Our delicate bond – Twinj SS by Bulbul

Two god damn years. I know nobody here remembers me but tu has been a very important part of my life the turning point you see. So many changes so many new people and some old /same stories. Now I look back at time I miss my old tu friends my daily routine on tu. The reason I am here is that I want to give my journey a proper end where I don’t have this nagging feeling in me anymore. Consider it as a closure. I am going to give proper endings to my ff  and ss. I way beyond off the track right now but I just want to complete it that’s it. And I really cringed when I saw my my writing style and story explanation I am going to provide you guys a link for the already posted shot it was supposed to be a five shot but I am going to wrap it up in 3 shots.

I hope the one who read won’t regret their decision of choosing this.

Kunj Sarna (pov)

It’s been 3 years. Three freaking years of being in love with an incredible women. 3 years of constant stolen glances and falling head over heels again and again. The nights full of her dreams. The days full of her thoughts. It may sound too cheesy and cliché but that’s what being in love feels like.
I had no clue that one day  I was going to love her  so much that her happiness her smile would mean everything to me.
I can’t even describe the feeling when she looks at me and smiles, when she sometimes brings coffee for me during lunch, when she beats me in  basketball and giggles, when she admires the nature around her without anyone’s notice , when she day dreams, when she cutely pouts because her favourite ice cream is not available I find her beautiful in every possible way, as cliché as it my sound I can’t help it because I love my TWINKLE.
Yes my twinkle the star the light of my life. Her mere presence gives me enough strength to fight any battle in my life.
Life wasn’t easy on me from the start not like I can complaining but it was just different.
The mission which made me meet twinkle was successful and during those 5 months I got to know a lot about her and her family.
My father and her father turned out to be long lost childhood friends and our newly found friendship was also a boost for the bond between our fathers.
Luckily twinkle and my other teammates got posted in the same place after the mission and I was the happiest about it.
I knew I was falling for her but I can’t even help it, her dedication her passion towards her work was something I always admired. She handled the situations skill fully everytime. But her anger issues are something which always affects her decisions. She has a really bad temper and often looses her calm and snaps or just march away angrily to somewhere alone.
I am a victim and I know it better.
2 years back the regiment had decided to celebrate the lohri festival as so many Punjabi officers were posted in our cantt Twinkle was given the duty to manage everything and she did it so efficiently and gracefully that everyone was astound and were surprised by her hidden capabilities. Everything was perfect but during the celebrations one soldier had to leave urgently due to some family issues everyone was near the ground where the function was held so I granted him his leave and sent him off but what I didnt knew was he was in the lighting department and the electricity was off and thier was a need of generator , twinkle was furious about the misconduct and lashed out on every single person from the lighting team. I somehow managed to arrange the generator and asked the people to help me with it but twinkle kept on snapping at me for granting him his leave without anyone’s notice and for the misconduct and trust me it was awful I surely felt bad because she wasn’t ready to hear me out and was treating me like this in front of my juniors it was  a bit embarrassing but I somehow managed the situation and the celebrations continued. Later I explained everything to her she never apologised but I knew she was guilty and she kept on telling me that I should have told her sooner.
Twinkle never apologises I repeat never  why? Because she is never wrong as what she thinks and in most of the cases she never is. You can call her a perfectionist because everything she does is done perfectly their are rare chances of mistakes from her side. and in friendship and relationships when she is wrong she never says the word sorry but somehow Covey’s the message that she is guilty and rectifies her mistake.
She is such a strong women I always admired her physical as well as her emotional strength. If it wasn’t for twinkle I may not have been here.
13 months back I was just sitting in my cabin going through some files when my mother called me up I thought of it as just a regular how are you son ? Eat well  and when are you going to come call but I was so wrong.
‌     It was   my sister and I knew she was crying I was shocked because I never expected her to cry that too on a phone call form my mom’s phone.
Dad is no more that what she said I felt all the air drawing out from my system this was so sudden and unexpected that I felt suffocated in the four walled room. Never in my worst nightmares I have thought that something like this would happen. He was my super hero my motivation my advisor and his sudden demise was so shocking for me I was numb for few minutes but I knew I need to thier for my family even though I was breaking form inside I need to stay strong for them.
I informed twinkle after the call and I was numb all the time I didn’t knew what was happening around me it was just a slow blur for me. Twinkle was with me during my flight and she kept on telling me that it’s going to be fine and I need to stay strong but I only knew how much I wanted to scream and let everything out from my system but I couldn’t and I didn’t even had the energy to do so.
After dad’s cremation ceremony I was with mom and my sister for few days and then I had to return because of my duty as an officer but I made sure that mom is doing fine and my sister is with her all the time.
