I love you (Kanchi) OS

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As many of you wanted me to write another OS …I thought to pen down this silly idea that came into my mind. Hope you all like it. The story revolves around Kaanchi are married . Kabir has confessed about his love for Saanchi but saanchi did not . It was their arrange marriage that later turned into a loved one .
SCENE : Kaanchi Room…

There was silence.She was silent.Staring at the walls,sitting on the bed..all she could remember was THAT Woman hands on his shoulders and back.Tears rolled down her eyes and she closed them[:'(].It hurts.Or maybe It was jealousy.But She shouldn’t be.Kabir loved her and ONLY her.He has proved it so many times.He loved her with all his heart.So why was she so much in agony.It felt like she couldnt breathe.No,She was angry.She wanted to hurt THAT Woman and that too very badly.But she couldn’t.She threw away the glasses and stuff on table and a piece stucked in her Hand.She took the piece out and it started bleeding.Great,She thought.Her heart is bleeding and so is her hand .Broken Heart.

Kabir just entered the room and saw her.He was taken aback at the sight.The room was in a mess.There were glasses on the floors and Saanchi’s finger had a small cut.

Kabir : Sanchi..

He saw the blood and soon went to a closet to bring a bandage.He came near her,took her hands in his and made her sit quietly.He tried to apply bandage but she stood up.

Saanchi : Main theek Ho..muje kuch nahi hua …Ouch…(I’m fine nothing has happened to me )

She was hurt and he knew that.He went near her and took her by arms and made her sit again.She protested but he didn’t Let go of her.

Kabir: Agar naraz mujse Ho,to uska gussa apne hatho pe kyu nikal rahi Ho??? (If you’re angry on me ,then don’t punish yourself)

He applied Ointment.She groaned in pain when medicine was applied.He stopped.

Kabir: bahut dard Ho raha hai???(Is it hurting a lot ?)

Saanchi : Dard to Ho raha hai r,par chot kitne gehri hai uska andaza nahi hai tumhe.(It is hurting but the how much the wound is deep ,you have no idea ..)

He knew very well that she was hurt.He finished up bandaging her and got up.She stopped him by holding his wrist.

Saanchi : Tumhe wo pasand hai???(Do you like her ?)

Kabir : Kaun???Ermm( Who ? Ummm)

Saanchi: WO Riya… tum aur wo terrace pe…(That riya … you two on the terrace)

She stood and stopped mid-sentence.She just couldn’t look him in the eyes and finish what she was about to say.Because it was painful[:.He sensed what she was trying to say.Suddenly he realised he needed to explain.What if she stops talking to him??No..No..Nooo

Kabir : Saanchi.jese tum soch rahi Ho wese kuch nahi hai.Wo to…(Saanchi whatever you are thinking , it’s not like that .)

Saanchi  : Wo to kya Kabir ??? ( Then what kabir ?)

Her anger rising.How dare THAT Woman put hands on HER KABIR…How dare SHE seducing HER Kabir…All she could see was Kabir  and Riya dancing and smiling…Her anger knew no  bounds…All the hurt and pain came rushing into words.

Saanchi : WO kya???? Muje pata hai tum mujse naraz Ho lekin ye kya baat hui …aisa bhi koi Karta hai??? Pichle kuch Dino me tumne dhang se baat to chodo,meri taraf dekha bhi nahi hai.Tum mujse baat nahi kar rahi Ho,meri baat sun nahi rahe Ho aur upar se jab me baat karna chahti Hu to muje tum Kisi aur Ki baho me milte Ho…

She was pouring her heart out to him and crying and heaving…He just wanted to stop her pain..Her cries were hurting him more than her…

Kabir : Saanchi…

She was still babbling…In that moment,he knew what he had to do…He needed it.She needed it.

He took her by arms and placed his lips on hers.He took her by surprise and she was stunned…Her eyes getting huge and she opened her mouth.He poured all his heart and love and feelings into it..He kissed her with all he has got.His breath fanning her face.She closed her eyes,feeling the sensations.Her lips tingling…their breaths mixing…their heart beating loudly in unison…He slowly stopped the kiss and waited for them to slow down their breathing.

Kabir : Me  Riya se nahi ,me tumse pyaar Karta hoon .Ladayi Hone ka matlab ye nahi Ki main Kisi aur ko tumhari jagah doonga.Tum meri biwi Ho saanchi.Me apni jindagi tumhare sath bitana chahta hoon.Riya tumhare age kuch nahi…ok??

(I don’t love Riya …I love you … We had a fight that doesn’t mean I will offer your place to someone else .. You are my wife Saanchi …I want to spend my life with you … Riya is nothing in front of you …ok ?)

