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recap—swasan emotional conversation….swasan safe

The episode starts with swasan who were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace with swara’s hand on sanskar’s bare chest and sanskar on her waist
Raglak entered the ward to see their condition
Ragini: laksh see na….before marriage only they started
Laksh: yes ragini what will happen after their marriage if now they are in this condition
Both giggled hearing which sanskar opened his eyes and without realising his and swara’s position he smiled at raglak
Sanskar: good morning
Ragini: ha ha apki morning toh good hi hogi na….[yes yes your morning will be good only na]
Sanskar didn’t understand anything and made a confusing face
Laksh: bhai please see whose around you and in which condition
Sanskar was still confused but saw around and realised his position and woke swara up
Swara: what happened sanskar why are you not letting me sleep
She said rubbing her eyes
She turned to see ragini standing…she smiled

Swara: good morning ragu
Both raglak burst out laughing and sanskar was embarrassed and swara was confuse when sanskar made her understand everything through his eyes
She too got embarrassed and started making excuses
Laksh: swara we don’t need your excuse because we understand your problem so no need….[to sanskar] sanskar
Sanskar: hmm
Laksh: actually doctor has said now you can move and he will come in a minute to remove your bandages
Sanskar [happy]: what….thank god….at least now I can move
Raglak smiled while swara had tears in her eyes which no one saw

Just then the doctor came In
Doctor checked him and said: mr. maheshwari you are not that fine but yaa you can move and now you don’t need to lie on this bed
Sanskar: thank you thank you so much doctor
Doctor smiled and took sanskar with him and laksh went with them too…..ragini got a call from sumi asking her to come to gm mansion so she went without looking at her just saying “I am going…maa is calling’”
Swara was crying silently when sanskar entered her ward….he was having bandages in his hands now too…..swara saw this and started to cry more….sanskar was shocked to see her crying and went and cupped her face
Sanskar: swara…..jaan….why are you crying
Swara: sanskar……. because…. of….. me….. you…. you…… are…. in….. this….. condition….. i…… am…. soo…. soo…. sorryyyyy
Sanskar: shhhhhhhh……..are you mad or what…..please don’t blame yourself for anything in fact I should be sorry that because of me that accident happened
Swara: no sanskar….its not your mistake….mistake is all mine….whosoever’s life I go in his or her life is disturbed always……its better I die
Sanskar [super angry]: swaraaaa…….shut up….just shut up….how dare you say that haan…….you don’t even know what I was feeling when you were in that condition dare you say anything like that again
He said and went out of the room and sent sumi inside
Sumi: shona come on you are getting discharged
She said with a happy face while swara wiped her tears unnoticed by sumi
Swara: han han maa
Sumi smiled and made her ready and started helping her to get up but as soon as she kept her foot on ground she screamed and sat on bed
Sumi: shona what happened are you okay
Swara: maa I am not able to get up
Sumi: wait let me call sanskar

Swara didn’t say anything while sumi went out to call sanskar….after some time he came in along with sumi and saw swara trying to get up again and again and hurting herself
He saw blood oozing out of her foot and rushed towards her and made her lie on bed
Swara: sanskar yeh
Sanskar ignored her words and took her leg in his lap
Sanskar: are you mad….cant you understand you cant move……..keep this in your mind
He said in an angry tone and called nurse to bandage her leg again and after that he picked her in his arms and had a bit tears in his eyes….swasan were walking separately and sumi had already left with laksh
Swara wiped his tears but he jerked his face away

She felt bad but understood he is angry on her so she tried to ignore it and rested her head on his chest and pecked there and closed her eyes and went into deep sleep
He felt bad seeing this but composed himself thinking he has to do this
He made her lie on the back seat and himself sat keeping her head on his lap and asked the driver to move to mm
He caressed her face the whole way and pecked her forehead

Sanskar: why don’t you understand….i cant tolerate when you say the word death……………because I wont be able to live without you…
Swara turned in sleep and slept hugging his waist tightly…..he smiled a bit nd kissed her forehead
Soon they reached mm mansion and sanskar picked a sleeping swara In his arms…she held his sshirt tightly in sleep and he started moving and entered the mansion
Ap: arre is she sleeping or what

Sanskar: haan mom actually doctor asked her to take complete rest so I made her sleep
Ap: achha ok make her sleep in your room and stay with her there only
Sanskar nodded and went to his room and made her lie on the bed
She had held his shirt tightly so he was not able to move away….he held her hands and carefully took out his shirt from her hands and kissed her hands and sat down beside her caressing her head
After some time she woke up and saw sanskar resting his head on the headboard thinking something deeply she tried to get up and this made sanskar come back to his senses and he helped her to get up and made her head lie on the head board
Sanskar [rude]: do you want anything
Swara: yes
Sanskar: what
Swara: your forgiveness

