kriyam – u r my strength Episode 126

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Episode 126
As usual Krishna wake up in the mrng n came downstairs to breakfast…everyone started having their breakfast..after sometimes krishna receives a call from an unknown number yet again but this time Krishna instead of being weak n scared attended the call confidently n boldly…
Krishna : ( Angry ) ..hw dare u call me again haa ?? kal ki baad u still called me to irritate me..hw shameless u r..chi..listen one thing mr raj sinha if u r planning to harm me, my dignity or my child then don’t dare u even think about it ..kyuki after yesterday’s incident u have made me, krishna sayyam birla even more stronger… n i promise if u still keep irritating me tuen i will file a police complaint against u..samjhe ..nw plzz get lost from mine n sayyam’s life forever…
Hearing Krishna in such a Angry Tone Everyone got Shocked n Understood it’s None other than Raj n Instructed Her to keep Phone on Speaker.Krishna Listened n Kept thr Phone on Speaker n Continued Talking with Raj Normally…
Raj : ( Laughs Evilly ) this is just the beginning my dear krishna..just wait n watch what will i do..n this time not even ur pati can help u…be ready Krishna Sayyam Birla…
Krishna : ( Angry ) just shut up u shameless creature..don’t u dare to harm me or my child or sayyam’s dream project..i will not leave u..shut up n get lost … (cut the call)
Krishna after bursting out on raj cuts the call n moved towards her room in anger leaving everyone tensed n worried for her health as taking stress n tension is dangerous fr hers n baby’s health.
Kushi : ( Worried ) Yuvaan… just do something about this raj….krishna ka itna tension n stress lena is not all good for her..she needs rest..we r nt allowing her for office becoz of that raj but this raj started disturbing krishna in home also..what kind of man is he ?? such a shameless person he is..kash aaj sayyam hota toh he would have handled krishna n thay shameless raj very well..he would have protected krishna from all evil eyes…

Yuvaan : ( Fumes in Anger ) haa kushi..u r ryt..if sayyam was there krishna ko itni tension or stress nahi mujhe hi kuch karna hoga.. ( determined ) abb bahut hogaya…bass…pehle usne sayyam ko maar ne ki koshish ki..then yesterday krishna ki saat jo huwa.. ab bas.. bahut huwa.. i need to do something.. ( takes a deep breath ) ( turns to kushi ) kushi do one thing..u n yuvaani take krishna out for shopping today..hosakta hai if she goes out for sometime she might feel take her out n divert her mind from all these problems ..
Suhani: Haa yuvaan sahi kaha..nice Idea.. Krishna can Shop for Baby also..hai na…
Yuvaan: Kushi u go n get ready Mein yuvaani ko call karoongi… Maa u guys can take care of Rohan ryt?
Suhani: Tu chita mat Kara… Mein aur ma hai na.. We take care of him…
Pratima: Kushi beta do take care of krishna haa..don’t make her walk for long time..she is already weak so don’t make her walk for long time n do make her eat something good frequently..samjhe..she needs to eat frequently to keep hers n her baby’s health good.( Worried )
Kushi: Chita mat karo dadi… I will manage… Aur wase bi for safety we will go in near by mall only so that in any emergency we can rush home early..
Suhani: Haa… Koi baat nahi… Ab Tu change karke aawo.. I’ll tell Krishna about the shopping plan…
Fashion Mall
Krishna kushi n yuvaani reaches mall n enters the mall n as soon as krishna enters da mall she had a bright smile on her face n have a flashes of days she spent in this mall with sayyam.

~~~~~~~~~Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~
The same shopping mall is shown.. Both Krishna n sayyam was roaming inside the mall..
As Krishna n sayyam Headed towards the Indian Dress Shop they saw a Shop with Baby Accessories n seeing the Baby Shop sayyam gets an Naughty Idea n Smiles n Teases Krishna.
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Krishna..woh dekho Baby Shop..
Krishna : ( Confused ) Haa toh..
