Ae dil hai mushkil (Part 2) -Naagin, Matsh, Swaragini..

Guys in tamilnadu huge protests are going to save our culture… Jallikattu.. All students have come together….and hope we will win in this battle…i wrote the episode long before but I didn’t had time to update as I was busy in protest….

Scene 1
Ishani suggests that they can go for a picnic as newly married couples should enjoy… All agree and inform maheshwari family also… Everybody happily packs the bags just then Annapoorna faints… Doctor checks her and tells everyone that she needs complete bed rest.. Swara tells everyone to go and she will take care… Rags also tells the same… But shivangi tells everyone that she will take care of her as she have little work and can’t come to picnic… She convinces everyone.. And all leave for picnic..

Scene 2
Both families reach resort… The time is 10:30 .sarmishta tells everyone to sleep and they will go out tomorrow… All says OK and goes to their rooms… Priyal and naina go with sarmishta… Shivanya and Rithik come to their room.. And Shivanya is shocked to see the decorations. ..rithik surprises her.. Shivanya cries and hugs him… He too get emotional… They get close.. He pushes her to the bed… Shivanya was wearing a black Saree with sleeveless blouse… He unties the knot.. She giggles and removes his shirt button… He kisses her from her forehead and comes to her lips… She escapes and gets up from the bed.. He catches her pallu..

And removes her Saree… She gets shy… And closes her eyes… He comes from behind and kisses her back and removes her blouse with his mouth… She then turns and removes her shirt.. He then takes her to bed.. Shivanya is seen lying in bikini…. He then takes a feather and touches her body with that..he takes blanket and covers them.. . They consummate… Shivanya then tells him that she became complete now…. They both sleep…

Scene 3
Swara and sanskar come to their room.. Seeing the swimming pool swara gets excited and goes… Sanskar follows her… He calls her but she is not seen.. He gets worries… Suddenly swara comes in a bikini wear… Sanskar gets speechless… Swara removes his blazer and shirt… They both jump into pool… And romances… He kisses all over her body…. She also kisses him and they both have a deep long lip kiss… Then he carries her towards bed and they both consummate..

Scene 4
Rags laksh enter the room…rags tells laksh that she will bath and come and goes to the bathroom but laksh also comes and they both have shower bath together…. Her sindoor goes and he comes her pallu.. She removes his shirt… He removes her blouse and Saree.. She removes his pant… And they both in nude bath together….

Scene 5
Shivangi takes care of Annapoorna very well… She then sees shivangi and smiles and goes into thinking… She tells shivangi that tomorrow her brothers son is coming.. Shivangi then sees his photo and gets attracted towards him.. And thinks that she has fallen in love with him…

Shivangi and Rocky romance in rain… Rudra is seen working in a gym and sees shivangi pic and tells her that he will come to her very soon… Ishani and Rv teases all the couples… Ishani’s godh Bharai function starts…

  1. Astha

    Sure dear… We will win in battle…. No one can win the students power…. Hope for good.
    Naanum tamizhachi Dan….
    We want jalli kattu. ?

  2. Srusti

    Awesome….. dear

  3. Nice dear

  4. Nandana

    Nice dear .

  5. I also வீர தமிழச்சி dr.surely v win and v celebrate our victory

  6. We will win for sure. Yeah, I too was busy protesting and can’t come onlyn.
    No one could do anything against students power. Let the world know the power of Tamilians…
    and your epi was grt dr. keep going

  7. Jasminerahul

    This the most romantic update of this ff. Rivanya consummation was so passionate. Raglak bath and swasan swimming pool romance was too hot.shivangi was after she is attracted to another guy.strange girl.wonder when will ritik know what shivangi did to him.precap is interesting. wonder whether its Rocky or rudra for shivangi

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