Love makes relationships….[epi 25]

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Hi guys, I am really sorry for the delay …and very much thank you all for the comments. I specially thank the silent readers too.its gonna my 25th episode ,this all because of you people…who supported me a lot.let our journey continue with love..always keep smiling.

Episode 25.
The same DAY afternoon
Sanskar entered laksh cabin again .
San: lucky..!!
Lak: Han bhai.
San: ragini called me
Lak: this girl na…(with sad face).okay tell me ,what is the news??
San: nothing .you have to pick raksh she was busy now..
Lak: Han okay….(suddenly)but…??
San: what??

Lak: conference..
San: oh…I see.okay then I will pick raksh.(he smiled)
Lak: thank you bhai.
San: idiot…she is my daughter (with fake anger)
Lak: hmm I am sorry (with a pout face)
After few hours , sanskar went to pick raksh..
Then ,at evening everyone returned home from school and office .laksh came along with arun.

Ap: arun beta..come (she smiled)
Ragini:(in angry tone)arun!!!
Arun: bhabhi!!(like a kid)
Swara: arun !! Come in.laksh!!! Where is sanskara and raksh???
Lak: (in shock) what??? They didn’t come!!
Everyone shocked.

Rag: what?? Laksh !! I asked you to pick raksh right??
Lak: but ragini ,bhai went to pick her.wait I will call him.
He about to call him. the entrance.
San:no lucky,we are here.
Sanskar entered carrying raksh. His head was bandaged.and small scratches in the hands .
Rag: raksh!!
They both climbed down the stairs..
Ragini carried raksh…swara checked sanskar,is there any big injury??
Rag: doll are you OK???
Swa: r u OK sanskar??
Lak: what happened bhai!??
Everyone literally very much tensed..

San: nothing lucky.. Just a small accident.
Swa: what!?? Why sanskar can’t you drive properly ..that too you are with raksh..(she yelled)
Raksh: bade ma!!!(she shouted)
Everyone looked at her..
Raksh touched swaragini’s cheeks.
Raksh: mama..bade ma..I perfectly fine..see I didn’t get any hurt..
Swaragini smiled out Lil.
Raksh: Han..its all my mistake,. Bade papa got hurt.


Sanskar driving the car.and raksh was sitting in the passenger seat.
Raksh seeing the doll shop on the roadside
Raksh: bade papa!!!! Doll….(shouted)
San: arrey…sh.Shu..having a big mouth like your bade ma.
Raksh smiled childishly.

They both went to the shop and bought few soft toys and a big ball.
Raksh started to play with ball..and she ran to the road.sanskar was paying the money to seller.
A car is about to hit raksh…sanskar saved her but he got hurt in the hand and it started bleeding.. Then they both returned home.
Flashback ends.

Raksh: this what happened…???
Rag: what??? Raksh !!!(looked at her angrily)
Swara smiled sweetly at her.
Swa: sanskar r u OK now???
San: Han…(he hugged her to pacify her tension)
Lak: bhai.!! Your bandage looks funny and improper…
San: lucky!! That was made by our princess…
(He winked at raksh)

Lak: oh really…my doll is grown up now..(he carried raksh and kissed her)
Few minutes later.
Ap, sujata went to kitchen.
Dp, rp and adrash were in their room.
In the hall.
Ragini treated sanskar’s wound while swara was making raksh to eat ..and raksh was sitting in her lap.laksh,pari,pradeep ,arun and kids was watching them quietly.
While treating, ragini staring laksh and raksh in anger
Rag’: raksh!! See because of you ..bade papa is in pain now.

Swa: ragini ,,stop it.its sanskar duty to save her daughter.
San: Han correct. And one more thing,raksh was scared very much seeing my wound..she cried a lot Don’t make more to cry more.
Ragini looked at her lovingly.

Then seeing laksh again she made a angry face.
Raksh: arun chachu!!! U r here.
She hugged him.
Arun: Han princess….how are you??
Raksh: am fine… You??
Arun: super.!!!
Swathi(to san): papa…don’t get hurt again pls…(with tears)
Anju: Han chachu
San: arrey seeties ..I am okay.(he side hugged both )
PRA: hey raksh monster!!! Don’t again trouble anybody like this…
Raksh: bhaiya!! Am I a monster?? (Sadly)

Pra: OK ok…don’t act.
Sang: drama queen!!!(he teased her)
All smiled.
Swasan went to their room .
Raglak,arun carrying raksh went to their room.
Pari and kids went to study room.
At swasan room.
San came out after fresh.swara was sitting sadly in the couch..
San: swara…(he sat beside her)

Swa: sanskar…I am so scared.
San: I know…but its not a big issue.
Swa: sanskar don’t ever do this to me ..
San: swara …as you said its my duty to save my daughters.
Swa: Han . (sadly)
San: swara…I very much happy
She looked him with confusion
San: because I saved raksh…if not I did that.if.something happened to her then I can’t forgive myself for that…
Swara hugged him.
Swa: you are always lies in the place of best father. ….but
San: but???
Swa: you scared me
San: don’t worry. This will not happen again.
Swa: definitely… (She smiled)
She was about to go..he pushed towards him.
San: advice over…what about medicine? (He winked)
Swa: Han ragini already gave you na???
San: Han …but I want high dose from you
Swa:(realized his intention) achaa jii….sleep quietly..
San: no…
Swa: sanskar!!!

San: no…
Then he kissed him on his forehead..
San: what is this???
Swa: kiss…
San: high dose ..
Swa: lets see in the night ..
She ran out…
Sanskar smiled…
Raglak room……

Precap: episode 26?

Thank you guys….
Pls do leave your comments down..pls..pls…
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Bye take care
Keep smiling…

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