Crazy love of thahaan (part-46)

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This part is starting from bihaan and thapki crying about baby.
bihaan looks at thapki angrily.thapki looks at him.she cries.he takes his car angrily with tears.thapki tries to speak with bihaan.but he didn’t listen her.he starts the car.thapki get inside of car.she cries.she recalls about baby smiles and cries.bihaan drives his car to police station.he cries. he recalls about nurse gives baby to bihaan in hospital and baby’s cute sleeping.he gets teary eyes.

baby sleeps in owner reaches their house.he parks the car there.he is really kabir.he goes out from car.suddenly baby starts crying.he heard baby crying sound.he checks around of car.then he finds baby was crying there.he gets shocked.he lifts baby in his hands.he looks at baby clearly.he thinks she is thapki and bihaan this baby was comes here???he tells I went to shopping complex.I was parked my car there.I unlocked my car.then I got call from my friend.but that time I saw my car.there is no baby.then he realized when he got call from by his friend he goes some distance from car.he turns some other side.he speaks with his friend. but how baby comes???he says I think thapki and bihaan comes to shopping complex.they lost their baby.he thinks to call for bihaan.

bihaan drives to police station.thapki calls to vasu.
vasu:hello thapki beta…
thapki:(cries) maa… (she says everything about baby to vasu.vasu gets shocked.she cries)
vasu:don’t worry will get your baby back.(she gets teary eyes)
thapki:m… m…maa we are going to police station to give complaint.
vasu:OK you do this first.
thapki nodes at her.she ends the call.
bihaan gets angry about thapki.they reaches police station.
thapki and bihaan comes out from car.they rushes to police station.kabir calls for bihaan.
bihaan attends the call and says,I will call you later kabir.kabir tries to tell about baby.but he didn’t listen kabir.bihaan attends the call suddenly.

thapki and bihaan enters to police station.they goes to inspector.
police:hello Mr.bihaan welcome. why you came here?
bihaan:(tensed)sir…my daughter is missing by I comes here to give complaint.
thapki cries.
police: (shocked)oh…OK many age for your daughter?
bihaan:sir she is 4 day baby.her name is kushi.
police:is there any special sign for her??
bihaan thinks…then FB shows he checks baby body while her crying.he sees mole in baby neck.
bihaan:sir….one mole is there in my baby neck.
police:but…is there anything?
bihaan:no Sir.please found my baby Sir please…(he folds his hands)
police:OK bihaan.dont worry I will find your baby.
bihaan gets teary eyes.thapki and bihaan gives complaint to inspector. they goes from there.

suman and preethi cries about baby.vasu does puja in god idel.balwander and everyone’s gets sad.
vasu:(to bauji)can I tell this to thapki parents?
bauji:don’t tell about baby to them.then they will get tension.but I hope we will get our grandchild back.vasu cries.

thapki and bihaan enters to pandey nivas.vasu looks at them.she comes to them.suddenly thapki runs to vasu.she hugs vasu.thapki cries.
thapki:m… m..Maa I am only reason for this mistake.I lost my baby.
bihaan looks at thapki angrily.
vasu:don’t worry will get your baby.

kabir enters to pandey nivas with baby.he calls bihaan name.
bihaan and thapki turns at kabir.everyone’s looks at kabir.they sees baby is there with kabir.bihaan and thapki cries happily.they runs to kabir.thapki goes to take baby from kabir hands.but suddenly bihaan takes that baby from kabir hands.he kisses baby.he hugs baby.he cries happily.thapki looks at baby.she cries happily.she goes to take baby from bihaan hands.but he goes to vasu.vasu and suman takes the baby.they kisses baby.everyone’s gets happy.then bihaan takes his baby from vasu hands.
bihaan:thank you so much saved my saved my daughter.but how you got my baby?
kabir:I don’t know.but I parked my car in house.I heard baby crying sound. I gets doubt .then I realized she is your baby.
bihaan:(looks at thapki angrily)thanks a lot kabir.kabir smiles at him.

bihaan takes his baby with him.he goes to room.thapki goes inside of room.she tries to take baby from his hands.suddenly bihaan looks at thapki angrily.she gets shocked.
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan give baby to me.(she touches baby)
bihaan:(gets angry and shout) thappki…don’t touch my daughter.there is no rights for you.
thapki:(gets shocked and cries)bihaan wh… wh… why are you saying like this???she is our baby.
bihaan: now you are saying she is our baby.but what you done today???you lost baby.already I told to you so many times to take care of are not listening me.thank god….baby goes in kabir he find our baby.if she goes in any other other car???what will happend?
thapki becomes speechless.she cries.she tries to consoles bihaan
thapki:bi… bi…bihaan I am so sorry please.I won’t do mistake like this hereafter.please give baby to me.
bihaan:kushi is my I know how to take care of her.I won’t believe you hereafter.
thapki looks at thapki. thapki cries seeing her baby.bihaan takes baby to his hands.

