The story of the ishqbaaz brothers – Part 1 by Nidhi

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Hey guys!! I am nidhi back again but i am not very satisfied with no. of comments there were only 4 comments. But I am still writing this part int he hope of getting a better response. So guys I was confused with who should be om’s love interest but after lot of thinking I decided it to be shanaya. I hope you guys don’t have any problem with it and if u have missed out my intro plz check it out.

Coming to the episode:

(Note: In my FF svetlana has accused omi of raping her and thus tej will scold omkara and he will leave the house and he will be seen living seperately but he will be in touch with shivaay, anika and rudra)

OM: ( In FF also anika realised love for shivaay and is ignoring him)
Shivaay: Anika! Kya tumhe om ka call aaya? Actually i am worried for him. Hope he is fine.

Anika ( Without looking at shivaay) : Haan Haan Shivaay. He will be fine.
Shivaay: How can he be fine? Vo itni choti si chal mein rah raha hai.
Anika: Shivaay Om apki tarah nahi hai. He can adjust according to the situation.
Shivaay: Oh really! Anyways tum mujhe dekh kyu nahi rahi ho? What happened?
Anika: Shivaay aap bhi na kuch bhi bolte ho dekhi hi toh rahi roz aapki shakal aaj nahi dekha toh kya hojayega?
Shivaay: Wait mai hi tumhare paas aata hu.

( Anika runs away as fast as she could)
Shivaay: Pagal ho gayi ho kya? Why are you running? Wait mai bhi aata hu ( and he starts running behind anika)
( And there was a little water on the floor so anika slips and shivaay holds her stops her from falling and they both share an eyelock)

After a while they anika breaks the eyelock and they both feel a lil awkward.
Anika: Shivaay mujhe shayad dadi bhula rayi hai. So i will go.( and she goes away)
Shivaay: Pata nahi iss anika ko kya hua hai. Yeh mujhse door kyu bhag rahi hai? Anyways mujhe office ke liye late ho raya so i will leave.

Soumya’s room: ( soumya was talking to reyaan on phone)
Reyaan: Toh soumya tum ne kya socha?
Soumya: Kis ke baare mein?
Reyaan: Hamare shaadi ke baare mein?

Soumya: Reyaan itni jadli kya hai.
Reyaan: Par soumya hum dono ke parents chahate hain ki yeh shaadi jadli ho jaye.
Soumya: I know reyaan but i need some more time to think. Ok bye. I will talk to you later.
( rudra came there with food for soumya)
Rudra: Kya hua? Aaj tumne life mein first time khana nahi khaya vo bhi apne favourite aloo parathe. Dieting kar rahi ho? Very good. i will make diet plan for you.
Soumya: Shut up Rudra! Mai koi dieting nahi kar rahi hu.

Rudra: Somo u know saari ladkiya yehi bolti hai ki vo dieting nahi karti but vo real main karti hain. And dieting karte waqt gussa zyada aata hain thats why u
are shouting on me.
Soumya: Rudra its nothing like that. Vo actually reyaan ka call aaya tha..
Rudra: Oh! Toh ab mujhe samajh aaya. Somo tension ko do pension aur khana kha lo.
Soumya: But rudra.

Rudra: No buts and vats! Eat ( and he starts feeding her)
( Here om will be remebering that how svetlana accused him, how he was said to get lost and he was worried about jahnvi and also shivaay and rudra and the result of this tension will be he will start consuming drugs and alchol again)
Sinha Manison:
Akshara ( Shanaya’s mother played by anikta karan patel): Shanaya wake up! Hospital nahi jana hai kya?
Shanaya: Oh No! Bohot time ho gaya. ( saying this she wakes up and gets ready and runs to the hospital)

( At night shanaya completes her work at hospital and leaves towards her house but suddenly her car spoils and she gets down and tries to find an auto and just then she saw a man who was completely drunk and he was not in his senses in a corner of the road and yeah he is om)

Shanaya thinks iss duniya mein kaise kaise log hote hain. Mujhe samajh nahi aata inko kitna bhi boldo that alchol and drugs are harmful for health they don’t understand. Chee! I hate people like this! Na inko apni jaan ki parva hoti hain na inko apni family ki chinta hoti hain. But as I cannot leave him like this in this situation. I need to help him. She goes near om.
Shanaya: Mujhe apna haath and then slowly get up!
Om: Who are you? And yeah mujhe akela chod do. I can handle myself.
Shanaya: What type of man are you? Ek toh mai tumhari help kar rahi hu aur tum?
Om: Toh tumhari help maangi kisne hai?
Shanaya: Badtmeez aadmi!

Om: Oh please! Jao yaha se don’t you have any work.
( Shanaya was going to him reply but just then she sees om’s phone ringing and she takes the phone and sees shivaay calling before she could lift the call om breaks the phone)
Shanayya: Yeh tumne kya kiya?

Om: Meri marzi mera phone hai mai kuch bhi karu!
( And saying om faints)
Shanaya: Hey bhagwan! Aapne mujhe kaha fhasa diya! Ab mai kya karu?

Precap: Shanaya takes omkara to oberoi mansion.

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