Sayyam : Toh Krishna when u will give a good news na we will come here n shop for our baby…like their toys,clothes n other things..ok na…
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam..kya hai ..kuch toh Sharam karo..we r in Mall n Standing in Middle of da Mall..what if Someone Hears.
Sayyam : toh kya hua..we r nt doing anything wrong..we r husband n wife n being husband n wife we r doing future planning.. ( smiles even more naughtily ) baby planning..
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam…Plzz..Stop It..
Sayyam : Accha Haa..Krishna I promise when u get pregnant we will come here in this Mall,in this particular shop for our baby shopping.. ok?
Krishna : ( Blushes n Smiles ) ok fine…as u say Mr.Sayyam…..Then shall we continue Our Shopping..
Sayyam : ( Laughs ) Haa Sure Jaan..come lets go.. ( Holds Krishna by Her Side Waist )
Krishna who feels sayyam’s touch on her side waist blushes buy still enjoys his touch n smiles n heads towards their shop by keeping her head on his shoulder….
~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~

Yuvaani : ( Shakes Krishna ) Krishna… Krishna…kya hua… U r ok.. Kaha khogayi aap.. Any problem…
Krishna : ( Comes in Her Senses ) Haa..Haa Yuvaani..kahi nhi..bas kuch yaad aagaya tha..
Yuvaani : Hmm accha ok…come let’s go for Baby Shopping..
Krishna : Haa chalo..but Ek Min .. ( Smiles n Points toward a Shop ) Let’s go in that Shop..woh Shop accha lagrahi hai..
Kushi : Haa ok Come..but be careful..its little walk slowly Krishna…
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok..
Soon Krishna Yuvaani n kushi Entered da Baby Shop n Started Shopping for the Baby…

In the meantime BM
Yuvaan enters kriyam room with teary eyes n went near sayyam n sat beside him n started talking to sayyam.
Yuvaan : ( Teary Eyes ) Sayyam… Kasa hai Tu yaar? It’s been a Long time we did some Masti n Fun…. Tumhe yaad hai how much Fun we used to do before our Marriage..n Hw much we used to Irritate Maa n Papa… Wo log kabi kuch nahi kaha for irritating them.. Aur yaad hai when I used to get caught by Papa while Flirting with Girls n Yes woh College Bunk karke hum bahar Movies dekhne jaana.. ( Laughs ) kitna Maza aata tha na Bhai.. N when we came home… We were getting scolded by papa…. Aur maa n dadi save us evrytime… in same way sayyam..Krishna needs u nw ..Krishna Really Needs U mere bhai..Plzz Come back..i know everyone might have said u same thing Only Krishna Needs u but sach toh yeh hai.. We all need u… Maa.. Papa.. Daadi.. Tumhari bhai di aur tumhari bhabi is also waiting for u sayyam.. Sab wait karti Hu sayyam…n u might be feeling Bad n Guilty too for not Helping Krishna. But sayyam instead of Feeling Guilty n Cursing Urself u should Try Even More Hard to Respond to Our Actions..Plzz sayyam Try..i know u can do it..we all especially Krishna Trusts U soo Much n she is waiting fr u Eagerly..n u know sayyam Today She went to do Shopping for Ur’s n Her Baby..aap dono ke Bacche k liye she went for Shopping….usne nhi kaha lekin i knw in fact everyone knows She wanted U to be with Her while Shopping for Baby..aur uss Raj..He is Crossing His Limits sayyam..Day by Day He is becoming Mad n i’m Afraid ki One Day He will Trap Krishna in His Game.. We all r there for Krishna bt aap jaise Krishna ko Protection Dena koi nahi hai…. Aur ek patni ko uski pati ke protection ki bina Kisi aur ki protection nahi chahiye.. No One can do in that way..She feels Protected with U only sayyam..So Plzz try to respond to Our Actions especially to krishna’s Actions..She will feel much better n Secure..plz.. Bhai..we all need u..Plz come back.. ( Cries bt den Composes Himself ) accha ok Bhai..i know too much Emotional Baate hogayi..let’s Stop it for nw..u take care…i’m going Office..important kaam hai Office main…. will be back soon…
