If you stay with me…. part 4

Hello guys!
I’m back.
So as I can’t update on weekdays so decided to give you a long updated just like a maha episode.
These are two episodes combined.
Abhi gave pragya a deadly stare and went towards the window.
Pragya was left there alone.
P: Such an arrogant man.
Pragya said to herself.
Sarla: Pragya.
P: Coming mom.

Next day in college.
Purab and Abhi are talking.
P: Why do you want to drop the plan?
A: Yaar Purab it is no use to peak in someone’s else’s life. Leave pragya alone it is her personal matter.
P: You are right but it was your plan to find out about what is between Rajbeer and Pragya.
A: Yes and now I am taking it back.
P: Fine as you wish bro.
A: Tell it to Bulbul too.
P: Okay.

Later that day Purab talked about something with Pragya in person.
Pu: I don’t know how it happened when it happened but it happened…..
Pr: What happened?
Pu: I love you.
Pr: What!!!! Are you in your senses?
Pu: Look I can explain it.
Pr: I don’t want an explanation. Get out of my sight!
Pu: Look I ……
Pr: Just leave!!!!
Purab left.
Pr: First this Rajbeer and now this Purab. Perfect!
Pragya was still shocked when she heard Abhi’s voice.
A: Hey Pragya! Who are you talking to?
P: Myself.
A: Hey cool down, what happened?
P: Your dear brother Purab loves me.
A: What!
P: Yes.
A: Wait…
Pragya crossed her arms.
Abhi started laughing ? ???.
P: Why are you laughing?
A: Nothing.
Bulbul: Hey Di!
P: Hey Bubbly!
B: Anjali calls me that!
P: You look fat.
B: Darling should we tell her.
P: Darling?????
A: Okay let’s tell her.
B: Di I am pregnant.
P: What!?!?!? This has to be a dream.
B: It is realty.
A: Darling you should be going home as you need rest.
B: Okay bye.
Pragya was left alone with Abhi.
A: Pragya are you free tonight?
P: Yes why?
Pragya said in a stressed , tired and exotic way.
A: I thought if you could go out with me tonight.
P: Oh I’ll love to.
A: So then it is settled. See you tonight.
P: Bye.
Abhi left.
P: I still can’t understand the pregnancy of Bulbul and proposal Purab gave me and Abhi laughing part. This is so complicated!!!
Pragya went home.
She thought about it the whole day and came to conclusion that only one person can clear her confusion which is Abhi. First she has to ask Abhi why was he laughing.
She got ready for going out with Abhi.
When she was done the bell ringed and Pragya opened the door to find a letter on the doorstep.
She read it.

Looking gorgeous.
There is a car at the back of your garden. Hop in and it will leave you at my mansion which will be empty expect that I will be there. You need to find all the clues to find me. Get ready To play a game of hide and seek.

Pragya laughed.
P: I am the master of hide and seek.
Pragya hopped into the car.
P: Excuse me are you Abhi’s driver?
Pragya asked once settled in the car.
D: Yes ma’am.
P: Do you know where is he?
D: Yes he is at his mansion but sir told me not to tell you where in his mansion.
P: Can you please tell me?
D: Sorry ma’am but I am ordered by Mr. Abhi.
Pragya kept quite for the rest of the ride.
They reached a mansion.
Pragya read:
Mehra mansion.
She went inside and saw another chit in front of the door.

She read:
Roses are red , hearts are red.
Find your next clue under a pillow.
Floor: Ground floor.

P: A pillow…… let’s see.
She went inside. She looked around.
She went in a room.
Everything was blue there and she looked under the pillows,nothing.
She went in another room , everything pink and nothing under her the pillows.
The T.v lounge was whole brown and no pillows.
She went in the dining room.
Finally the dining room theme colour was red.
She turned the place upside down but found nothing.
She decided to leave the room when something catched her eye.
A red,heart shaped pillow with a rose on it.
She picked it up and found another chit.

She read it:
Tired ?
I know so leave the others and find the last clue.
Look around,where is the clock?
White or brown,on the wall?

She thought for a moment.
P: Brown…. I know!
She went in the living room and searched for a clock.
No clock but she found a piece of paper in the place of the clock.

She read it.
Open area.
Come have a CD with me but
You need to climb the stairs first.

