NAIRAN – My Stupid Love Story (Episode 6)

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Sry guys .I know u r hell angry at me but im sry actually I met with a small accident and had a small fracture in my hand .so I was not easy for me to type .so sry. Anyways just leave that let us start
Recap: karan & nainas frndship.

Precap: past revealation

Naina took a deep breath and started

Naina: I am behind some secret which is related to my past,which is related to my heart.i wasn’t like this before . i was always happy.i was settled in Chennai. I, my mom ,my akka &….(with a cute smile) my bestest frnd Subhramanyam.(On hearing his name karan gets sad)my childhood onwards I always remained happy and always tried to make around me happy. I had never felt sad or alone. I had never tried to hurt people through words or action .but….. now im not like that . I have only hate for everyone in my heart.that day changed my life totally.that day was vishal bhai’s wedding day. For attendinghis marriage came to bhoondi.for the first time we came out of Chennai may be that was the badest decision we have and my akka was so happy to see our whole family together. We had never came there . always aunty ji and her family came Chennai as it was difficult for my mom to take us there all alone.we had enjoyed a lot in that marriage and that was the last time we had enjoyed our life whole heartedly. It was our first experience to attend a northern wedding as it was very different from chennain wedding rituals.we danced in his baarath,sang in his reception,we ate a lot,we had enjoyed a lot.(her smile fades)until that time I hadn’t seen tention or sorrow on her face for not even a second.but… I don’t know what happened with her then.(she sighs) it was vishal bhai’s reception day. We were sitting together but suddenly she went missing . I had even tried her phone but she wasn’t picking any of my calls. Then aunty ji gave some gifts to me and asked me to keep it in vishal bhai’s room . I went upstair . I kept it but there some bad smell . it was from the next room . I went inside and found my akka but not alive. Tears were making way on her cheeks)She was badly burnt. She left us for ever. At that time the whole world was stopped for. I wasn’t even able to move an inch.then aunty ji came there for searching me as she became tensed as I hadn’t returned . she was hell shocked to see her. She called everyone.until mom came and hugged me I wasn’t able to move. We went towards her. Mom had broken down on her . I wanted to cry out loud but I had to remain strong for my mom. Then my eyes caught a letter on the table. It was written in it that she was pregnent from 1 month and she doesn’t want to be a stain on her family’s respect and that’s y she left us. it was enough for the people.everone started questioning my mom’s parvarish and my akka’s character. They pushed us out of the house. From that day onwards I have only hatred for my whole family. They hurted ny mom’s swabhiman and sanskar.

Saying this she breaks down completely. Karan puts his hand on her shoulders . she hugs him and cries badly. He also hugs her.they were lost in their own world. Naina comes to her sense and breaks the hug. Karan wipes her tears.
Karan: im sry I shouldn’t have asked u. but where is ur mom now?

Naina (she takes a deep breath)everyone believes that she is no more but its not the truth. I had to make people believe that she is dead. u have saw thet raghav right. Actually the reason for our enemity is cause of an incident. after pushed out of the house we hadn’t slept that day I left my mom in a shop and went for buying food for mom. We had only a small amount of money with us and we had to take her body to Chennai . her corpse was sent for postmortem so we had to wait for that.that day that raghav and his frnds came there and snached the purse from my mom. Mom ran behind them and I was unaware of that. She managed to hold raghav but he pushed my mom and she got hit by a car.. when I returned I saw my mom in a pool of blood. I took her to hospital with help of some people.she was parallysed . and there was not enough money for her treatment.everyone thought she was dead in that accident.but it was not like that. I then returned to Chennai but not for mystudies . there was 2 home of us in I sold one of them. And large part of it was given for her treatment and the rest of was used to put a small shop in Kerala .and the profit from that shop was used to meet the extra expences in the hospital. After that accident raghav fled from that area . but one day he returned and I came to know about it. I was burning in the fire of revenge so I went to his place. I fought with them. And for 1 moth they were hospitalized. Only aunty ji knows about my mom’s condition and she helped us a lot.that’s y I always listen to her. Mom was recovering from it but our fate once again left our hand. She is now suffering from blood cancer and she is now at its last stage. Her last wish is to return my akka’s respect before she dies. She want to know the reson behind my akka’s death.i came here for that only.and even aunty ji is unaware of this fact.
Karan: yeh sab hokar kitne saal huye

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  2. Threemaimai

    awesome plot.. keep updating
    hope you are fine and safe. 🙂

  3. Thank u for ur support and I will try my best to be regular . bye.and no need to worry threemaimai. I’m safe now and thanx for ur concern .love u guys

  4. Pratha

    Hey u stopped at so much suspense I was reading so keenly,
    Please post next asap can’t wait to know d past of naina

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