As yuvaan was Continuously Talking to sayyam,he was Moving His Hands Slowly n Trying to Call yuvaan bt as Yuvaan was busy Talking did now Notice sayyam’s Movement n Finally without Noticing He Leaves the Room Leaving sayyam with Teary Eyes…Soon Time Passes n Krishna Enters Her Room with kushi’s Support as She was seen little Weak n Dull.As sayyam sees Krishna in Such Condition got Shocked n His Eyes were Clearly showing Worried Expressions.kushi sees sayyam’s Worried Expressions n Consoled sayyam dat Krishna is Fyn n Made Krishna Lye on Bed Slowly…
Kushi : ( Angry ) Krishna..u r too much seriously…u should be Careful na Krishna..woh toh accha hua ki yuvaani saw u n Saved U from Slipping warna i don’t know kya hojata.. ( Looks at sayyam ) Dekhiye sayyam aapki pyaari patni ko..She has Become Very Careless… she becomes u know aaj kya karne jarahi ti..( Looks at Krishna Angrily ) yeh ladki Mall main Carelessly bina Floor ko dekhke Phone pe baate karte hue chali jaarahi thi..n She was soo busy in Talking ki She did not even see a Board of Caution saying Wet Floor..Woh toh Accha hua ki yuvaani saw n Saved Krishna warna pata nhi kya hojaata..Paagal Ho tum Krishna….but anyways u don’t worry..Ur wife n Ur Baby both r fine..woh Bas Girne k darr se She got Scared n She became little Weak..bas she needs a Rest for sometimes then She will be fine..accha abb aap dono rest karo..i will leave..n haa Krishna ur Shopping Bags r Kept Here on ur Side Table..check karlena..Ok..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok bhabi..n thanks..
Kushi : ( Smiles back ).Ur Welcome.( Makes Krishna Lye on Bed n Covered with Blanket ) accha nw u take rest i’m going…
After Making Krishna Lye on Bed kushi Leaves the Room As soon as kushi Left Krishna got Up from the Bed in Excitement n took the Bags of Shopping n Started Showing sayyam the Shopping Things which She did for their Baby in Mall Forgetting about all da Pain n Tension.
Krishna : ( Excited ) sayyam..look at this’s soo Beautiful na..m sure Humara Baby will like it..n look at this Clothes..they r soo Soft n Cute..n u know maine yeh saare ussi Shop se li hai jaha se u told ki when we will come to know about this News we will Buy Our Baby Stuffs from that Shop..u remember ?? .( Kept on Blabbering like a Child Non Stop Happily forgetting about Raj n Other Tensions )
As sayyam Hears Krishna’s Non Stop Blabbering Continuously in Carefree Manner sayyam had a Unnoticed Smile on His Face bt Tears of Happiness n Overwhelmed..tears Rolled from His Eyes n Kept on Staring His wife Krishna Lovingly…
Episode ends

  1. Swetha7

    last few episodes are really heart the same time i hate raj.shaani i have a question.why i feel that this naina is up to no the moment she is so caring and honest employee but in the deep of my heart i feel like she is playing a double role.anyway i don’t know i just felt so……by the way sorry shaani for not commenting regular like others as i am getting ready for my semester exams theses days and i am very busy with my studies,.but somehow i manage to read your ff as it has become a habit for me.i think you write this amid getting ready for your exam wish you all the best and good luck for it.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much swetha… It means alot…n all the best for u to…
      N about Naina… Hmm.. Kuch bi ho sakta hai yaar… May be u right may be not.. Let’s see.. I haven’t decided it yet… Let’s see… Keep reading…

  2. Amazing year….. Waiting for sayyams recovery…. Please update soon…. I know you are busy but I am greedy for your ff

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much….?

  3. shani i’m in luv vd u??baby such an amazing writter u r?

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    I agree with Shwetha…this naina it too goody goody..maybe a double role…anyways…u slayed the episode..loved the flashback and all the supportive dialogues…it was great…❤❤❤

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