as Pari is ugly so too she is desperate. I mean Purvi was so beautiful couldn’t they get a nicer looking person to be Pari. She has gotten away with so much it seems indian people do not know how to punish evildoers.

  4. In the end Ankita will marry Naren and on her wedding day Archana will die. Pari will be the loser as usual. Good-for-nothing shameless to mankind.

    1. Why will archana die?

  5. I think pari should have been out by now ….gosh so irritating

  6. I just don’t like pari

  7. Watching Pari face alone makes me feel to shit ah real big a LOAD..?…..

  8. Ankita is a selfish girl….. I mean if someone loved and care for u for so long when u were kicked out by your husband u forget him and marry ur sis’s husband who left u to die just because he remembered his lost love for u after seeing the true face of ur wife….. I mean shit ankita..u are pathetic…. More than park u deserve to die because of the injustice u have done to ranvijay and more so to vaishnavi….. U just are a blo*dy selfish pittiable women…….

    1. i agree that ankita was kicked out but she is not selfish she thinks about others before herself. as ranvijay is concern ankita was not meant to be with him because she and naren has an pure relationship ‘ pavitra rishta ‘

    2. She wasn’t kicked out she choose to walk away

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