MAN MAYAL part 17

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Moving on with the episode
Abhigya were sitting under the tree in the park in each other’s embrace looking at the stars.
P: Abhi
A: yes honey bunny
P: will you stay with me forever?
A: I will PA don’t worry I will not go anywhere. But I have to go somewhere
P: where
A: I have to go to US for signing an album, just for a 3 days
P: I know you have to go but I don’t want you to.
She said while playing with his buttons.
A: I have to go 2 days. We can spend some memorable moments.
P: but I don’t feel good. My gut feeling tells me that something bad is going to happen.
Abhi by hugging her even tight: don’t worry nothing will happen, and I will make this week memorable so you don’t miss me when I’m gone and don’t worry just stay lost in me and dream about me. (Seductively)
Pragya just punched him in his chest
A: acha na

The next day
Pragya was sleeping peacefully when someone sneaked into her room. someone opened the curtain blinds letting the sunshine in. she felt something on her the fragrance a rose tracing the outline of all her facial features. She didn’t open her eyes and whoever it was backed down. Pragya opened one of her eyes and found no one there. The next moment someone was on top of her shaking her profusely. Pragya opened her eyes and saw Abhi on top of her.
A: get up already you kumbakrani. I was thinking of pouring water on you but you look too cute so I wasn’t able to do it.
P: why so early?? She said in an annoyed tone.
A: see you have only 48hours left with me and I promised I will make these hours ………….
P: memorable I know but you just spoiled my sleep.
A: areey aditiya needs some attention too, GET UP
Pragya sat up in the bed and saw him in sweatpants and a grey hoodie
A: see jogging is a good for one health and for couples it is a good exercise you know what I mean(he said with a smirk) so get ready
P: oh really my cutie pie
She said by getting up and pulling his cheek. Abhi froze there.
P: didn’t you have to go to Adi
A; oye you know I get lost by your touches uurrrrr by pulling his arms by his side shrieking.
And he left. Pragya laughed at his antics
Abhi entered adi’s room
A: hey champ he said by cupping his face. You know I need to give you two wake up calls as you wake up on the second one so when I am back we will have loads of fun.
Adi in his sleep held Abhi’s shirt and kept murmuring: don’t leave me papa, please.
Abhi who knew he was having a bad dream sat beside him and caressed his forehead. He relaxed a bit and hugged him. Abhi after getting out of his hold without disturbing him left the room
“We will have all the fun. I will make up for the time I lost adi. I will make up for everything.” He said to himself.

Pragya coming out of the room dressed up in a grey shirt and black pants. Her hair tied up into a high pony.
A: you look amazing my pumpkin.
P: Pumpkin??
A: just go with the flow
He said by indicating it with his arms and moved out.
P: he is unbelievable
Outside Abhi stood there warming up. Pragya came up to him. He passed her a headphone and they started to jog. Both of them were jogging Abhi kept on pushing her lightly. When they were returning
A: lets race to your house.
P: really you want to and if you don’t know I was a great athlete
A: oh we will see. Ok on the count of three
P: three! And started to run
A: hey you cheater
P: everything is fair in love and war
A: and this is WW3
They arrived at the house.
A: so I will see you in the evening
P: bye handsome
A: bye my honey pumpkin
Pragya went inside the house and saw Purab sitting on the couch smiling like a mad man.
Pr: looks like someone is really happy
P: I am
Pr: why is that
Purab still lost: because bulbul…………. he stopped and came back to his sense by pragya’s laughter.
(Well what happened)
Purab woke up and decided to make breakfast for bulbul as he needed to convince her for his day’s start which she gives him occasionally.

