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Shastri Sisters 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the sisters tying rakhi to their dad and make him have sweets. He gives them money. Minty says how sweet, don’t you miss brother. Anushka says we have brother. Minty says yes, whom Alka met in park. Anushka defines the brother as a protective one. Sareen jokes. Anushka says we have three brothers, Ganesha, our dad and police being the third one. The sisters go to the inspector and says Bhaiya, give me your hand, its our rakhi. He says but I m not your brother. Anushka tells he does all duties of a brother. He smiles and shows rakhi which his sister has sent it from village, he thought he will tie at home, but gives her to tie it.

Anushka ties it and one from herself also. He asks her to promise that she will call him if there is any problem. She says fine. Minty says great, your third brother is great. Anushka says festivals are made to unite society. Minty says she is right. Sareen smiles and looks on. Anushka asks for her crossword and Devyaani takes it. They fight for the paper and Shastri ji comes. He says you fight for paper every morning. He asks Alka to give him the paper with tea. The sisters have a good time and fun lighted moments. Anushka says I m happy as everything is back to normal.

She says they were scared of call. Devyaani’s phone rings and they look on. Anushka asks her to talk. Devyaani starts scolding. The guy is Pappu. They laugh. Devyaani says she misses him as a brother. Anushka says we miss you. Pappu is glad. Devyaani says there is no one good here. Sareen talks to Rajat and says good, you got transfer, but its sad knowing this. Minty asks what happened. Sareen ends the call and she asks him what did Rajat say. She asks about his transfer. He says yes, its done. She asks where. She teases her and says Delhi.

She hugs him. He says if I knew you will hug me, I would have lied. Minty thanks Lord. Neil asks why are they happy, are they sending him far. Minty says no, your brother is transferred to Delhi. Minty says his friends will also come, so we will change everything. Sareen says fine, I have to just pay the bill, but don’t change me please. Neil smiles and hugs Minty.

Sareen and Shastri ji have chaat outside. Sareen tells him about fillins happy ones, and then eaten with friendship. Sareen says I brought you to meet someone, here she comes. Rohan’s mum Vrinda comes and she has to talk to him. Sareen says it was not Alka’s sister. She says the daughters have done well to manage the situation, I m very impressed. Rohan and I like Alka a lot. She asks when can they come to take the talk ahead. Sareen asks when will she come. She asks can she come tomorrow. Shastri ji says but you met Alka, why again.

She says I can understand, she did not see Alka, think we are not coming to see her, but to show the boy. Shastri ji smiles. Alka is missing Rajeev, as he did not call since yesterday. Alka makes a romantic painting for Peeya’s assignment. Anushka says it shows a sad love story film poster, what did you want to tell me yesterday. Shastri ji comes and says Rohan’s family liked her and they are coming to meet her tomorrow. Alka is shocked. He says they came in Chowki, saw her and liked her. He says Rohan also came. Get ready as they are coming tomorrow. Everyone is excited. Alka thinks about Rajeev’s words.

Anushka asks Shastri ji to show Rohan’s pic. Sareen says don’t fight, go and see. They run to see the pic. Sareen says I m coming. Shastri ji says I m afraid something bad can happen, but this proposal swiped all my fears, now I feel everything will fine, see everyone is so happy and love you. He blesses her and leaves. Devyaani takes the pics and runs. Sareen laughs. Minty asks why they were doing such things. Sareen says thanks, this happened because of you, they are so happy and Shastri ji can be with us always. She asks what did I do.

Sareen says Rohan’s family liked Alka. Minty is shocked. Alka comes to meet Rajeev. Rajeev gets annoyed. She tries to explain him. He says the guy and his family liked you, and your family liked him, whats left now. She says I did not like him, I will refuse to marry him. He says I m not afraid of pain, but with false hope of happiness. He books his Kanpur’s train ticket. Alka is shocked. Rajeev packs his bag. She looks on miserably and cries.

Alka leaves from home when Rohan comes with his family. She goes to meet Rajeev at the train station. Shastri ji asks the girls to bring Alka and they panic as Alka is not in the room.

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