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Jeevika-Bella in order to protect nagmani You should learn about ur powers

Bella-yes Jeevika ur saying right now I have to learn about my powers

Vish-ok rudra will teach u that he knows about powers of Nagrani

Bella-vish,I don’t want to learn from rudra

Vish-ok Bella Guruji will teach u

Bella- we have to find nagmani

Vish-Yes ur the owner of nagmani so Aghori baba will do Havan n soon u will get to know about nagmani

Bella-ok ….

Bella n vish goes to Naglok while Jeevika goes in my the sea

In naglok

Aghori baba n Bella doing Havan ….vish is praying to lord Shiva

Aghori baba is speaking some mantra while Bella closed her eyes ….During Havan Bella saw Nagmani in her hand but she’s giving to some one her vision ends

After completing Havan Bella is disappointed she now knows that she is not the owner of nagmani she gave nagmani to some one in her previous birth so nagmani isn’t loyal to Bella now ….Bella told this to vish n Aghori baba,All are sad n dispointed …

Bella n vish wonder who is the owner of nagmani ….Rudra comes there

Rudra-Bella I heard u want to learn about ur power I will teach u that

Bella-No rudra I will learn that from Guruji

Rudra – Bella I know for u now I m stranger but I have trust in my love I was waiting for you since 25 years I know when u get ur memory back u will remember our love then u will come to me n I’m waiting for that day

Bella- No rudra plzz don’t wait for me I will never come back to u because I love someone else …If I will get my memory back then also it doesn’t make diffirence

Guruji comes there Bella goes to learn about her powers

In The sea

Jeevika come in the sea in her mermaid form she gets sad seeing servant mermaid working hard for royal mermaids..

She goes in kings castle

There king Yuvraj n queen Ruhi was seating n chating ….Ruhi doesn’t like Jeevika as she belongs to Servant group she was her servant n now she’s going to be 7th queen….Ruhi thoughts that she’s the mist n beautiful mermaid she n Yuvraj are childhood sweethearts,Ruhi doesn’t want Yuvraj to marry other mermaid but Yuvraj didn’t listen He marry 5 times after marring ruhi (Ruhi is the 1st bride ) Ruhi is highly insecure about her position ,she always want to be kings fevourate …Ruhi loves Yuvraj truely so that she can read his mind she knows Yuvraj likes Jeevika more than any other queen ,more than her ….But Yuvraj loves no one He just love himself He’s cruel King …He  want all the beautiful mermaid…

Seeing Jeevika ruhi leaves from there

Yuvraj is merman He has half body of man n half body of fish …He wear the crown of shining pearls …His outfit is full of pearl He has magic wound in his hand,He’s the most powerful merman ….He goes to Jeevika

Jeevika Greets him

Yuvraj-Jeevika call me Yuvraj don’t call me king ur not servant anymore ur so lucky that u will be my 7th bride,U will live in ur own  castle….He saw her crown ..Why u wearing this old crown how many times I have to remind u that ur not servant anymore(He almost shout on her)

He gives her new crown which is more beautiful full of pearls

Then servant merman comes there with there with the plate of fruits …Jeevika now wears new crown she looks beautiful in it…Servant merman is looking at Jeevika ,king notice this

Yuvraj(angry)-How dare u to look at her she’s only mine ..He speaks some spells n kill that merman within a second merman’s body is lying there lifelessly… jeevika is frightened

Yuvraj-Mannerless servant how can he look at u …..Jeevika,How’s ur friend now,when will u come to sea permanently.

Jeevika-My friend isn’t fine now give me some more time I will soon come back n live here forever

Yuvraj smiles showing all his teeth

Jeevika comes to her home,her mom dad n mahir go out for party ….

She enter in the house n switch on the light ….she find whole house is decorated so beautifully ….

She finds rose petals on the floor she walks on it….She heard Someone’s voice she gets happy because its karans voice ….karan showers rose petals on her she is so happy….she goes n see karan n her photographs.. She looks at them loving n remember each moment with him …she cares that photos with her fingers

Karan come behind her n sings

Pal ek pal me hi

  • Thamb  sa gaya, Tu hath me hath Jo degaya (He takes her hand in his hand they both dances together)

Chalu me Jaha jaye tu

Daye me there baye tu

Hu rut me havaye tu


He make turn her around,both are so happy

Says mera hai Teri shakal

Hal hair aisa kuch aaj kal

Subah me hu tu dhup hair

Mai ayena hu tu rup hair

Ye tera sath khub hai humsafar ….

