Kaira : Perfectly Imperfect by Vrushy ( Chapter 4)

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Chapter 4
The intense meet.

Naira smiled widely zipping up the small luggage. She was giddy with excitement. Having tricked her father into signing the memo form to the dance programme was an easy task than she thought. She sneaked right into his study when he seemed too busy signing documents. Putting down his evening tea she passively yet determinedly lied through her teeth about cooking classes.

Her annoyed father seemed impressed and signed the form readily without even looking at it. She dreaded all the time but he never looked down. She fleed from there immediately taking the papers into her shaky hand clutching it to the rapid beating of her heart.

She bolted the door of her bedroom and stared at the signature of approval.

She dialled Keerti, her best friend’s number happily. The call was lifted just two rings later. Loud music blasted as Naira grimaced and pulled away the cell phone from her bruised ear drum.

“Hey, babe. What’s up ?!!” Keerti’s voice sounded drunk and too loud.

“Where the hell are you ?!!” Naira asked, annoyed.

“It’s Saturday night, Ms. Goody two shoes. Where do you think will I be ?!!” Keerti snorted, sarcasm dripping heavily from her tone.

Naira shook her head and smiled.

“Alright, fine. I just called you to tell you that we are going to New York.” Naira shouted the last four words gleefully.

There was a second of silence, and Naira wondered if the call got cut.

“Whoa !! Hold on, either I’m too drunk or you’re stoned, because you just said we’re going to New York ?!! Does that mean you got the form signed by your dad ?!!” Keerti’s voice sounded sobered now.

“Yep. Guess, how I managed it ?!!” Naira asked grining.

“You just kicked my high four levels down, babe. I don’t think I can react or answer to that question right away. Give me some time to recover from the shock !!” Keerti muttered over the phone.

Naira slid down on the bed.

“Hey, it wasn’t so difficult. I actually told him that I wanted to take a course in some cooking classes. God, I’m never going to take such risks again.” Naira gulped hard and shivered in fear.

“You better not, but hey you got what you wanted. In just about three weeks we’re flying towards freedom. Woohoo !!” Keerti shouted excitedly over the phone.

Naira laughed and cheered along.Soon the call ended and Naira plopped down on her bed.

Though Naira’s mind swirled uncertainly. If her father would find out, about her plan to escape to New York. She sighed, if he was more understanding and less harsh she would have convinced him about her plans for the future. She felt alone. Her insides hurt, her heart reached out for someone to understand her plight. The number of guys who rejected her, thought she was crazy as she continuously spoke nervously about dance and other stuff.

The thoughts turning into nightmares, Naira slept in cold sweat waking up at odd hours fearing about her father finding out about the carefully planned deceit.

The next day she woke early, tired and dishevelled. Naira got up though in the morning with the promise of the day being bright and lovely. She felt the icy anxiety of the yesterday’s fear melt away as the balmy breeze float by her when she opened the balcony door of her room. A smile crept over her lips as her long tresses flew up in the gust of cool air.

She looked down from the second floor. There was something new, her eyes zeroed in on a red shiny Audi R8. Her father had six cars, none was as spectacular as this one.

Her shoulders shrugged automatically. Maybe, it belonged to one of the business associates of her father. Whatever, really.

Naira showered, feeling refreshed she stepped down the stairs ready for the exciting day to take over. Today was the day to buy new shoes, a new pair of Ghungroos, some sweaters, mufflers and boots since it would be cold in New York. It was the money she saved while having a part time job in a restuarant as a waitress. Yeah, it was all a big secret, if her father knew about all the things she had done in her life, he would lock her up in the dungeon forever, cutting her off far away from the world.

Naira got down the stairs excitedly. The house filled with silence was hopeless, it was empty, without any hustle and bustle . Naira disliked the lonely feel resonating about by the walls and corners.

Naira got out of the house and breathed a great sigh of relief. After getting everything from the half day of shopping, she felt dog tired.

She passed by her father’s study on her tip toes, her hands carrying the plastic bag of the things she had bought, she saw that the door was half opened. She heard a serious conversation going on between her father and someone else.

The voice seemed young, rough, gravelly and strong. Naira wondered, who had the guts to have a conversation with such confidence with ‘The Mr. Singhania’.

Naira stood by the door and tried to peak in.

She could see nothing. A minute later there was a hustle and Naira shoved off from the door. The plastic fell, but the scarf she had on got stuck on the nail of the door. She tried to pull it, but it started to tear instead.

Crap, someone was coming. She hid herself behind the door. Please don’t see. Please don’t see. She closed her eyes tight and prayed to god that nobody sees her. From the crevice of the door, she saw someone pass by the door. She held her breath.