Mom agreed to stay with my sister in her new home with her husband and her family as she didn’t wanted to stay in the same house where dad and she used to stay. When I returned everyone was sorry for my loss, my friends were their during his cremation ceremony. Slowly everyone got busy with thier daily routine but it was hard for me. I was too numb to react. Sleepless nights and disturbed days were a part of my life. I was so shaken to even process anything I didn’t even shed a tear my mind won’t just cooperate with my feelings and emotions.
I don’t know how but twinkle noticed my behaviour and during once during our camping she got to know about my condition she was me having a terrible nightmare and she somehow managed to calm me down. When I was a bit stable she hugged me and told me let it all out and I don’t know what came over me the situation and feelings were so overwhelming that I found myself crying. I let it all out why my father left me so soon , why I feel so empty inside , why I feel like , why!?
Twinkle hugged me back and patted my back constantly and murmuring soothing words in my ears continuously.
She broke the hug and wiped my tears and made me promise that I will share everything with her. Later she joked the night away stating I look funny while crying.
After that night she was always thier when I needed her often helped me with my nightmares by talking me to sleep. But I felt guilty for working up her so much that was my problem and I needed to deal with that. Even though for next few days I had sleepless nights when my anxiety was at its full swing a mere sight of sleeping twinkle used to sober me up and helped me to deal with it. Her mere presence was enough for me to deal with my issues and I overcome them shortly.
Till day whenever I used to feel hollow alone or sad or emotionally down or anything you call it. The sight of a smiling twinkle would just brighten up my mood and worked as a motivation a push for me.
Twinkle is not known to this fact but she is my peace my ray of light in the dark world my strength my happiness my whole world.
I used to laugh when people used to say that they can do anything for thier loved ones but now I know it’s completely utterly true. I can’t imagine twinkle getting hurt because of me or anybody. Her happiness means the world to me.
I will take no time to strangle the person who have hurt her in any sense.
I am so protective and possessive of her that I nearly punched a guy  from our base when he tried to flirt with her. The situation was out of control for me he was constantly flirting with her and she too was smiling and I just couldn’t bear the sight of her with anybody else.
I thank my guardian angels that my friends were thier to handle the situation.otheriwise it would have been really difficult for me to control my hands from punching the life out of his system.
That was the moment when I realised that I can’t let her go I can’t let her go with anybody else I love her and she is all mine.
I tried every possible way to somehow make twinkle fall in love with me but my hopes were quite low as I remember when 3 years back during our mission our chief asked her about her life and relationship status just for the basic background information.
Twinkle never wants to fall in love. She thinks that love makes a person weak and vulnerable and gives heartaches , that’s why she never wanted to get into a relationship. She was completely carrier oriented when our chief asked her about her relationship status and her views and I don’t know even after 3 years her thoughts are changed or not.
My best friend sahil knows about my feelings about her and has always advised me to ask her out and tell her about my feelings but I was too scared too scared to make a move , twinkle is a complicated person she takes time to be friends with someone she considers me as a really good friend of her or I don’t know what she thinks about me but I can’t just imagine living a life without twinkle. I can’t see her with anybody else but don’t have the guts to tell her about my real feelings. I would have but her views about relationships and love always scare me off and tell me not to open up my heart to her.
Life was going like this but 7 days back my mom called me up and told me something which left me speechless.
Twinkles dad had wants her daughter to get married to his best friends son.
The son is kunj sarna.
I was shocked surprised happy excited scared all together I told my mom that I will think about it.
Marriage with twinkle my full life with her.
The mere thoughts leaves me in all tingles and excitement.
But the only thought which scares me now that how would twinkle react to it how would she take this news!?
Will she agree or she will reject the proposal !?
I am sitting here in the balcony of my room pondering upon these thoughts and heard the creak of the door signaling someone’s arrival I looked back and saw twinkle coming in my room without a smile on her face
To be continued ….

So everyone this was it for today I know it’s not that good but I just happen to write like this. I’ll try to explain the situation in feelings and not just drag the story towards happy endings.
It may take a while but I just want to write it like this
The next shot may be posted on 16th or may be sooner till then keep reading and smiling.
If anyone who remembers me do message me  or just comment or leave a message on my wall because I miss my tu buddies.
Don’t think it’s necessary to like the post dislike if you want to but with a reason so that I can’t provide a better chapter next time.
Till then stay healthy
Lots of love
Bulbul 🌹

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    Hey hey hey, I remember you dear!
    I have read your stories though I was a silent reader then.
    So I don’t think you know me.
    But, yaaa .. it’s so good to see you back after two years!
    Completing these stories is a great decision !!
    Go ahead dear😀
    I loved this part.
    Looking forward to read the next part soon
    God bless you 😊😘
    Take care

  3. Hey dear even i remember u…
    I had read ur stories….
    Completing the stories…its indeed a gud decision..
    About this….it was amazing..
    Do continue soon…
    Post soon….

  4. Ramya

    Hey girl. After so long.
    Your writing skills are as good as before.
    I enjoyed it.
    Post soon Bulbul and don’t disappear this time.

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