Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Simar convinces Badimaa about Ishita

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simar showing Ishita’s pic to Reyansh. Reyansh says Ishu. Simar says shall I lock her for you and tells that she was with you at the airport, she had studied with you in the college and that lipstick mark must be hers. Reyansh says she is just his college friend. Simar shows his pic in which he is hugging Ishita and asks if you hug everyone like this. Chitra comes there and says shortlisted girls are waiting for you. Reyansh sends her out and tells Simar that she is leaving in 2-3 days. Simar says ok, and tells that Aarav ji and I are going to meet her. She asks Reyansh to come if he wants to. Reyansh says you are so gone.

Ishita waits for Reyansh in the restaurant. He comes to the restaurant. Ishita hugs him. Simar and Aarav come there. Simar says hi Ishita, I am Reyansh’s bhabhi Simar. Aarav introduces as his elder brother. Simar says we know everything about you both. Ishita says bhabhi, I am sorry. Reyansh haven’t told me else I wouldn’t have come in short dress. Simar says its ok, and says everyone shall be realistic and says I am glad that we are meeting like this. She says we shall sit and talk. Ishita and Reyansh sits before they could sit. Ishita asks Simar if she has sent request to her on social media. Simar says what I would have done, he was not telling me. Ishita says he is scared. Reyansh says I was about to tell but didn’t get the chance. Aarav says his marriage talks are going on in the house. Ishita says he said that you don’t want him to marry for 2-4 years. Aarav says may be he said 2-4 days. Simar says we started searching girls for him. Ishita is shocked. Simar says she asked him, but he said she is just his friend. Ishita says she is not just his friend. Reyansh says girl friend. Simar says so that lipstick mark is yours. Ishita looks on. Reyansh says Badimaa is against love marriage. Simar says never and tells that she dislikes if someone hides anything from her. Aarav asks them to order food and asks Simar to come. He tells Simar that Reyansh is very uncomfortable and asks her to understand their situation. They come back. Simar tells that we shall tell the truth to badimaa else she will get him married within a week. She says we started seeing the girls. Reyansh says I don’t want to see girls. Simar asks why is he lying and says you have shortlisted many girls in the morning. Ishita tells them that they are not just friends, but they are engaged and shows the ring. Reyansh says I asked you not to say anything. Simar asks if love and marriage is a game for you. She says Ishita is blinding trusting you and you. Ishita says don’t talk to Reyansh like this and I know that he loves me. She says she has no doubt on him and knows that he is serious about their relationship. Simar asks Ishita who is in her family? Ishita says Mom and dad who likes him. Simar asks if there is anything which we shall no. Ishita says no. Reyansh says I was scared. Simar says you shall not be afraid, rather than that you shall be happy that you have brothers like Aarav ji and dewar ji. She tells that Reyansh shall tell the truth to family. Aarav says he will say. Simar says if everything is cleared, then we shall tell truth to the family. Ishita says why not, and says let our love marriage be love marriage, but convert it as arranged marriage. She asks Reyansh to say. Reyansh says yes.

Aditi and Roma take Badimaa’s blessings. Aditi asks how did Reyansh agree for marriage. Badimaa says I will tell you everything. Simar comes there with Aarav and says Reyansh has chosen girl for himself. Badimaa says my lalla has chosen girl for himself. Simar says yes, and shows Ishita’s pic. Badimaa and Chitra see the pic. Simar says she is his girlfriend Ishita. Chitra tells badimaa that you gave responsibility to search the girl and she wanted him to do love marriage. She says everyone bear three results of love marriage. Simar says she is not favoring love or arranged marriage. She says no way is right or wrong and says what matters is compatibility. Chitra asks Badimaa not to come in her childish talks. She says any good guy becomes joru ka ghulam after marriage. She says two guys are already here, not make the crowd. Simar says everyone haven’t done love marriage here. Chitra says you are crossing limits. Simar apologizes and argues giving example of Reema-Vivaan, Gagan-Aditi. Aarav says Simar and me. Simar says that girl is my choice later, but first she is Reyansh’s choice. She says don’t you want him to marry the girl with whom he is happy. She says this girl is from a good family and says she is from Agra. Giriraj asks who are they? Aarav says Mr. Kapoor. Giriraj says clothes businessman. Aarav says yes. Badimaa asks Reyansh to say. Reyansh says we were in college. Simar asks him to tell the truth. Reyansh says Ishita is my girl friend and I like her a lot, and I am sure that you will like her too. Simar says he has made her wear the ring too. Badimaa says ring. Simar says he had proposed her for marriage. Badimaa says Reyansh, you have taken a big decision without asking us. She says how can that girl wear the ring without her parents’ permission. Simar says Reyansh proposed her suddenly and she was unaware of his doings. Aditi asks what did you do? Badimaa asks Simar, what she saw in her, that she feels that Ishita will be the perfect life partner for him. Simar says Aarav ji and I met her, and when she came to know that he had hidden about her, she didn’t get angry but supporting Reyansh. She says she saw her supportive towards Reyansh. She says we shall not do the same mistake which we did before and asks her to give fair chance to her. Badimaa asks if she has the same qualities like Aarav’s wife. Simar looks on. Reema says if the girl shall be ideal, and not the men. Simar says we have seen ideal men in Narayan’s house and here, and tells that Ishita is there to handle him. Reema thinks Simar is taking the brownie points again, and thinks she shall concentrate on her assignment. Badimaa says if you think that she is the right girl for him, then meet her parents and fix the marriage. Simar says I am not that big to talk to them. She says I have called them so that they can meet you all. Badimaa says you did right. She says invite them to come to Oswal Mansion tomorrow. I will meet them. Chitra looks at Simar upset and goes. Aditi says marriage is going to happen and congrats Reyansh. She praises Simar. Simar asks Mata Rani not to let her break Badimaa’s trust.

Precap: Ishita’s parents come to Oswal Mansion. Ishita introduces her father Mr. Karan Kapoor and her Mom Pallavi Kapoor. Pallavi says Ishita is a princess, we have fulfilled all her wishes.. Badimaa says so you have spoiled her. Karan says what you had done, and says Mr. Narayan has accepted your grand daughter in this condition. Badimaa gets angry and says I am not helpless to give your daughter, the place of being Oswal bahu. She refuses the alliance. Ishita and Simar gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Bravo Gentaali Devi Oswal,u are just amazing 🤣
    Ishita Kapoor, dhami Kapoor,????
    I sense trouble a head
    Nyc precap

  2. Nicole ehizokhale

    Ishita father made a mistake by saying what he said about simar family accepting aditi why she is pregnant the truth and ishita family and dhami family are totally different and also l think at the end kavya will marry reyansh instead of ishita ishita looks better than kavya and also l don’t trust kavya at all because she looks like someone who is a spy working for yamini devi because truly l don’t really trust kavya at all and also reyansh is really a playboy and also he needs to beg badimaa if he wants to marry ishita or someone’s else instead. ishita father doesn’t know that the simar family didn’t accept aditi because of her condition but the truth is that they wanted aditi as their daughter in law for a long time and also that aditi family and the oswal family have been a family for a long time even before you came so he had no right to say what he said and that’s why badimaa refused the alliance so now ishita have to pray that God change badimaa mind for the alliance if not sorry.

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