A Story of Love and Revenge (Naagin+Kawach) Season 2 Part: 21

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Thanks Jasminerahul, sarvesh and all who read and give their amazing feelings to this fan fiction. So, Let’s start part 21. Hope you all will like it.

Recap: Shivanya’s dream, All been excited about Aangad’s marriage, Shagun’s family? is fake, Shagun is naagin??.

The Episode starts with Rainaa coming to Shagun. Shagun turns into her human form??. Rainaa slaps ??Shagun hard.

Shagun shouts Hey! How dare you..??

Rainaa raises her finger?? and says You’ll play tricks with us..!!
Shagun turns into Tanvi. Rainaa is shocked??.

Tanvi strangulates Rainaa. Tanvi shouts that ichadari naagin hoon mai/I’m ichadari naagin?? and you…. You’re just so called humans.

Rainaa releases herself from Tanvi.

Rainaa says Hey Maa Durga! I want my powers back. Give me my powers back. Rainaa looks at Tanvi and says Evil has come back again. And you’ve to make evil lose. Lights turns off.

Maa Durga comes on land. Rainaa says Maa! I want my powers back to make evil lose. Maa Durga says No! You’ll not only make evil lose this time, but also end evil. You eight will protect this earth from Mahaismatis also. Some days are left, that wall can be broken by only evil ichadari naagin. Tanvi thinks Evil ichadari naagin..!! She shouts I’ll break that wall. Earth will be destroyed. My Revenge will be completed. Maa Durga looks on her in anger and throw Tanvi out of window using her powers. Tanvi shouts leave me..!!

Rainaa says But who remaining four are, four are Shivanya,Shesa,Pari and I….. and remaining four..?? Maa Durga tells that and remaining four are Rithik….Rocky…..Rajbeer….and Rishabh. Light falls on Rainaa from Maa Durga’s hand. Rainaa becomes supernatural again. Maa Durga says Today Night, Shivanya, Shesa and Pari will get their powers back. Your four will go to Shiv Mandir. Rainaa says but Maa! how Rithik,Rocky,Rishabh and Rajbeer are related to this..?? Kon hai woh kahan sai woa aaya….plays in background.

Maa Durga says Shiv Ji has chosen Rishabh for you. Rainaa says what..?? Maa Durga says Yes, and Rocky for Shesa, You four will get married day after tomorrow..!! Rainaa says And How R….. Maa Durga says you four have past. You take rebirth after so much years. Rainaa is shocked. Maa Durga says you’ll soon know about your past. Rainaa says But how rithik,…..

Maa Durga says they are just humans but Lords have chosen them for earth’s protection. You eight will fight against evil. Rainaa says But what of my previous birth..?? Maa Durga smiles and signs her to come near her. Rainaa comes near to Maa Durga. Maa Durga puts hand over Rainaa’s head. Rainaa closes eyes. Some scenes are shown. Light is appearing from Maa Durga’s hand. Rainaa opens her eyes. She falls on Maa Durga’s feet. Rainaa says Maa. She cries.

Maa Durga says Stand up, my Bachi/daughter. Rainaa stands. Maa Durga wipes her tears. Rainaa says Maa,Me and Rishabh are lovers. Maa Durga nods. Rainaa says But I have to expose Tanvi. She is cheating all. Specially, Aangad. He has so special feelings for her but…. How can she stoop so low..?? But how she become naagin..?? Maa Durga says she will reveal herself.

Rainaa folds her hand and says Till, what we’ve to do make evil lose, we have, but this time, we’ll end evil. She touches Maa Durga’s feet. Maa Durga says My aashirwaad/blessings are with you. Remember that! You’ll win or lose. Rainaa says if I’ve to sacrifice my life for this, I’ll. Maa Durga smiles. Lights turn on. Maa Durga disappears.

Naagin??ki shakti plays. Rainaa becomes half human and half snake. Her eyes turn blue. Flashes of season 1 are shown. LORD SHIV IS SHOWN. She says Evil will lose, at any cost. She shouts at any cost..!! Evil will end..!! She then turns into human??.

She comes to Aangad. She says Aangad. Aangad says yes, say. Rainaa says That Shagun is not like that, like she appears. She is Tanvi. Aangad says Disgusting. Shagun/Tanvi comes. Aangad says She is with me, since you have disappeared. Shagun says Might Rainaa has some misunderstanding. Let’s go home. Aangad nods and leaves. Shagun/Tanvi smirks. Rainaa looks at her.

SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE SHOWN. Screen freezes on Rainaa and Shagun/Tanvi.

Precap: Shangad(SHAgun-AaNGAD) comes home. Rainaa also comes. Yamini says how time passed in discotheque..??

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking that shagun is tanvi.how did tanvi become a naagin?Is Shagun only an appearance by Tanvi or does a real Shagun exist?Poor Rainaa was tortured by Tanvi n she is powerless too.loved Maa Durga hearing her prayer n appearing.She wants all the girls to destroy evil with 4 guys.surprising that Rocky n Rishab too should be with them 4 this task as Rianaa Rishab n Shesha Rocky r made 4 each other by God,they were a couple too in their previous birth.nice twist.How will their wedding take place so soon?Tanvi the evil wants to destroy world.but y does Tanvi want to do that?bcz her anger can be only 4 Ritik who married shivanya.y she is destructive now?nice to see Durga handling Tanvi.Good to see Rianaa getting powers from Durga.but she could’nt expose Shagun/tanvi.hope shagun gets exposed soon.But how come Rianaa is a naagin now?Was’nt she a honeybee before?

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Jasmine di. These twists will reveal in upcoming episodes.

  2. Sarveshjoshi42

    Amazing part really loved it and plzzz update very soon.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks sarvesh.

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