Sadda Haq 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu husg Samir and says I love you. Randhir listens It and says why would sanyu say I love you to someone. I hear her voice to many time. he leaves. Sanyu leaves Samir and says I was shy. He says you look good when you are shy. She says lets go to canteen. He says you said I love you now I am not hungry. I would even like to come with you in your lectures. This is enough for today. And yes pick my call or I will keep coming here surprise you like this. He sets her dupatta and says now you look good. He says bye to her and leaves. She says you gave me the surprise by sending him in my life. At least he went.

When she turns, parth comes to her. he takes her on a side. he says you think its really easy to play with someone’s emotions ? What are you doing. SAnyus says you are getting it wrong. He says first you made fun of my emotions and now randhir. What is this drama of best friend ? I don’t know if he means best friend to you but you means to him.
If he actually considers to you best friend he will destroy everything when he figures this out. sanyu says I had to do this for the team. he would never have come if I didn’t lie. sAnyu say my intention is not wrong. Please don’t tell randhir. he leaves.

Sanyu is in class. kaustuki comest here, she asks has Samir gone ? Sanyu says parth saw me with him. He know I was lying. he thought so wrong anout me now this. What if he tells randhir. Randhir will never see my face again. Yo yo comes and says I tried to stop randhir but he left. Sorry you both. Did vidushi say something ? kaustuki says no we are worried for something else. Kaustuki says thanks to him. He says I am happy you said thanks.
Parth texts them and asks to come to secret workshop. Randhir says walking stick is not here. SAnyu says in heart thank God parth hasn’t told him. Sahil says has vidushi and maya got that stick > I knew visushi would do something. Parth says we lost last chance. Sanyu says guys I have the stick. I thought I should test it so I took it I fell and got broken. Parth says why did you take it out ? What are you concealing. Sanyu says I thought I should check in real world. parth says I don’t get why you left and didn’t ask us. randhir says she has apologized already we will repair it. Parth says wow one makes mistake other saves him. Radnhir says whats wrong with you parth ? is everything okay between you two ? SAnyu says yeah everything is okay. Randhir says lets go and repair the stick. They start working on it. SAhil says we did it. Yo yo says lets check it. Sanyu takes the test. The stick says start as she walks. The stick is directing her well in her walk. Suddely it stop and sanyu falls but randhir holds her in his arms. He says I told you I will always save you. sANyu says when I have a friend like you I don’t need this stick. Randhir says why did this stick stop ? Kaustuki says maybe there is something wrong with wiring ? parth checks her says wiring is fine. He says I think there is some internal problem. Lets check again. They start testing it. Sahil says everything is fine. Radnhir says there is something wrong with coding. kaustuki says lets do the debugging. Parth says we have to do the coding again. Sahils says I hope jiggy was here. Sahil says I think we should start it after a break. Kaustuki says yeah. Randhir says al right we will continue after a break. Parth is staring at sanyu. SAnyu is about to leave randhir stops her by holding her hand.
Sanyu says lets go. We have small break. He says who wanst break when I have your company. I won’t get tired when you are with me. SAnyu says you are machine you never get tired. he says lets start work. They start working on the stick.
Randhri says tell me one thing, Your engagement is cancelled you now what if you like some boy and your dad wants you to marry someone else. sAnyu says dad will choose the best for me. She says why don’t you have girl friend You are good looking you have good physique. Why are you single ? He says there is no one like me in FITE and now you are my friend I don’t need a gf. sAnyu says you look angry outside but you are really nice inside. You are weird. He says yeah I am I have been seeing mom and dad and their suffering relationship. I thought I never works. Sanyu says its not always like that. he says tell me about yourself. How many boys did you get before FITE. Many must ahev approached you. Sanyu says yeah they did but I stayed away because dad would always choose one for me. I had his instructions. I never made a male friend. I always loved machines. he says now you made machine your friend. sAnyu says yeah you are my second male friend first was parth.

Parth says you people are still here everyone is waiting. Randhir says yeah we are coming. They go out. Sanyu leaves. Parth says aren’t you done ? do you wanna says something in sanyu’s favor. Randhir says no I wanna talk about your and sanyu’s fight. I was responsible for misunderstanding between you and sanyu. She is such a nice girl and friend. She is like an open book. Why you bring your ego in all this. Parth says I don’t talk to her because I don’t know her that’s all.
He says its not necessary that everyone is like what they look like. Randhir says what you mean ? He says I made her friend and became dependent on her. So I never wanted to do on this dependence cycle that was making me leave, I had to leave. Randhir says she is an open book she is the same in front of world or alone. Parth says I am not interested in knowing what she is don’t ever ask me again to become her or anyone’s friend.

Precap-They all see on news that the device they made has got famous over the net and many companies wanna approach its makes. Randhir says I will answer your I love you tomorrow sanyu if everything goes fine.
Randhir says to sanyu I wanna says something. I…

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi all sandheers

  2. Atiba update fast plz dear

  3. Thanks atiba

  4. WTH???????? Sick of this track jab tak Sandhir ke beech mein sab teek nahi hojatha hai I am gng to watch Sadda haq even if mom allows me to do it……pls sab jaldi teek kardo

    1. Waiting for your fanfic dear pls post it soon

  5. ♡ed every dialogue and expression of PARTH tdy…. pehle nafrath karthi thi usse… ab i hv started liking him….. handsome bandha hai!!!