Purab brought in breakfast. Bulbul who had just freshened up: are you ok puru
Purab nodded his head.
B: then this
P: oh its breakfast I thought to make it
Bulbul after eating it : so what you want puru as you never do something without a hidden intention
P:a………… morning kiss I guess by pointing towards his lips.
Bulbul smiled.
B: no kiss wiss on the lips just this and gave a flying kiss.
Purab acted as he caught it and placed it on his lips but then turned around in anger
Bulbul approached him. He was about to turn around and protest but bulbul had already occupied his lips. They kissed each other passionately.
After breaking the kiss Purab was like you could say high. He had a wide smile on his face.
B: Mr. Khanna you have to learn to control as our daughter is returning on Friday and Abhi to after signing his album.
P: when my s*xy wife is there I can’t stop myself
B: ok now leave or else you won’t let me to get dressed up and pushed Purab out.
And so Purab sat there on the couch when Pragya arrived.
P: acha STOP laughing and how is it going for you
Pr: what for me
P: you and Abhi
Pragya blushed
P: I got my answer no need to say. I need to get to get to Abhi. Take care.
At abhi’s house
P: arey yaar teri life to set hai ab
He said while drinking the juice
A: well set bas proposal aur phir shaadi
P: I am so happy for you man
A: but I need your help in some things
P: bol
Abhi told Purab everything which was muted. Purab’s expression changed into shock then he laughed and then made his face serious and said nodded ok.

Pragya was sitting in the room playing with adi. Bulbul came out dressed in a pink saree.
B: how am I looking.
A: witch
Pragya slapped adi lightly on the back.
P: just fine my dear its just a lunch
B: I know na now he must be coming back as he just all of a sudden called me that he wants to take me to lunch and bring adi too.
They heard a horn,
P: I think Purab is here
B: bye pragz
A: bye mumma and placed a kiss on her cheek and ran.
“Now I am all alone,” she said bye lying down.
“Let’s prepare some dough for dinner” she said and moved towards the kitchen.
She took a dish and started to prepare it. She all of a sudden felt two hands around her waist reaching out and preparing the dough with her. It was Abhi. Pragya turned around and both shared n eye lock while preparing the dough. He kissed the crook of her neck and then blew on her face. Pragya just closed her eyes.
A: I am hungry you know( he said seductively)
P: chee
A: well I am actually hungry
P: ok I’ll make you an aloo ka paratha.
A: wow tasty he said by rubbing his hands and how can I help you he said by holding her waste
P: by leaving and waiting in the dining area.
Pragya came with a tray. Abhi was sitting and watching t.v
A: see my hands are gone he said by hiding his hand in his shirt.
P: oh stop acting I’ll feed you.
Abhi smiled and Pragya started to feed him.
Abhi in between purposely bit her finger
P: ouch
A; oh sorry
And kissed her finger and hand.
P: dramebazz
A: a big one

P: bye adi I will pick you up in an hour have fun at bobby’s house
A: bye Purab Uncle
B: why did you drop him here.
P: so that I can romance with my wife
B: but we promised Pragya
Purab kept his finger on her lips to silence her
P: this all was Abhi’s plan he wanted to spend some time alone with Pragya
B: so then clubbing
P: well this was my plan
B: oh really
P: yes so shall we
They entered a club
Pa ni sa..
Pa ni sa..

Kaliyon jaisa husn jo paaya
Har adaa mein noor hai aaya
Saat mare aur satattar ghayal
Blame doon Rab ko
Kyun aisa banaya?

Tera jis se pad gaya paala
Acche ko ghalat kar daala
Tera.. nahi tera koi dosh dosh
Tera husn hi jabardast dast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Main cheez badi hoon mast

(Cheez badi)

Mast mast mast…

(How low can we go
Cheez badi)

Nahi tujhko koi hosh hosh
Uss par joban ka josh josh
Nahi tera, nahi tera koi dosh dosh
Madhosh hai tu har waqt waqt
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Main cheez badi hoon mast

(Cheez badi.. mast mast..)

Ho… ankhiyan fareebi, shaitani hain
Ishq mein tere mar jaani hai
Kitna koi khud ko bachaaye
Aag dilon mein lag jaani hai

Jaadu aisa kar daala
Na hosh kisi ne sambhala
Nahi tera koi dosh dosh
Tera husn hi jabardast dast

Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast
Tu cheez badi hai mast mast
Main cheez badi hoon mast

Pa ni sa..
Pa ni sa..

