THE STORY OF US – Ishqbaaz ff – chapter 6 ( Anika ) by Sana

Hi everyone , I am very sorry for delaying the post . From now on I will try to make it fast because my next mission is to end it before may 2nd because my school will start . Thank you so much for loving my ff so much and it really made me happy.
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As I had expected it wasn’t Mr.Bansal who opened the door I can say that from the age and picture I saw before . The person who opened introduced himself as Mr.Bansal’s Assistant Mr.Raj and politely asked me whether I am Mr.Oberio . When I said I am he led me to a room that was filled with full of books , files and looked certainly old . Mr.Raj looked at my puzzled expression which say will meeting happen at such places ,

he said that it was Mr.Bansal’s Study , he meets people here . I nodded my head and sat on a big couch and it was not really making the situation comfortable . Mr.Raj told me Mr.Bansal will be soon here and left from there saying that he will get me a cup of coffee . After sometime , I heard footsteps coming close and instantly got up to see the man I was waiting for , he was little fat and old as his age . We talked for half an hour and I can say that he is really a warm, kind and humble person . The time he entered he have started talking and still now it was continuing , but neither I got irritated nor tired and this person seems far more different than other business man . I was wondering why the coffee didnt reach till now . Mr.Bansal then excused himself to get the papers while I was all alone again .

As I had expected it was the same man who I met on train , bhagad billa . How can I forget his name he was singing that like a parrot , Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberio . Raj uncle took him to dad’s study and I was hiding and watching all this . Sahil caught me red handed and asked me whether I was checking out him , I was shocked at first but I know Sahil that from his little mouth only big things will come . I narrated him all the morning incident and he was laughing . He said ” khanji Ankhowala bhagad billa” is a super name .

I was thinking how to give him shock of my presence here and I am ANIKA BANSAL so I have to give him a shock . Then , Sahil told me I have to give a herione entry . I hit his head and saw Raj uncle going to kitchen . I got a idea and ran to kitchen and told Raj uncle that I will get coffee while he gave me a weird look and nodded his head and left from there . I took the tray and went to study , since dad had already his tea there was only one cup specially for bhagad billa . I slightly pushed the door and entered the room .


I thought that Mr. Bansal returned and turned to see . Oh my god , what now ? The same girl whom I met on train is here now . I quickly got up and asked her what she was doing here . She pointed to the tray that she was carrying . Ooh , so she is the maid of this house . The job which suits her . I told her that was the only kind of job she will receive . She was again laughing and I felt like giving a punch but seriously she is a woman and I shouldn’t do it . I took the cup and looked out not making eye contact with her .she tapped on my shoulder .

Anika : did you like my coffee , bhagad billa
Shivaye : how dare you call me like that again . If I tell this to your boss then he will kick you out . Is this the way you serve your guest .
Anika : C’mon , if you didnt like it . Then give it
( Trying to get the cup from his hand while he held it in height )
Shivaye : get lost now . Else I will call your boss
Anika : should I call myself ?
Shivaye : Seriously , do you have guts for it ?

Anika : I will call myself .
Shivaye : then , let me hear
Anika : dad….dad ! Dad
What more drama this girl will now do ? She was calling dad at her boss . If it had been me , I would have fired at that moment . I saw Mr. Bansal making his way . I let out a sigh now I dont have to tolerate her more . But you know there was no change in his expression even after his servant called him dad . He said to her ” Anika , what happened ? ” .
So her name is Anika . Why he is not questioning her for calling him dad . I dont know why but again she started laughing , oh god this girl will kill me now .

Bansal : why are you laughing , Anika ?
Anika : nothing , see him
Bansal : what happened , there is nothing in his face .
Shivaye : sir , I am very sorry to say . Your servant has gone mad .
Bansal : Servant ?

Shivaye : yes sir , this girl . My suggestion is sir , that you have to fire from her now . She was laughing at me and calling some weird names . She also doesnt know how to serve guest too and ………
( both Mr. Bansal and Anika started laughing now and Shivaye was having puzzled expression and thinking whether both boss and maid have gone mad )
Bansal : hey Anika beti , did you play an prank ?

Shivaye : beti ? Sir , you are very kind to your servants
Bansal : stop it Mr. Oberio . Well , this is Anika not only Anika but Ms. Anika bansal . My one and only daughter ?

I can’t believe this is one and only daughter of Mr. Bansal . Now I am sure bade papa and papa is going to kill me knowing that the deal is cancelled because I have called his daughter as servant . I quickly made an apology note in my mind and prepared myself to say sorry , he may be the first person to hear it except my family . That girl , Anika was standing there and watching me . I looked at Mr. Bansal’s face .
Shivaye : I am very
Anika : leave it Mr. Oberio , you cant say that.
Shivaye : its not like that , I didn’t know she was your daughter by her way of lifestyle . I apologize on that.
Bansal : No worries because she is like that only . Anika , why didnt you tell me you met him before .
Anika : dad , how do you ?

Bansal : Sahil told me just mins ago . Now , Mr. Oberio meet my daughter Anika Bansal or Anika as she mentions to everyone . She is living in mumbai now soon will shift here . She is so simple and doesnt want to know as Bansal because she doesnt want attention for her surname . I am very proud of her thoughts always .
Shivaye : Good to see you ( he fake a smile )
Anika : yeah ( showing a wide smile )

Mr. Bansal : Well , Mr. Oberio enough of today . Tomorrow we will continue and yes I invite you to the party tonight .
Anika : party ? You didnt tell me
Bansal : it is your celebration party of your job in whiteline . Well , there would be only a few people and I invite you too Mr. Oberio . Please make sure your presence .
Shivaye : Sure sir ?

Mr. Bansal : thanks and Anika , call Rohit too . I will make all arrangements for his travel and stay too . Okay dear ?
Anika : okay dad ( anika’s smile fades )

Why her face dim when she heard his name . Who is he . Whatever why should I think of all this .So this one was of my terrible days . Thank god , he didnt cancel the deal now I have to go back and come here again after sometime and meet this girl too . I took the exit of the house and sat in the car .
This is it and hope you are satisfied with it . Hope you like this . Well anywhere I disappointed you please do tell me . Positive and Negative comments are acceped . I wanted to complete this ff but my health is really not good at the last summer holidays . I hope you all are having a good day ?


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