Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (Part 13)

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Hiiiiii Guys.
So hope u liked the last episode.And guys plz comment only few are commenting plzz do coming to the episode –
The episode starts with Randhawan going in to
Kitchen .there he sees priyanak.Priyanka says hi.Randhwan says hello.How are you?Priyanka says she is fine and asks y did he come to kitchen does he want anything.Randhawan asks for water.Priyanka gives it.

In the mansion the goons are executing there plan by giving chloroform to the guards and hiding them.
Pooja starts and all the three brothers at atime do Aarti.Anika starts giving prasad to everyone.She goes to give prasad to shivaay .Shivaay is just seeing her without taking prasad.Anika says billuji take prasad.But shivaay is still not in senses.Both om and rudra at a time say billuji take prasad.Shivaay gets startled and says ha yes.And takes prasad.Anika laughs.Shivaay goes outside to take a calk.He then see some people standing before mansion and ask who they are?they say they are hired for todays pooja and show Id .Shivaay thinks then who are those who came before.And he calls kanna.But he doesnot pick call but hears ringtone and shivaay goes there.

He sees him unconsious .He then sees Some more gaurds unconsious.He then silently goes inside and say Rudra and Omkara about this .Just then Randhawan comes and asks what happend.Shivaay says nothing.Randhawan says hr is a police officer and he knows something is fishy.Om says about the situation.Randhawan says he will call the police force but before that we should keep the ladies safe first and goes from there to call.Rudra says he is correct we should first keep our family safe .Shivaay says right and says that to just take every one at one place and keep them there but dont say them anything.They will panic and if the intruders know that they will attack us and three leave .Pinky,Jahnavi,Dadi,Tej,Shakti,Prinku Come to the room .They dont find Anika,Sowmya and Ishaana.So they three go to find them.

Meanwhile sundari calls the goons and say them to attack.Two are behind Shivaay .One behind Om and One behind Rudra.And two people are searching for the remaining family.
Shivaay goes to check Anika she is at the poolside.Ishaana is seeing all the pictures in the house and om is looking for her.Rudra thinks sowmya will be in kitchen and goes there.He finds her eating parathas.


So guys did you like it or not.if u like it then comment on how it is

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  1. Awesome ep post asap

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  3. Its superbbb….. But make it a little longer…. ?

  4. Sairan

    Nycccc..Waiting for the action of the next episode ✌✌✌

  5. Shivika

    Wowwww…..awesome……loved it

  6. Nice……u r great…..keep it up!!

  7. Awesome!! Update soon☺

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  11. Amazing episode…

  12. Diyaa


  13. Gayathri.visu

    Awesome episode….but make it bit long please……

  14. Lisaaa


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