Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratima asking Suhani not to tell anything to Dadi again. Suhani says she did not like how Dadi scolded her for her mistake, so she has just cleared the matter, she did not misbehave. Pratima says I m happy knowing my bahu loves me so much. Suhani says she will love her more when she takes the medicines and makes her have it. Yuvraaj sees treadmill in his room and asks Suhani. She says Dadi gave her and she did not have place. Rags and Menka see Yuvraaj and Suhani sleeping on the same bed, and worry. Menka says Suhani can really change if she loses weights and gets fair. Rags says I will find the solution like everytime. Menka says it was a good day when you were behind me, I mean I should think something, I mean I will really think how to deal with Suhani.

Krishna comes to Soumya and says about Rakhi. He says my family loves her a lot and have spoiled her. Soumya saks what was the need to bring this costly dress. He says I don’t think about money when I shop for you. She says I liked it. Rakhi looks on and tears the dress gifted to her. She comes acting like crying, and says see this, its torn, I won’t want this. Krishna stops her and say fine, don’t wear it. He gives her Soumya’s dress and Rakhi gets glad. She leaves. Soumya smiles and says its ok.

Rags and Menka come to Suhani to make her exercise. They ask her to apply cream. Suhani says she will apply in bathroom, as its kept there, and I will change also. She goes to the bathroom. She says I won’t apply this, but they both are after me. Menka asks did she apply cream. Menka says she is taking so much time, it looks like we have to apply her. Suhani says they will come inside, I don’t have cream, what to apply now. She sees toothpaste and applies it. Rags says knock the door. Suhani comes and says see I look horrible with the cream.

Rags asks Suhani to change and leaves. Menka is alone and thinks to do something with the treadmill. She changes the treadmill settings and says now Suhani will keep running, as this treadmill will not stop. Suhani comes in the exercise outfit. She says its so tight, how to jog. Menka asks Suhani to go on the treadmill. Suhani is about to start the treadmill, but Dadi calls Menka and she leaves. Rags comes to Suhani. Suhani compliments her on the clothes. Rags says lets start now.

Suhani says she does not know about the treadmill. Rags says fine, I will show you first, then you do. Rags gets on the treadmill and starts it. The treadmill does not stop. Rags says Oh God, its speed is increasing, how can this damage. Rags starts running on it and asks Suhani to do anything. Suhani says what can I do. Rags says please help me. Suhani shouts asking everyone to come. Menka is happy and says I will call Rags now. Suhani cuts the wire of the treadmill and the machine stops.

Suhani says I will bring water for you. Anuj asks Saurabh to tone up his body and then see how Rags comes after him again. Menka comes and asks about Rags. Menka sees Rags on the treadmill and asks what happened. Rags says the defective treadmill did not stop, its good Suhani saved me. Menka says who knows she planned this. Rags says she has cut the wire. Menka says you are so innocent, tell me how you got on it. Rags says Suhani asked my help and I went on it. Menka says it means she has planned this to cut the wire and damage it, to save you and Dadi does not scold her. Rags says you are right for first time. She fumes.

Suhani cuts her hand while cutting lemon. Pratima sees the wound. Suhani says its small one. Pratima asks I get tensed seeing blood. Suhani says don’t worry. Pratima asks Ramesh to give lemon water to Rags and bring first aid box. Yuvraaj comes with Sharad. Pratima asks him to help Suhani as she is hurt. Suhani says I m fine. Rags and Menka looks on. Menka says see, she did this drama for this, to get Yuvraaj and Pratima’s love. Rags says she cheated me, see what I do now. Menka asks what will you do now. Rags says we have Dadi with us, she will teach her a lesson. I will not leave Suhani.

Soumya misses Suhani and says she will talk to her today. She sees her room messed up and is stunned. She sees Rakhi trying all her clothes and asks what is she doing. Rakhi says you have good clothes and accessories, make one hairstyle please. Soumya is puzzled. Dadi asks Ramesh for her parcel. Dadi taunts Suhani on her fat body. She checks her skin tone and says its still the same. She scolds Suhani. She tells everyone that she got a handmade statue, and will inaugurate infront of her friends, so she asks Suhani to be in her room as everyone will see her in reception. Rags and Menka get an idea and smile. Pratima says she is going out and asks Yuvraaj to take care of Suhani.

Suhani pulls Yuvraaj’s leg and he looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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