Sanskar urned his fance and said “anything else”
Swara felt bad and murmured no and laid down on the bed again properly and tried to sleep but couldn’t she turned her face to the side opposite to sanskar’s and started crying silently but her sobs were being heard by sanskar making him shock he made her lie properly and hugged her tight
Sanskar: swara why are you crying
Swara: yoouu…….you……are…..ignoring…..me
Sanskar [caressing her hair]: I am no ignoring you….i am just angry on you
Swara: I am sorry na….please talk to me
Sanskar: shhhh…..its ok…..koi baat nahi
Swara rested her head on his shoulders
He broke the hug and pecked her forehead

Sanskar: never say that again
Swara: never
Sanskar smiled
Sanskar: are you hungry? Want anything to eat ?
Swara: yeah….because of you I didn’t have anything from morning
Sanskar: hmm as if I have eaten the whole hotel
Swara giggled
Sanskar: you sit and rest I will bring something for you to eat
Swara nodded and sanskar left
As soon as sanskar reached downstairs uttara hugged him
Uttara: congrats bhai
Sanskar: congrats?? Why
Before uttara could say anything laksh came and hugged him tight
Laksh: congo bhaiiii
Sanskar: arre but for what
Laksh: you both are getting engaged

Sanskar: whattt……with whom
Ap: obviously swara
Sanskar: whennn
Dp: day after tomorrow
Sanskar: nooo,…..this engagement cant happen day after tomorrow
All: why
Sanskar: mom dad swara wanted to enjoy each and every function of our marriage and now see her condition….she is not even in a condition to move….so first she will get well then we will held the engagement
Dp; ok beta as you wish
Ap: arre but ji……

Dp: Annapurna leave it….its their engagement and let them do as they want
Sanskar: thanks papa
Shekhar: sanskar we are blessed that our daughter got you…..no one would love her as you do
Sanskar: and no one would love me as she does
Sumi hugged him and he too smiled
Ragini: hmmm sabne kuch na kuch kaha mujhe sab bhul gaye [hmm everyone said one or the other thing but forgot me haina]
Sanskar: arre saali sahiba
Ragini: oho abhi se Sali sahiba toh mai bhi jiju bulaungi [ohho you started from now only so I will also call you jiju]
Everyone giggled
Sanskar: mom swara is hungry so please bring her something to eat
Ap: yes sure beta
Sanskar went from there to swara’s room
She was waiting for him and a smile came on her face when he came…he smiled back and sat beside her and took her hands in his
Sanskar: just few minutes…mom is coming with lunch
Swara nodded

Swara: why it took so long
Sanskar: voh downstairs everyone was discussing about our engagement
Swara: engagement when
Sanskar: swara I refused that we cant engage now
Swara: why
Sanskar: swara you wanted to enjoy each and every moment of our engagement and marriage and now you are not well so there is no sense of doing engagement in such a manner

Swara: but sanskar
Sanskar: no ifs and buts…..even if you are ready I am not…because I want you to become well and then will get engaged
Swara hugged him
Swara: why you love me so much
Sanskar: why you always ask the same question
Swara chuckled nd broke the hug

Swara: sanskar when you got angry by my sayings the same was with me when you told the word death….and now I think you know what I went through when you said this
Sanskar: I am sorry swara…..i shouldn’t have said that….we were so happy….but now because of me we have to postpone our engagement also
Swara: shh forget it…..now we will live happily
Sanskar: yes now no hustle bustle
Both shared a hug
A lady entered….her face isn’t visible….she came ahead and held the mouth of another lady tied to a chair with rope…[will address the lady who is on the chair as innocent lady and the one who has tied her as don lady]
Innocent lady: wwwhhhaatt…….youu……want……from…..meee
Don lady: I want you to make swara get out of sanskar’s life…..because I don’t want my family to be spoiled because of that b*tch
Innocent lady: but…….shee…..isss…….aaa……good…..girll……and ……they ……both……are….happy [before she could complete she felt a tight slap on her face
Don lady: do as I told you [she tells her a plan which is muted]
Innocent lady [scared]: oookkkk
Both the lady’s face were not visible


Who was the innocent lady??
Who was the don lady??
What relation do they have with swasan??
What plan are they making to separate swasan from each other??
Will they be successful??
So many questions…..they will be answered soon
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