  6. eagrly waiting for the epi wen randheer will propose sanyu….wat will be sanyus answer?

  7. well 2days epi ws gd not bad n xcited fr 2mrrw epi 🙂 I am feeling sad fr randhir bcoz PARTH is right if the truth comes out some big bad gonna happen fr sure n it will be RANDHIR who will be the biggest one to get hurt 😐

  8. no updated spoilers this week???? & yes even i loved PARTH tdy….

  9. @riki jo hota hai achche k liye hota hai jab tak sanyu randheer se dur nahi hogi how will she realize how especial Randheer is for her.

  10. m xcitd 4 2mrw’s episode bt I don’t thnk randir will actually propose her…ny way just waitn 4 2mrw’s episode

  11. @game changer hmmm u r ryt but bcoz of this RANDHIR will become a complete machine man or a robot man I can’t see him like tht 😐

  12. i could not see 2days epi cuz there was no electricity but when i read the updates i feel 2days epi was not bad &
    yeah i agree with parth jab rd ko sach patha chalega toh kya hoga ??? waiting 4 tmmrw’s epi !!!

  13. i never ever want to see rd hurt again … arre kithne mushkilo ko samna karne ke baad rd ke life mein todi kushi aayi hai aur woh bhi nahi rahega ……

  14. nupoor plz do post the FF if u r not too busy …..

  15. nice epi 🙂 rd ka new hairstyle kitna cute lagta h,n i luv his new t-shirts yr <3

  16. hi rose dear n an hw r u guys?

  17. Even i liked Parth very much today and he is a true friend(keep it up Parth)…….I think he is the one who will act as cupid b/w Sandhir

  18. Ok guyz,hre cums the nxt pt:
    Making the decision was the easy part. Now for the difficult one.
    Sanyu was on her way home for the marriage. Beside her,in the taxi,sat rd,holding her hand. Soon,they reached home. Sanyu went to the frnt door and rd went to hide behind sum bushes. Sanyu’s fly.was very happy to see her. Her mom asked her to go and freshen up while she prepared dinner.
    Once she was up in her room,she lookd outta the winsow n gave an all clear signal to rd,who then promptly climbed up the pipe. “typical of u” sanyu said,laughing.
    Rd:whn r u gonna tell ur parents?
    Sanyu: right now.
    Rd went to hidein a closet while she called out to hr prnts.
    Mom:kya hua sanyu beti,hume yahaan aise kyu bulaaya?
    Ankit: arrey maa,koi cockroach vockroach dekhliya hoga. Ye ladkiyaan bhi naa!
    Sanyu takes a deep breath
    Sanyu:maa,papa,mujhe Sameer se shaadi nahi karni.she finally confessed.
    Everyone luked @ her in shock. Rd mentally congragulated her from the closet. It tuk her lots of convincing but she finally made hr parents see her POV.
    Ankit:to phir tujhe shaadi karni kissey hai? Machine se?(still in an angry mood)
    Sanyu goes into the ‘khayaalon me kho gayi’ mode and remembers how she called rd a machine.
    Ankit:Arrey bol!
    Sanyu: woh….no,actually mera matlab tha ke any1 but rd……u know i hate him…..
    Ankit,who always wanted to see his sister unhappy,cpnvinced his father to marry sanyu and rd.
    Ankit:…………..toh issliye papa,sanyu ki shaadi rd se hi honi cjahiye..
    That decided,they left the room.
    Randhir immediately came out of the closet and hugged sanyi tightly…..they were literally jumping and crying for joy.
    Suddenly,sanyi’s mom walked in,obviously intending to comfort her and say sorry bcoz she wasnt able to stop the males in the house,and expectong to see a totally broken sanyu. Instead,she saw her daughter,hugging her ‘hone waala mangetar,who she was supposed to hate and who had seemed to appear outta thin air,and crying for joy!!???
    Dedicated to AN
    authors note- sorry for such a short one,but i m having a headache n really cant type any more.nxt one will be longer,i promise.
    Epi was gud na!

    1. arre thanks yaar !!! u r the best so take sm rest no prblm 😀 GOOD NIGHT !!!

    2. thnksss… ws rlly nice…….lovd it

    1. hi akshara

  19. mmmmmm.i agree wth u parth….bt still i thnk sanyu wll nt break randhir’s hert…cuz she don’t wnt 2…somethng wll hppn.iam sure abt it

  20. good n8 guys



  23. shahdha zahrath

    hoo randhir js bhol do na ki tum sanyu se bahuth pyar karte hain

  24. spoiler for wednesday~ Randhir plans to surprise sanyu. He wants to reveal his love. Will snyukta reciprocate in same manner?

  25. hiii guys !!!

  26. yeh parth ko aur koi shirt nahi hai kya??? shirt toh ok hai par amitab bachan ki tarah ek hi shirt hamesha pehenna… bore nahi hota hai kya ??? !!!

  27. well i guess i’ll be seeing ya in the nxt update bye!!!!!! 🙂

  28. guys this sandhir vm is made by me plz do watch it like n share it

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