The next day
A; adi lets go
a: where?
Ad: yes where
A: well we will play cricket
D: oye putar how can we play
A: everyone will play get ready we will have a short match.
Adi was jumping in happiness
Pragya who saw this was quite happy.
Everyone arrived at the ground. The elders were supporting. Dadi was the empire. It was a two over match. Adi was batting and he hit a shot. Pragya trying to catch it fell down. Abhi rushed to her.
A: hey are you fine
P: perfectly alright it’s just a scratch
A: shut up, time out
Abhi while murmuring never cares for herself, while treating her wound.
Pragya just kept on smiling.
After completing the match they returned home.
Abhi texted pragya
A: get ready in something casual we are doing out
P: thumbs up
Abhi arrived at about 4pm and picked her up. They were on there way. They arrived at the restaurant. Abhi jumped out of the car, rushed and opened the door for pragya.
They then went inside the restaurant.
After finishing their meal and talking endlessly romantically they got up to leave on the exit pragya froze. She saw Rahul standing there. Pragya was frightened. She backed away.
R: so miss pragya arora still here.
A: yes

Pragya was hiding behind abhi’s back.
Abhi took her to the side
A: why are you afraid? Where is that lioness that would beat someone? Pragya stand up for yourself.
And he walked away. Pragya wiped her tears. She patted rahul’s back. He turned around and pragya slapped him hard on the face. She started to beat him badly
P: destroyed my life. Idiotic fool. Tujhe keeray lage. Marja rascal. You………… she caught hold of a rod and was about to hit him when Abhi held her back.
A: don’t ever come in front of us again.
They were walking back and Abhi sensed that pragya’s mood was down so he decided to do something.
They arrived at the station gate. Abhi started to dance
Aur ab Fursatganj se
Bunty Babli Pappu aur unke appu Shaad Ali
Sun’na chahenge Adnan Sami ki awaaz me
Sweeta film ka ek gaana
Jise sangeet diya hai Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy ne
Aur Bol hain Gulzar ke

Hmmm aa ha ha..
Aa ha ha.. ra ra ra..

Main aankhon se pehchanta hoon
Acche se hain woh bhale se
Ghar ka pata bhi na de toh
Ik baar mill le gale se

Aankhon se aankhon ne kya chakh liya hai
Meetha laga seene mein rakh liya hai hai
Chocolate ke tukde, honth hain tere
Shehad ke qatre, Sweeta..
Tujhse nahi koi meetha huh ?

Sweeta, Sweeta.. tujhse nahi koi meetha
Dil dil dil, dil maskhari kar raha hai
Phir mujhpe hasne laga hai
Phir saans tez ho gayi hai
Phir mujhko dassne laga hai

Halke nashe mein rehne laga hoon
Apne hi aap se kehne laga hoon..
Kaheri garmi mein sharbat-e-zam-zam
Rooh Afza tu Sweeta..

Tujhse nahi koi meetha.. haaye

Pragya giggled and he took her hands and made her dance too.
A: there is this party you go there I will be there in a while
Pragya arrived at the club.
P: I want to dance
Purab and bulbul appeared out of nowhere.
P&B: have this shot and party
Pragya had it and got on the dance floor
Tere ishq da nasha chadiya ve
Mera dil hi tujhpe adiya ve (x2)

Haal hua behaal hua
Mera haal hua behaal (x2)

(Gulabi.. hey..)