P: CD wonder what that means? But the clue is such easy.
She started climbing the stairs.
She climbed and climbed and climbed until she reach the top.
On the roof top she saw a decorated table. In the middle of the table was a candle.
There were red roses everywhere.
Then she heard footsteps behind her.
And suddenly……….darkness.
P: Abhi I know it is you.
A: I know now walk straight.
P: What are you doing?
A: He lifted his hands from pragya’s eyes and in front of pragya there was white chart paper with I love you writen on it.
P: Abhi what is this?
Abhi turned pragya around and bended down.
A: Miss Pragya Arora I love you!
Pragya was over joyed.
She herself loved Abhi but never told him or anyone.
For a minute she was happy but then a thing came in her mind which made her smile disappear.
Pragya slapped Abhi.
P: You shameless man how can you do this?
A: What happened?
P: You first made Bulbul pregnant and now you are proposing me? You are so shameless.
A: I didn’t make Bulbul pregnant at all.
P: Oh then what was that in college?
A: Madam may I ask you what is the date today?
Pragya crossed her arms and said.
P: 1st April.
A: So.
P: So?
A: You tell me?
P: Don’t tell me… an April fool?
A: Yes.
P: What about Purab?
A: Same.
P: That is why you were laughing when I told you.
A: Yes. They both are making you an April fool and when bulbul said about her pregnancy I was a little confused but then I started playing with her joke. I thought you were just acting and that you know she’s making you an April fool.
P: I’m sorry that I slapped you.
A: I knew that was going to happen.
P: I love you to.
A: I wanted to tell you first but then Rajbeer came into my mind and….
P: Where is this Rajbeer by the way? I didn’t see him for like three days.
A: Maybe he gave up on you. It’s good now you are only mine.
Abhi shouted on top of his voice.

They had a CD.
P: So CD means a candlelight dinner.
A: Yes.
P: Your clues were tricky but not tricky enough to confuse me. The last one was the most easiest.
A: Do you know when you were in the dining room I was in the T.v lounge taking of the clock and placing the clue there, I made the last clue easy because I couldn’t wait for you to come to me. There were five clues but I made then three.
P: Whatever.
A: I missed you when you left the school.
P: I missed you too.

FB ( Flash back ) shows.
Last day of 7th class.
P: Bubi I will miss you.
A: Pago Do you really have to change your school?
P: You coming to my college?
A: Pago that is after 4 years what will I do without you.
P: Bubi I need to go now I will miss you a lot.
A: Me too. Take care.
Abhi turned around. He was crying.
FB ends

P: And when you came to this college you acted like a complete stranger.
A: That was because you acted like a complete stranger.
P: I still miss the names ” Pago and Bubi “. We can again start calling each other that.
A: I have thought of another name for you.
P: Which?
A: Fuggi.
P: I am not a balloon okay!
A: When you are angry you look like a balloon actually not you but your cheeks.
P: I have also thought of a name for you.
A: Which?
P: Rockstar.
A: How come?
P: I still remember your dream.
Abhi (a kind of) blushed.
P: First time seeing a boy blush. You wanna be a rockstar right.
A: Okay now Fuggi I want you to do one thing.
P: What?
A: Can you please ask bulbul if she has some like….
P: Internal feelings for Purab.
A: Yes. How do you know I was about to ask that.
P: Yesterday I read Bulbul’s diary.
A: On but still ask her okay?
P: Okay.
There was a moment of silence.
A: I have another name for you too.
P: Now what is that?
A: Pagal aurrat.
P: I also have another name for you.
A: What?
P: Akdu.
A: Very funny.
There was another moment of silence
P: Best night of my life.
A: Mine too.
P: I don’t want this night to end.
A: I have a question.
P: You always have a question.
A: When did you fell in love with me?
P: When my school got changed I realised how much restless I feel and then I turned google upside down by searching why? And then these two things came,either you are exited about something or either you are missing someone you love. Then you came in my mind. How did you fell in love with me?
A: When I was 13.
P: You were so young!
A: Like then I only liked you but when I was 14 then I realised it was more than friendship.
P: You,14 which makes me…only 12!
A: Yes and when I was 14 and you 12 we were in 7th class and 8th class started on 5th August 2011 and you left school before that in May 2011 which makes you 13 as your birthday comes in February and I was then 14 as my birthday on 10th August which makes it that you were 13 when you fell in love with me. You were younger than me!!!
P: What ever when you came to this college you didn’t even say hi to me!
A: That was because you didn’t say hi it me.
P: When you didn’t I want to walk up to you and grab your shirt collar and and ask you DO YOU REMEMBER ME?
A: Ha ha ha.
P: Don’t you think it is getting late? If I don’t get home right now mother will ask thousand questions.
A: You said you didn’t wanted this night to end.
P: I did but this night will eventually end. Need to go now Bye!
A: Hey I wonder how Purab and Bulbul fell in love because in college they don’t talk to each other much.
P: I’ll ask Bulbul today.
A: Bye Fuggi,Pago and Pagal aurrat!
P: Bye Rockstar,Bubi and Akdu!

Precap: Bulbul and Pragya are talking.
Bubul: I am really pregnant with Abhi’s baby.
Pragya: Oh really? Prove it.
Bulbul: How?
Pragya: Wait.

So this is it.
Will try to update soon but as you know my papers are going on so I have to study.
Let me know what you think in the comments.
Till the next time.

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