Saanchi who was still reeling from the kiss: Hmmm..ok

Kabir : Ab main tumse ek sawal puchunga uska sach sach Jawab dogi muje???( I will ask you a question , you have to answer it with truthfullness .)

Saanchi: Hmmm

Kabir : Kya tum mujse pyaar karti ho???(Do you love me ?)

Saanchi : kabir…

Kabir: Koi Bahana nahi saanchi.Agar muje chot lagti hai to tum roti Ho,agar me tumse baat na Karu to tumhe bura lagta hai,agar me khush hota Hu to us Khushi ko me tumhari ankho me dekhta hu.Main nahi janta tumhe mere kareeb ane se kya problem hai,par me bas itna jannna chahtu Hu Ki kya tum mujse pyaar karti Ho?? Bas itna Bata do muje…kyunki main tumse bahut pyaar Karta hoon aur me nahi janta agar tum meri jindagi se chali gayi to me jee bhi paunga ya nahi…

She was stunned at his confession.She knew he loved her.All he wanted was her to tell how she felt..just know…before she could stop herself…

Saanchi : Haan(Yes)

Kabir: Kya?? Kya bola tumne mene suna nahi…(What ? What you said ,I didn’t hear ?)

He  stunned..Did he heard right????

Saanchi: Yes Kabir ,I love you…

He couldn’t hold his excitement and hugged her …Totally like a child giddy with excitement…

Kabir. : Saanchi…saanchi…saanchi…I love you…I love you…I love you

She was laughing and enjoying being held in his arms and this close to him..

Saanchi  :  But I need some time…I love you Kabir ..But I need some more time …you know…to take our relationship to next level…

She was blusing and he was enjoying…

Kabir : You take your time ……….I am not in a hurry ..You love me that’s enough for me …

She smiled after so many days…Thats the effect he had on her…He just brightened her days…

He slowly came near her ears and whispered..

Kabir : But I want to listen these three golden words when I wake up and while going to bed afterall we have to compensate all the time we have lost ….

She blushed…

Kabir  : I don’t think, I will be bored by your blushing …

He kissed her on cheeks and went to change his dress

She was left dumbstruck. She remembered the kiss before and colours crept on her cheeks.


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  1. Hema69

    its awesome neha
    and i agree with that to take up their marriage next level she needs some more time
    true yaar loved it

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Hema ! Thank you so much ! Keep commenting and showering your love .

  2. RuCh23

    Neha dear you make me fall in love with your writing ??? it’s just so amazing!!! Wow I’m totaly speechless (well wordless) loved it soooooo much ???

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks a lot Ruwani ! I am also in love with your writing …Keep commenting and showering your love .

  3. Sajnana900

    Luved it neha u jzt rock it it was so amazing
    Keep writting dear

    1. Neha7873

      Thanks Sanjana n Keep commenting and showering your love .

  4. Moonlight25

    Neha….this was so good..it was awesome..loved reading it..keep writing dear

    1. Neha7873

      Hey ! Tania , thanks ,Keep commenting and showering your love .

  5. Amazing neha ur writing always amaze nd me nd tnid is suprb plzz would u write another sweet Os like this plzz plzz plzz….

  6. Kaise bata au ae os karsi thi.i don’t express my feeling.it is not amazing it is outstanding ………. thanks a lot????????

  7. Wowwww it’s so awesome it’s so romantic it’s very unique

  8. Abhilasha

    It was like a sweet short romantic couple fairytale….. Love it!!
    U expressed all emotions really amazingly!!

  9. Wowwww. Its really awesome…

  10. Niyaaa

    Neha it outstanding and tumhe isse silly idea ka kehne ka koi haq nhi h i know u r writter but plzzz is beautiful os ko koi bura kahe chahe wo tum khud kyu na ho i dont like dear so ur punishment is that u came back with a new amaz os by u sorry i just kidding os r lovely super se uper

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much Niyaaa ! Keep commenting and showering your love .

  11. Neha os was awesome but I have one request please can u write one os on kaanchi reincarnation plsss plsss

    1. Neha7873

      Hey Divya ! I will grant your request but can you explain what you exactly want to say ? Anyways , Thank you and Keep commenting and showering your love .

  12. neha dear, it was simply amazing………..ur words, the plot, the scenes……..everything was so magical………..just loved it to the core……….& luv u a lot dear for such an amazing os………….

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you Riya ! Luv you too. Keep commenting and showering your love .

  13. Anee

    Reallllllly this was amazing yaar Neha..

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much Anee !Keep commenting and showering your love .

  14. Awesome one

    1. Neha7873

      Thank you Vasundhara ! Keep commenting and showering your love .



    1. Neha7873

      Thank you so much Siya for your comment . Of course I will write another OS if time permits. Keep commenting and showering your love .

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