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaro
Sambhalna mushkil ho gaya

(Gulabi… hey…)

Kya chupana duniya se
Bolenge hum sar-e-aam
Yaaron milna hai zaroori
Milte rahein har shaam

Bas wohi karein
Jo karna hai humein
Na karna koi sawaal
Haal hua behaal hua
Mera haal hua behaal

(Gulabi… hey…)

It’s 5 o’clock the club gets empty
Time to go home, but no!
What shall I do? I’m not tired
What’s next Paris or Rome
We’re gonna laugh till we cry
Tell your boyfriends bye bye
Couldn’t you see it’s ladies night
We feel alright and higher than high
Girls keep on with’em hips tonight
Andredia kiss my lips
Hey girl kiss my lips
Kiss my lips, Ahww!

Hum parindey humko toh hai
Bandishon se aitraaz
Manenge na hum kisi ki
Chaahe koi ho naraaz

Jeete raho aur jeene do
Apna yaheen khayaal
Haal hua behaal hua
Mera haal hua behaal

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaro
Sambhalna mushkil ho gaya

(Gulabi… hey…)


Abhi arrived there in the end. He thanked rabul and got hold of pragya who was kinda drunk. Ok drunk
P: me………… meow
A: what! Why are you meowing?
P:I am saying mein aaon
A: ok now let’s get you home.
Abhi got on the bike
P: I want to have fun. I want sunglasses.
A: ok Janu
Abhi stopped the bike at a sunglasses shop.
They tried different glasses.(the camera was from the mirror) both again tried a pair and liked it. Abhigya wore a round framed aviator.
P: hey stupid who wears sunglasses at night
A: well you wanted them.
P:ok let’s go
On the bike abhigya put their headphones on.
Chal na kuch karte hain
Aa lakeerein padhte hain
Chal na kuch karte hain

Dheere dheere zara dum lena
Pyar se jo mile gham lena
Dil pe zara woh kum lena
Ok jaanu tu dhin dhin na (x2)

Kal ki beeti kal huyi thi
Aane wala kal bada hai
Dil ne fir karwat li dekho
Dil mein koyi pal pada hai

Dheere dheere zara dum lena
Pyar se jo mile gham lena
Dil pe zara woh kum lena
Ok jaanu tu dhin dhin na

Chal na kuch karte hain
Aa lakeerein padhte hain
Chal na kuch karte hain

Yeh aayu yeh vaayu
Yeh mangal pe mangal
Tu lucky lagti hai

Sabhi kuch hai kalyana
Ki lakeeron mein
Lekin magan toh nahi hai tu
Tu lucky lagti hai

Dheere dheere zara dum lena
Pyaar se jo mile gham lena
Dil pe zara woh kum lena
Ok jaanu tu dhin dhin na (x2)

Nasamjh si ek ladki
Poore dil ki chor nikli
De gayi maathe pe rakh ke
Shaam ke sooraj ki titli

Dheere dheere zara dum lena
Pyar se jo mile gham lena
Dil pe zara woh kum lena
Ok jaanu tu dhin dhin na

Chal na kuch karte hain
Aa lakeerein padhte hain (x2)

They did the hand flow movement. A coca cola truck was on the road. Abhi brought the bike closer and Pragya took out one bottle, opened it with her mouth and drank it. She then shook it as Abhi speeded in front of the truck. They then stopped in front of two mike setups and then started to jump and sing like mad people. Then Pragya rushed to the bike as Abhi sat behind her. She was driving and going over things.
A: areey get out of the way
P: wohoo
He then made her stop, then drove the bike and she sat in front with her face towards Abhi.
P: you look so cute baby when you are serious
A: cute really and baby???
Pragya just hugged him. They arrived at pragya’s house. Abhi saw that Pragya had slept so he carried her in his arms.
Purab was sitting there on the couch and bulbul was sleeping with her mouth open.
P: where were you guys
A: well she wanted to have fun. Well B looks funny
P: so does P
Abhi and Purab simultaneously: let’s take selfies
Abhi mad Pragya lie down and both of them took some selfies.
They then took their girls to their respective rooms.

Precap: so we are nearing the twist.

Well this one is long as compensation as I wasn’t able to update on the weekend due to no internet
So guys do comment and once both the targets on TU and wattpad are achieved I’ll update as I have already wrote the next episode.

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