The man walked away. She heard the footsteps travel down the stairs. Thank god, she sighed.

Naira pushed the door hard and tried again to free her scarf.

The door crushed her next, she cursed and thought if she jammed it as well. She pushed again with all her strength from behind it. Suddenly, the door moved away from her secret cover and the scarf tugged her body forward into a much harder door.

Where did this door come from ?!!

Her head seem to hit a rock, she groaned and rubbed her forehead with the open palm of her hand. The day couldn’t get any better, she winced.

She looked up a second later. Her eyes widened. Apparently, it was not another door. Not really.

Her breath caught in her throat. Oh dear god in heaven, she was staring up at a rather disturbing intense pair of brown eyes. The same eyes that she saw at the party a week ago.

A second passed. A minute. An hour. Naira didn’t know, but she kept staring like an idiot with her mouth hung open. Words seem to fail as she closed and opened her mouth flustered. Her hands fisted by the hard wall of a chest, gripping the white shirt in a death grip. Her breath came out in short pants. Her throat went dry.

In the peripheral vision by the crevice of the door, she saw her father come out of the study. Panicked, Naira pulled the white shirt behind the door and the hard body covered hers from head to toe in a much warmer embrace. Fear completely taking over she saw her father stand by the door. God, she was going to die, as she couldn’t look on more, her face instinctively pressed inside the suit and burrowed into his crip shirt and into the chest.

Naira stiffened when the hard warm body pressed more into her, the large hands slid on her waist and passed slowly down her body. Naira shivered feeling a man’s hand touch her body intimately for the first time in her twenty four years of life.

She pressed her nose and lips and caught a whif of woodsy scent of a cologne. The body stiffened at her sniff.

Crap. Did she just sniff out loud ?!!

The hands tightened on her waist and Naira felt deeply mortified by her move. Where did that come from ?!! She thought. Her hand started loosening its tight clutch on the shirt, but then suddenly a rough warm hand came up and caught hers over the chest. Her heart almost stopped at that.

She looked up surprised and the eyes, burning embers now caught hers in a deep circuling storm, the other hand on her waist pulled her up, almost dangling she was, now being embraced more warmer than before.

Something spectacular and life changing happened, connecting her pale brown eyes with the deeper darker one’s of him.

Her senses heightened, leaving her ears listen only to her short pants and his ragged breath falling over her forehead, and bizzarely as it was Naira did not want to let go.

The touch, feeling it. Taking it in. Liking it. Letting it remember. All over skin. All over inside. All over her, warming her heart.

The minutes passed in the silence and Naira kept staring and the stranger kept gazing down at her. She felt like floating in the clouds with the high of his heating touch and gaze.

Then, the hand slipped away from over her hand, the other hand too glided away from over her waist, gliding a trail on her skin under her t-shirt. He moved away a little and a change seem to come over magnificietly, he leaned back more straighter.

Naira blinked back when he took a step back from the wall she was cornered, the door moved away and a sun streamed in a flood of light from behind him.

Her eyes automatically winced and squinted . She lost sight of his eyes and the connection she felt tugged her moved forward too, desperately wanted to feel all those things again, but he took another step, then another and another and like that a whole yawn of emptiness seem to accumulate in the space between them, and when he turned around and walked off, Naira felt a whole lot of another thing.

Extreme cold.

She gulped hard, stood by the door a second, taking in a ragged breath, waiting in the silence, then she ran.

She ran by the door, to the second floor stairs, sensing that she might be too slow, she ran towards the large balcony, with her hair flying in the air and breath turned into panting, she caught sight of the grey suit man.

He walked in a smooth saunter of walk, with the light black glares on, he waited for the car, Naira’s heart stuttered, he seem to stiffen, his head moved to the side and she waited for him to turn around, but he didn’t .

He got into the car just as smoothly as he walked, the door shut, the windows tinted.

The shiny red Audi R8 speeded on the road, leaving dust in its wake.

Karthik Goenka.

What was he doing here ?!! What was he doing in her father’s study ?!! and How did a big rival of her father get into talking with him ?!!

What was happenning here ?!!

Precap : The conversation between Karthik and Mr. Singhania. Marraige on the cards ?!!
Since the plot was going to slow and also the response was less as compared to my previous FF. I have decided to fasten the pace of the story. Since I can’t get them married like right now, there will be some of Kaira’s intense moments coming up for you all. Hope you will like it.

I don’t have much to say today as I am a bit disppointed with the less response on this story.See you all soon with the next Chapter.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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