Spy Bahu 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Yohan surprises Sejal

Spy Bahu 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sejal thinking to gather evidence that Abhishek is Farid Bhai. Yohan wishes her happy birthday….He says happy birthday Sejal. Sejal is surprised and asks you called me Sejal. He smiles. Minal calls her. Sejal says Mummy. She sees Minal, Saras and others. She runs to hug Minal and cries hugging her. She then hugs Saras. She then hugs both. Saras says we have come from Jamnagar to wish you on your birthday. Sejal says Mummy. Minal says we shall talk later. Drishti asks her to see the special cake. Sejal looks at the special cake and says it is my favorite sweets. Veera says Yohan has arranged this birthday in just 30 mins and wants to make it special. Bomba says cut the cake fast, my mouth is watery. Sejal cuts the sweet cake. Yohan wishes her happy birthday. Sejal is about to make Minal have the sweet first. Minal signs her to make Yohan have it first. Sejal turns to Yohan and makes him have it. Song plays….He makes her have it too. Ishq hai ya plays………..He wipes her mouth with his handkerchief. Krish says happy surprise birthday, and says good night. Sejal asks him to have sweets. He have it hesitantly and goes. Sejal then makes Drishti have it. Drishti wishes her happy birthday. Sejal then makes Veera have it. She offers to Shalini, but she goes. Aarun comes home. Sejal touches his feet to take his blessings. He sees Minal and Saras and then blesses Sejal. Sejal says you will like this sweet. Aarun says over sweet is bitter. Sejal goes to Abhi and looks at him.

He says happy birthday sejal bhabhi and wishes her best for the future. He thinks your future is remaining just for 24 hours. Minal comes to Aarun and folds her hands. She says samdhi ji, forget whatever happened and apologizes to him, asking him to start afresh. Aarun says first daughter used to be greedy and now parents too. Minal says whatever Sejal has done for Yohan, is not for money. Aarun says I am not foolish and says this all is happening due to greed for money. He goes. Veera folds her hands and apologizes to Minal. Minal asks her not to worry and says samdhi ji will accept my sejal slowly. Sejal asks Minal if she has forgiven her. Minal asks her to come. Sejal says how to tell you? Minal says I know everything. Minal says I know your sacrifice for your country and brother, and your mission. She says I understood very well that relations gets proved by blood. Sejal gets an idea to get Farid’s DNA sample. Later she thinks to prove Farid guilty in Mumbai attack for Yohan’s innocence. Yohan thinks to give a fair chance to his marriage and thinks what Sejal wants. She wants to go away from him. Yohan comes to her and finds her sleeping. He turns to go, when Sejal opens her eyes and asks do you have any work. Yohan asks how was your hand? Sejal says my hand is fine and even I am very happy. She thanks him for calling her parents, for respecting them so much, for getting us patch up. She says she felt Jamnagar in Delhi for the first time. He says you miss Jamnagar, I have another surprise for you. She says you have done so much for me, and taking my name rightly, why suddenly? Yohan comes near her and says it is my favorite name these days, Sejal. He says whenever I take it, I feel different, there is some attraction, peace and sound in it. She says the life which I wanted to live, it is same, Sejal, simple and beautiful. He says I thought to cover you with blanket as your hand is hurt. Sejal thanks him and rests on the couch. Kehdo naa song plays…..He covers her with the blanket. She says good night.

Next day, Veera asks Sejal if her hand is fine. Sejal says fine, Yohan and you have taken good care of me. Veera says sheer khoorma is having good smell/aroma. Minal comes there and thanks Veera for acceptingSejal. Minal asks Sejal to go and says we will work together. Sejal says how they will feel, when I tell them about Farid bhai’s truth and about me being the spy. She asks God to give her courage.

Saras is having green tea. Shalini says it is 20000 worth green tea. Yohan says it is Srilanka special and asks him to try. Minal brings the dhokla and serves to everyone. Sejal comes there and says she thought to make something new, and that’s why made sheer khorma. Abhi-farid recall Mahira and him having it. Sejal serves sheer khorma to everyone and then Abhi. She thinks today your Mahira is giving you sheer khoorma to take your DNA sample. He misses Mahira. Sejal asks him to have it. Just then he drops the bowl by mistake. Veera calls Servant to clean it. He says he will do. He picks the glass piece and gets injury on his finger. Sejal gets worried and covers cloth on his hand. She secretly takes his blood sample. Drishti says Sejal, Abhi is fine. Yohan says she reacts this way, even if I am hurt. He says Abhi is like her brother.

Precap: Yohan tells Sejal that he wants to tell her something. He tells her that about his childhood love who met him in Kashmir. He says it was reality and not a story. He says once I went to meet her, but she and her family was attacked by the terrorists. Sejal asks about her name. Yohan says Mahira Mirza. Sejal looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This is the only serial i am liking these days, hope they don’t spoil the story, fingers crossed, looking forward with only positive series like no leads seperation nor leads any misunderstanding like anyother boring serials , hope this goes same way as it is, god please make writers and cv brains as they are and don’t make them extra to add extra in this serial atleast..😂😂

  2. Wow,spy bahu very interesting
    I just love it’s story line

  3. I love it and don’t miss it ,the sequence of relationship building up between Sejal and Yohan so beautiful.No excess and psycho villain,so nice

  4. Really hope Abhi finds out that Sejal is Mahira sooonnnn

  5. Faiza Muhammad

    Very interested I really love it😍

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