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Ep 18

He see d senerio and shocked ragini u..
Ra::show her hand to quite his mouth, then she feed baby completely she feel relaxed and her mind feel peace and calm..

Sa::Ragini wat u did
Ra:sa I really don’t know but I don’t know when u went to take milk from kitchen baby started to cry more so I bring here then she start crying more and more my chest started to pain I can’t tolerate only but now I feel relief but y dis happened I don’t know… ( she think for a while she recollect yesterday today incident how she connect to baby now how she feed..and how tat baby succked her milk) then she know tat baby is hers..
Ra: San tel me dis is my baby know
Sa: with shockingly no ragini it’s not urs..
She hold his collar no San ur lieing tel me truth I know it’s my baby
Just then ap swalak comes they hear loud voice from ragini room they moves to Thier?????? ap ask ragini what dis..
Y u holding San collar leave him
Ra: she go and hug her ma dis baby is mine know ma but dis San saying dis is not mine…???
Ap: shockingly no rag it’s swalak baby he is rite
Swalak: yea ragini
Ra:no ur saying false I know it’s my baby I can understand by it’s touch,, I can feel it, I know it’s my child pls I beg u pls tel me what’s d truth…..

All feel helpless ap told all truth how she comes then marriage then delivery etc..ragini just stunned mahhh..she said ma what’s dis…y God playing with me,y he is so cruel…
Ap: no rag he is not cruel ur destiny is cruel don’t worry all will become rite on someday but u shd wait for tat day
Ra: ma if u don’t mind can I ask something..
Ap: ask rag
Ra: ma who raped me…
Ap: no rag I don’t know if v know, i would marry u with him..y I arrange marriage with my son…tat day ///
Then she move to laksh..lak do u know who raped me..
La: no ragini I don’t know
Then she go to San..
Ra::San u know who rape me I beg u if u know tel me..
San : his heart skips he feel immense pain with heavy heart he decide to say I rape u but just then ap says no rag v doesn’t know anything actually v don’t know u have raped or otherthing d only thing I know his u come here has ragini now ur mother for dis child..for to know u have to ask ur dada or ur friends..v don’t know anything….

Ya ma I will go now and ask my dada who rape me but I promise I won’t leave him..I show him I. M strong…she left from Thier

San room

Rag today I decide to say u???? but ,,,, I interprets know San….??? said ap firmly..

Sa: shocking ma u????, Ya me only San..
Ap: how long u keep dis guilt in ur heart San
Sa: ma u???? how u know dis ma..
Ap: I know everything San..I. m ur mother day one when rag came dis house I came to know u rape her how u suffering daily when i came to know how cheap ur..how i give birth to u..but same time i came to know how much who suffering from tat day onwards…how u change..if i beat tat day for ur doings its simple..but i want u to understand ur mistake so i arrange marriage with ur bro i thought u will tel tat day but u didnt open up but now if u say ur mistake will it go easily will ragini forgive ur sin …no san no..I know u understand ur mistake same time I know u love her a lot..but I want u to suffer more ..no other girl shd suffer like ragini. D only way is ur death…I don’t need dis type of son I won’t forgive u. ..with crying she went off..
San: San screams mahhhh..

Now tel me u want more episode or can I end in next episode…….?,,

how can ragini find d culprit,,???

In my village festival no mood to write I don’t know wat I wrote sorry for mistakes thank u love u all???

  1. Continue

  2. Sakthi gayathri

    Unite the San and Ragini…. Every one do the mistake…. Every one need some time to realise the mistake if they realise god forgive them….I like u series….

    Have a pleasant journey…

  3. Follybraverl

    Awesome Ragini is so adorable

  4. Kitkat

    don’t finish in hurry….. take ur time n sankys truth should be out as soon as possible to ragini….

  5. amazing continue dr

  6. superb nooo pls continue

  7. Awesome

  8. nice don’t end so soon

  9. good pls continue

  10. Riyanjali

    Awesome dear…Make Ragini know the truth but they should not unite as it is not justifiable

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  12. Inu

    Superb epi. Plzz make ragsan unite.

  13. Akshata

    awesome, dont end it soon

  14. superb part.plz dont end this soon.if you want to finish this ff then unite ragsan plz

  15. Divyashankar

    K I think it won’t finish soon I will proceed further..

  16. Lovely7

    Continue please

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    awesome dear…loved it alot..ap know that….eagerly waiting for nxt one…plz don’t end it soon….tkcr dear….

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