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Friends I write this Os from Sumitha, my bestie ‘s point of view. In this os “I” refers to Sumitha .Please ignores the grammar mistakes

August 29,2017

Tomorrow is August 30 ,my parents 25th wedding Anniversary . In September 4th I am going to Bangalore for doing my nursing with my sister. So it’s was the last celebration in my home before I’m going to Bangalore. My ettan (elder brother) and My
chechi (elder sister) all are here in my home. And it’s was silver jubilee of our parents marriage life. So we all are decided to make this Wedding Anniversary very
special .Papa decided to a trip to south Kerala and celebrate their wedding anniversary. When Papa says about the trip
, I asked him to go to Trivandram.

I’m didn’t go to Trivandram till now. Visiting Trivandram is
one of my dream .Papa agreed for going to
Trivandram.Iam very happy and excited,
tomorrow will lead to most memorable day of my life. After going to Nursing there is some times I’m join with my family. I’m will

be busy with my studies.So I decided to
enjoy with my family. And there is less possibility of meeting Ahsana Di. Who I meet in telly updates. I was first saw her at
my Raja Rani movie based shivika ff. After that
we are become friends. Unknowingly she turned to my best friend. After coming to
TU I have get so many friends. But I was
close to few of friends. She is one among them. She is living in Trivandram. She is saw my photo.So she knows me. But I

didn’t saw her photo till now. I wants to
meet her. I hope that I will meet her in Trivandram. At evening we all are started our journey to Trivandram .After four and
half hours of journey we all are reached at
Trivandram. And stay at Sreevalsam hotel. At morning 12 am (August 30th)we all are celebrate our parents 25th wedding
Anniversary. My papa and mamma are cut
the cake and we all are feeds each other. Me and my chechi, ettan are together gives them an wedding Anniversary gift.

morning 9 am we all are go to visiting
Trivandram. First we are go to Trivandram zoo. I was so many birds and animals in that zoo. But the most memorable
experience is seeing Anaconda ‘s. I was
only saw them on Movies. But seeing them in front of our eyes, it’s was an Amazing experience. After visiting zoo we are go to
museum. Later we are visited Veli lake and
we all are go for boating . It’s was awesome experience, I was enjoyed the beauty of the lake .At evening 5pm we all
are go to our last place ,Shankumukam
beach .

I was visited many beaches before but Shankumukam beach is different from other beaches. The entire beach is very
crowded. It’s was the first time I saw an
beach with fully crowded. Every day this beach was crowded like that. All are enjoying in the sea. After spending half an
hour in Sea I am came back and sitting in a
bench near the beach. My parents are sitting in other bench that was situated some distance from my bench. My siblings
are still enjoying in the sea. While sitting
alone in bench I was thinking about Ahsana Di. I hope that I will meet her at Trivandram.
But their is any possibility of meeting her.

Today is Di ‘s college ‘s onam celebration. So I can’t able to meet her.
But my heart says that I was going to meet someone who is very special for me. I hope
it will be Ahsana Di

I was thinking about it. That time I hear an voice from my behind “Sumi… “. I was
turned to saw the sender of that voice. I
saw an girl in her mid 20’s ,she is call me as Sumi. Their is only some of my friends who call me like that. My heart says that it’s was
Ahsana Di. I didn’t saw Ahsana Di ‘s picture so I don’t know her .For confirmation I ask
her “are you Ahsana Di “.She replied “yes I’m Ahsana “.I can’t able to believe it’s was dream or real. I didn’t say anything, di too
understand my condition. She says “sumi..
It’s was not dream

It’s was real. And I too didn’t expect you here ”
S”Di I says na today is my parents 25th
wedding Anniversary. So we all are decided to a trip. And we all are came here, Trivandram. Di know na visiting Trivandram
is one of my dream.I says about it to Papa
and he is agreed ”
A”where is your family? ”
S”my Ettan and chechi are playing in Sea.
And my parents are sitting in that bench.

And di why you are here? ”
A”its was last year of our college life.And last onam in Ivanios. So our friends are
decided to came to Shankumukam beach
and enjoy some times together. So we are
comes here. I didn’t forget this day. It’s was very memorable day of my life. Celebrating
last onam in my college life and a trip to
Beach and UNEXPECTED MEET ‘ with my
bestie. I didn’t forget this day ”

S”this day is very special for me also di
.Today is my parents 25th wedding
Anniversary and a trip to Trivandram. My
one of dream of visiting Trivandram was fulfilled. And my wish of meeting Di also fulfilled today. I didn’t forget this day. I’m
happy Di, before going to Bangalore I have
meet you .After My classes are starts I can’t able to come online. But when I came online I will message you di. I really miss

you, Neha and kanfi ”
A”we too miss you dear. But studies also important he na. So study well. All the best for your bright future dear. And when you
get time came to Hangout, we all are
waiting for you ”
S”Iam missing you all and my family. In Bangalore I’m living in with my Di . So I’m not alone in Bangalore. It was only relief for me. Ya Di when I get time I will surely come to Hangout ”

After spending some time together Ahsana
Di goes to her friends. I was join with my family. At night we are return back to my place, Kottayam. It’s was an memorable day
of my life. I didn’t forget this day. I didn’t
forget this place, Trivandram. This place give me a lot of memories. I never forget about that memories in my life. In
September 4th I was going to Bangalore.
Next four years I was busy with my studies .I wish after completing my nursing course I will revisit this place, that gives a lot of
memories in my life. I’m waiting for that


After knowing about Sumitha ‘s parents 25th wedding Anniversary ,I was thinking about my meeting with Sumitha. That time
this idea pop up on my mind and I write it
here. I hope one day I will meet her.

Written by
Ahsana ?

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  1. Thank you so much for such beautiful os…..really my wish is to visit tvm and meet you……I’ll not forget my bestie afsu chechi neha di and kanfi…..we don’t see each other especially afsu chechide photo pollum njn kandilla……ante velya wish ane to meet u all …….njn miss cheyunathe nigade friendship ane………studies sherikum important ane but living far away from family especially from mother it is really hard for me……..my only hope is to get phone on Sunday I’ll be ol in hangout chechi…..

    1. Ahsana98

      Hi Sumi…. Idu njan ninku vendi ezhudiyadane…. Ende TU yile best friends ne kanan mennadu ende valiya agrahamane…… Ennenkilum orikal parasparam kandumuttum ennu pradekshikunnu…..njan ninne miss cheyum….. Nee ninde family ye orupadu miss cheyum ennu ariyam especially Amma ye…. Ninde chechi ninde oppam ulladinal nee Bangalore il ottapedilla…. Nammade bright future nu vendi namuk chila vedanakalke sahikendi varum. Ellam nammade future nu vendiyalle….so positive ayi edukuka…. Studies well. Ninaku time kittumbol vaa me, Neha &Kanfi are waiting for you. Love you so much bestie

  2. Kanfi

    Itss ammazingggg ahsu…
    I really liked it…
    We will miss you sumi??

    1. Ahsana98

      Love you so much bestie. Sumi will be come back

  3. Asana321

    Oh! Sumitha chechi nursing nu pokuvano?
    All the best sumitha chechi ,for your bright future
    Superb Di???????

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