Jeevika smiles, Karan speaks his heart through this song

She also sing…she cares his chick

Tu Ishk me sare rang de gaya

Fir khichake apne sang legaya

Kahi pe khojaye chal

Jaha ye ruk jaye pal …sathiya


Karan gives Jeevika orange fish in a fishpot…The fish is so cute

Karan-do u like it

Jeevika-yes its really beautiful

Karan -not more than u (He says romantically) I know how much u love fish

Jeevika looks in his eyes-Yes I love fish but not more than u

Karan smile n then realise what she said

Karan-What ? What did you say u love me

Jeevika stares him lovingly -Yes I love u karan more than anything, ur my life my happiness …she has tears in her eyes karan gets emotional n hug her

Karan -I love u too Jeevika …I was trying to tell u from so many years n look today we finally  told each other about our feelings

Jeevika nodes …Today she doesn’t want to stop him she want to forget that she’s mermaid,she want to forget that she’s taken she just want to be with him …

Karan -Jeevika I am so lucky that I got u ….I don’t want anything more in my life …He’s eyes r shining due to happiness… U know Tomorrow I have to go to the London but when I will return I will send marriage proposal to u ….Jeevika nodes  karan is discussing their future life with jeevika …Jeevika just stares at him lovingly she has mixed emotions she’s happy that she got such beautiful moments with karan but she gets sad about reality

Karan-(cares her hairs n look at her lovingly) Jeevika,u r so beautiful like fairy ….Jeevika sadly smiles on his statements he speaks the truth she is not human being she’s mermaid

Karan comes close to her they shared passionate kiss

Karan -Jeevika soon we will get married

Jeevika- looks into his eyes she takes his hand in her hand….I am to that lucky karan to get life partner like u ….before karan could react she speaks some spell her eyes changes karan it terns blue ….karan is surprised Jeevika terns into a mermaid karan could not able to believe on his eyes ….

Jeevika spell start working karan feels pain in his head ….Jeevikas magic makes him forget all the memories with her ….He forgots that he meet girl name jeevika …He forgot their love ,their bonding every memory of his with jeevika gets erased ….Jeevika- pictures vanish from the photoes …Karan completely forgot her ….jeevika removes her hand from karan hand ….she hide behind piller …

Karan open his eyes n he wonder what he’s doing in mahirs home when mahir is not here he leaves from there he remember everyone but not jeevika ….

Jeevika comes n take that orange fish she sits on the floor crying besides that orange fish who’s in fishpot swimming happily …she sees karans photos she’s not in that pics she cries there alone

Episode ends here


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  1. Jasminerahul

    sad that bela had given naagmani to someone n so naagmani isn’t loyal to her.but who has naagmani now? oh yuvraj is so possessive about jeevika that he did murder.good that bela told rudra that she loves someone else.karanika confession n kiss were romantic. sad that jeevika made karan forget her

    1. Sushama

      Thank u so much dear…stay tune

  2. Anuva

    Good Bela told Rudra firmly that if her memory back means also, she won’t love him. Shocking she lost the right over naagmani. Wondering to whom she gave that? Guess it’s bhoomi. Yuvi is so possesive on Jeevika. He killed his servant for eyeing her. What if he know about Karan? Karan Jeevika moment is lovely. Shocked when Jeevika destoy his memory about her. Sad. When you show it as Jeevika’s pics vanish in photos, it striked me Deathly hallows Hermione. Even me too huge potter head. Lovely episode.

  3. Sushama

    Thank u so much dear….Yes The pics of Jeevika vanish from their photos taken from deadly hollows ,glad to know that ur potter head too..stay tune dear

  4. Saniya fathima

    Wats tat potter head means?

    1. Sushama

      potterhead means harry potter series fans ….thank u dear

  5. Sorry to say sushma but you have to improve your skills in replying the comments all you comment in same manner the readers dont get happy by reading your comments and it doesnot motivate us to comment more so that i read your ff from past many updates but i dont feel to comment after reading your replies so improve it to get alot of comments from alot of readers i think you dont read long comments and just reply thank you etc so as a reader i dont like doing these stuffs

    1. Susheel singh

      Correct sneha even i think d same. Wil u pls answer our question sushma?

    2. Sushama

      No dear I read all the comments …n long comments really motivates me…as u say I will surely improve my skill on commenting,Thank u for sharing ur views from ur comments I get to know the readers point of view I will definitely improve my commenting skill …thank u for u comment

  6. We mean we want d answer yes or not

    1. Sushama

      Dear sneha & susheel plzz keep reading & commenting on my FF …Ur comments really motivates me, I read all the comments but due to lack of time I replied comments shortly but after reading ur comment I will not replay all the comments in same manner thank u so much

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