Pavitra Rishta 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vaishnavi taking part in the competition. Ankita looks at her. Vaishnavi is declared a winner in the 2nd round and the announcement is made for the third round. Teacher asks all the parents to come forward as tells Vaishnavi that she can’t participate. Ranvijay comes and tells Vaishnavi that Ankita won’t come. Vaishnavi says, my mom will come. Teacher says, she will cut her name from the competition. Ankita comes and tells the teacher that Vaishnavi’s parents will participate with her. Vaishnavi wins the competition in the final round too. Vaishnavi tells her friends that her mom came. Her friends say, you are a cheater. Their parents also make lewd comments on Vaishnavi, Ankita and Ranvijay. Vaishnavi rushes home sadly.

Neelima tells Ankita to say who is responsible for Vaishnavi’s condition. She asks, why did you go to her school and made her see the dream, to see you as her mom. Ankita looks on. She says, I didn’t mean to hurt her. Ranvijay says, it can’t be like that. Relations are made or not. He says, Vaishnavi has her hopes on you. Today I have decided that you shall leave from here. Vaishnavi will live without you. Neelima asks Ranvijay to cool down. Ankita says, she is ready to become Vaishnavi’s mom as she is really attached to Vaishnavi. I lost my child and I see my child in her. If she wants me to marry you then I am ready. I can’t forget Naren ever.

Ankita comes to Vaishnavi and thinks she has to move on for Vaishnavi. She apologizes to Naren.

Aashi asks Naren, where they are going. Naren says, we are going to your mom’s favourite place. Aashi asks him not to go. Pari says, see she is not letting us go. Rushaali makes Aashi understand. Pari tells Aashi that she is not taking her Dada for forever. Naren plays with the baby. Pari says, what he would have been if she was his real daughter. Rushaali says, she is real daughter then changes her words.

Ranvijay apologizes to Ankita and asks her to rethink her decision. He tells her that he will take care of Vaishnavi and asks her to go. Ankita says, she will marry him and won’t go anywhere. I am ready to become her mum. I have taken this decision after a lot of thinking. I regards Vaishnavi as my daughter. I wants to see her happy and will marry you for her happiness. Neelima praises her. Vishnu hugs Ranvijay. Neelima asks Kavita to bring the sweets. Gopal takes out the auspicious date for their engagement. Gopal tells Ankita that he was not sure that Ranvijay would marry again. Neelima asks Ranvijay, if he is okay with this marriage. Ranvijay says, if Ankita is happy then he is also happy. Neelima asks Ankita to invite Archana.

Pari tells Naren that their differences was broaden after adopting Aashi. Naren says, that’s why we have come for a holiday. We will take back good memories. Naren’s cara stops. He checks the tyres. Aashi is seen in the car backside. Naren checks the car and calls the mechanic. He sits in the car. A song Tum Saath Mere……….plays. Naren and Pari get romantic. Naren pays the mechanic as the car start working.

Archana is shocked to know that Ankita is getting married. Ankita tells she still loves Naren and is just moving on with life. Archana asks her to explain her clearly. Ankita tells her that Vaishnavi wants her to get married to Ranvijay and wants to call her mummy. She says, that girl gave me so much love. I am not selfish and can’t see her sad. Archana says, I am proud of you. I wants to come and hug you. She asks her to tell the venue of her marriage and says she will come with Manav. Ankita tells her not to come as she may get weak after seeing them. Archana says, Vaishnavi thinks of you as her mum. Why not adopt her and bring her here. Ankita says, she can’t see Naren with someone else and refuses to come to Mumbai.

Ranvijay hears them and says I heard everything. I am surprised to know that you lives for someone else. I respects you a lot now. He says, I hide my love from you. Reality is that I loves you a lot. Ankita looks at Vaishnavi.

Ankita is buying a toy at the toy shop. Little Aashi calls for Naren. Ankita looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. I want Ankita to marry but i also want ankita to know that her daughter is still alive. Ankita shouldnt go back to Naren now.

  2. I want Anita to be with ranvijay… I don’t want her to go back with naren..

  3. This is Really BAD Writing. The story needs NEW Writers before they lose all their audience…. The story line has gotten STUPID!!!!

    1. I agree!

    2. harshitha reddy

      totly tru……………d story line zz worst of all d serialzzz

  4. harshitha reddy

    phir se purvi,onir,ovi aur arjun ki kahaani……….yaar….yeh bandh karo……..try sumthng new…………dat track was xtraordinry juzz bcozz of arvi……..dont try 2 gve dat place 2 ankita nd naren……….nd haa…….i seriously want ankita nd ranvijay 2 get married………nd end dis show………….nd ha where d hell r arvi………i knw ashvik left d show…………but i heard dat a new lead pair zz gonna portray d rolezz of arvi………………..nd ha missng ASHVIK a lot……….i wish u ppl betr show d repeatd episodzz of arvi……instead of al dis ____…….

  5. Guys none of that will happen because it looks like naren and pari is going to the same place where ankita and ranvijay is and something might happen and the wedding won’t take place and I hope ankita doesn’t go back to naren I want her to marry ranvijay

  6. Plzzz make Ankita realise that ranvijay is the right guy for her n make her fall for him soon now…..

  7. wooow it’s fast today 🙂 🙂 thanks a lot Hasan !

  8. Wow… I wanted Ankita to move on from Naren and be with Ranvajay but because of her love for him not because of Vashnabi! Ughhhhh…. when is this going to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I don’t think they will make her love Ravijay..just like Purvi and Onir. she married him but she could not forget Arjun…
      same same story

      1. Yeah probably…

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