bihaan calls for police.he says about baby to police.bihaan says to him,inspector I will vapous that complaint.police nodes at him.

at the same day night bihaan lifts baby In his hand.he kisses in baby cries suddenly.then h realized baby was in hungry.he sees thapki was sitting in bed sadly.he goes near to thapki.he gives baby to her.thapki gets happy.she smiles at bihaan.she looks at him.they looks at each other.
bihaan:baby was in feed to baby.
thapki takes the baby from his hands.bihaan goes out from room. thapki gets happy seeing smiles at her.thapki hugs baby.she cries.
she says to baby,I…I…I am so sorry beti.I done big mistake.but god gives you back to me.she cries.she feeds for baby. she adjust her saree.suddenly bihaan comes there.he takes the baby from thapki.thapki gets shocked.she gets teary eyes.bihaan sits in sofa in front of thapki.he looks at baby.he smiles at baby.he says to kushi,see your papa… what you want???if anyone made you cry tell to me.I will finish them.because of your dad is smiles at bihaan.thapki looks on.she gets emotional.bihaan says to baby,OK…shall we go to sleep.we will play tomorrow. he lifts the baby.he goes to bed.thapki stands from bed.bihaan lying in bed.he makes baby to lying on his chest.he rubs the baby slowly.he smiles.after few minutes baby sleeps.then he lifts baby from his chest.he makes baby to lying on baby bed.thapki looks at him.she gets teary eyes.bihaan comes back to bed.he sleeps.thapki turns other side and lying on bed.she cries.they sleeps.

bihaan wakes up on early morning. thapki comes to speak with him.thapki cries.

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  1. Wow awesome di n this is good for thapki she has to realize her mistake

  2. Di … Sorry for not commenting on last episode ..
    Di I was constantly checking the TU page since morning to see ur update …And finally it’s here …

    Di congrats for completion of 45 episodes … You’re soon gonna reach 50 episodes …
    I truly hope you cross the 100 episode landmark … ❤❤❤ …
    Di the episode was ?? … Kabir as a positive character … And I wish Bihaan doesn’t forgive Thapki soon . She must realise the mistake she did … ?? …

    Di day by day ur ff is becoming irresistible … My day doesn’t pass without reading ur ff update …??

    Love u di ❤❤
    Take care ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my cute sis naitan…its OK don’t say sorry you too my dear.

  3. Vinolin.d

    thanks a lot my dear arooj…

  4. I’m glad kushi is safe…thapki should be really sorry…
    Great imagination Vino…
    Thank you and tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai leena dear…thanks a lot darl

  5. amazing I was waiting for this update sooN khusi is save i m happy waiting for next

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello anu dear….thanks my darl..

  6. oh very nice epi….thnks they find khushi…..thapki deserve that…..cheer for such a lovely father….

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sadia.thanks dear.

  7. Very nice part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear rifa…

  8. How r u di ?
    I’m really sorry 4 not cmt past few episodes..
    di u know one thing u and ur imagination mindblowing ,superb,fant…
    actually i have no word to praise u..
    now a days,
    whenever I read ur ff.
    I felt like
    I read suhana di ff.
    di I really love u, plz forgive me 4 not cmt..
    cogts 4 comptng.. 45th episode..
    It’s my wish 4 u that u qui..Ly reach..D 500th episode
    because day by day ur ff
    keep writing.,, rocking.,,
    stay blessed always….
    love u so much…
    di try to update fast
    because v r eagrly wating 4 ur ff
    kel to bilku bhi men nehi lega kyoki aap ka ff he nahi aya..
    di thank u
    thank u
    thank u so much 4 writing wonderful ff
    plz take care
    sorry 4 any mistake,
    and thanx 4 everything..
    “LOVE YOU”

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my sweet sis kudrat…its OK please don’t say can concentrate on your studies
      I know your situation. thanks a lot for your lovely comment.I love you so much darl…

  9. FANTASTIC YAAR…specially the babies missing scenes were finished within was really fabulous.somuch of eagerness for reading the nextpart soon.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear pooja… thanks a lot fpt you darl.

  10. Sulbi

    Awsme… but sad for thapki… hope bihaan understand thapki soon… tc dear 🙂

  11. Vinolin.d

    thanks a lot my dear sulbi…

  12. Manish ki deewani

    hi vino sorry 4 late ….its superb dear ….so baby is with kabir in safe handed ….thapki deserve the anger of bihaan becoz of her carelessness

    1. Vinolin.d

      its OK my dear reshal.don’t say

    2. Vinolin.d

      its OK my dear reshal.don’t say sorry please.we are friends. thanks a lot darl

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