Tantra 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kartik’s girlfriend: a contention for Akshat

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Tantra 15th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth tells Niyati that Akshat drank by himself. He said he is happy for marriage and tensed for the fire at his house as well; they had mixed the peck but Akshat chose to drink on his own. There, Prithvi’s business partners claim Akshat to be lucky, it’s a privilege to be Prithvi Khanna’s son in law. Akshat boasts that Prithvi is also lucky to have him. Niyati comes to take Akshat aside. Akshat asks Niyati why she brought him aside like this. She wanted to ask him about last night. Akshat looks behind Niyati towards the main door. The girl he harassed last night appears from the door. Kartik greets the girl. Akshat wonders what this girl is doing with Kartik. Niyati also looks behind to see Kartik and the girl together. She wonders if this is Kartik’s girlfriend with him. She understands she must

be the one Kartik wanted to introduce. Kartik points towards Niyati and brings her towards them. Akshat hid himself behind Niyati. Kartik brings Riya to Niyati and says he wish to turn her into his life partner soon. Niyati introduces herself as Kartik’s younger sister. Niyati looks behind but Akshat was nowhere to be seen.
Akshat stood behind a wall and wonders what this girl is doing here. It might be a huge problem if she watches him here. Someone reaches right behind Akshat. He was startled, but it was Prithvi. Prithvi asks what Akshat is doing here all alone. Akshat says he was uncomfortable in the crowd. Prithvi says this party is because of his own wedding, he takes Akshat to the party again. Everyone had gathered on the stage. Prithvi takes everyone’s attention and thanks the guests for attending their function. Akshat hides his face with a handkerchief. Prithvi introduces Niyati and Akshat to the guests. He calls JK on the stage. Akshat hides his face from Riya. Prithvi asks Ashutosh to bring the cake on stage. Riya was still unable to have a glance of Akshat’s face. Everyone gather for a family photographer, the photographer insists on Akshat to remove the cloth off his face.
Riya was shocked to see Akshat’s face. She breaks the glass in the midst of the hall and moves backwards. Kartik comes to her concerned. Ashutosh caught them red handed. Kartik introduces Riya to his parents. They notice Riya seemed nervous. She turns around to point towards Akshat. Akshat steps towards them, and says Riya likes Kartik but is nervous to meet his parents for the first time. He wraps his words and says unthoughtful words and nervousness might cause trouble sometimes, showing off a knife in his hand. Ashutosh tells Akshat that their guest might be terrorized by this knife. Akshat calls a waiter and gives the knife to him. Riya excuses herself. Akshat smirks at her and takes a leave from Ashutosh as well. Kartik’s parents complain of not sharing with them about Riya.
Everyone was busy celebrating. Akshat watches Riya come inside. He thinks she must have understood his signal and must stay silent. Riya thinks she can’t stay silent, Niyati must know she was married to a devilish man. Akshat thinks Riya must return if she wants to live, she must stop. He silently thinks he had warned, but she couldn’t understand; now she herself is going to be responsible for whatever happens. Akshat place his foot in front of a waiter, the waiter slips pushing Riya over a nearby table. Niyati was dancing with Prithvi and slips from the stage over the broken glass.

PRECAP: Kartik was looking for Riya when he finds Akshat dragging a suit case. He asks what’s inside this huge luggage bag. Akshat replies there is a dead body he wants to fix.

Update Credit to: Sona

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