The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 6 by Nidhi

Hey all!!!! Back with other episode but frankly speaking I was not happy with the response last time as I had only some comments but please all of you comment this time.

Om’s room:
( Shanaya is present in om’s room to learn how to make a statue)
Om: Hey shanaya! Accha hai ki tum jaldi aagayi!Chalo mai tumhe statue banana sikha tha hu ( Om said in a excited manner)
Shanaya: Hmm…… Ok( She replied nervously)
Om: Kya hua? U seem to be nervous.
Shanaya: Vo mai first time sikh rahi hu na!!!!!!!!
Om: Oh! Don’t worry bohot easy hai!
Shanaya: Ok
Om is giving her instructions as how to make a statue but everytime she is making it wrong and getting irritated by this but om was patiently telling her and was calm.
But shanaya loses her calm and she says in a full angry tone
Shanaya: Arey Yaar! Mujhse nahi ho payega!
Om: Calm down. Saying this he holds her hand and they both start making a statue. Om is focusing on statue but shanaya was constantly staring om. And while staring om her hair was disturbing her and she was tucking her hair behind her ear and her hair were coming continously in front of her face which made her irriating and she said Uff! Yeh Baal!
Om: Why are U getting irritated? Tumhare baal itne khobusuraat hai and u are getting irritated?
Shanaya blushes a lil. And both of them smile looking at eachother.

Arjun is searching for anika.
Arjun: Thank God! Tum mil gayi. Mi toh tumhe dhoodh raha hu!
Anika: Par kyu?
Arjun: Actually tumhe meri help karni padegi.
Anika: Par kya help?
Arjun: Tumhe mere saath date pe chalna padega.
Anika: Kya?
Arjun: Arey! Meri Maa shant ho jao! Asli wali date nahi. Vo actually hua yun ki mere ek friend hai uski meri tarah body shody bhi nahi hai par uski girl fiend bohot sundar hai so usne bola ki teri itni acchi body hai phir bhi teri koi gf nahi hai? Tumhe Ladkiyon ko paatane ka talent hi nahi hai.
Anika: Toh kya? Tumne bhi tadi maar kar kah diya hoga ki teri gf hai! Hai Na!
Arjun: Bilkul! Saying this they hi-fi to each other.
Anika: Chal mai teri help karti hu!
Arjun: Thanks!

Anika is wearing the same dress as in the house party when mallika was there.
And even arjun’s friend and his gf were present there.
Arjun: Anika! I was waiting for you>
Friend: Yeah anika U look pretty!
Anika: Thanks!
Shivaay is also there as he has a meeting with a client.
And he sees anika with arjun and his friends chit chatting and he talks to himself Yeh! Yaha! Kya kar rahi hai?
Shivaay is not at all listening to his client and constantly staring anika. O! God! This anika is impossible! Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha yeh yaha kya kar raha hai?

Then arjun gets up and starts singing a song for anika- Yeh chand sa roshan chehra. And while listening this song anika is feeling happy and also blushing a little as every girl does when praised. And shivaay who was watching this from faraway was fuming with anger and just then arjun drags anika to the dance floor and starts dancing with her just then shivaay thinks Enough is enough!!!! And he comes there and drags anika out of the resort and he takes her to OM.
Here ends my episode hope U have liked it please comment guys positive or negative but comment because if I get less response this time I will wrap this up as soon as possible!!! Becoz last time I hardly had 8- 9 comments.Hope U understand my point of view.\

Precap: Shivaay- Anika fight regarding arjun. Shanaya and Om attend a party and Shanaya gets drunken by mistakely in the party and behaves in a weird manner.

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