Storm in my Heart (ep 10)

Episode begins with Shagun asking Adi to come with her.
Mihir-To where?
Ram-Simmi,take the baby inside.
Sha-Don’t misunderstand Mr Raman Bhalla.I came here to take my son.I don’t want to see you & your family anymore.I love Ashok & I am going to live with him.
Mih-You rascal.I am ashame to call you as my sister.What about Ruhi?

Ram-Please Shagun come back for our Ruhi.
Sha-Enough!I am fed up of you.Here is your necklace,I don’t need this.Look at this diamond ring.Ashok gave this.
Ram-Adi is not going with you.Adi go to room with your dadima.

Sha-Adi come with me.If not you will not going to see me again.
Adi comes to Shagun.Shagun takes Adi & start to leave.
Mrs Bhalla-Raman don’t let her to take Adi.
Ram-I cannot make son away from a mom.Adi loves Shagun a lot.

Everyone cry.Raman goes to his room & shuts the door.He takes the baby”some mothers cry for loosing their child.But your mom left you,don’t no whether she come back or not.But I’ll promise you that I will not leave you,I’ll live for you”..


  1. May be it some what related to yhm
    Pls make the story as long
    It is too short
    Otherwise story is nice
    Keep going
    Iam waiting for nxt episode

    1. Thanx dear.

  2. Nice update
    Shagun is so selfish
    Thank god raman does not hates ruhi
    Want next update soon
    And long update plz plz plz

    1. Thanx for your opinion.

  3. Nice dear

  4. Very nice!!!

  5. superb episode dr…

    1. Thanx a lot

  6. Really superb episode. But please make it long.

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