Anupama 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Gets Upset

Anupama 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama notices Pakhi lost in her mobile and recalls her fond behavior towards Adhik. She thinks if she should speak to Pakhi, then thinks nowadays boys and girls become friends easily like Samar and Sara, she is thinking too much. Barkha gets angry on Ankush for accepting Hasmukh’s invitation and says she asked him to stay away from Shahs. Ankush says he couldn’t reject Hasmukh’s invitation and reminds even they invited Shahs for their function. Barkha says he must have invited them out of courtesy. Ankush says Hasmukh apologized for the earlier issues. Barkha says Vanraj didn’t though and says they will not go. Sara asks her to stop as its Anupama’s maika/parental home. Barkha warns her not to interfere as she is too young for that. Sara says she is not too young not to understand her agenda. Barkha asks what does she mean. Sara says they were in US and when dad’s business was shut down, they came here suddenly to India coincidentally.

Ankush warns her to behave with her mother. Sara asks her not to interfere between mother and daughter. She tells Barkha that they came to India to Anuj when they got into problem in the US and asks why can’t they live like a happy family and why they want to fight always. She says Barkha is not a bad human, but overtly practical which is breaking their family. She asks how does it matter in whose name the company is and who signs the cheques, why they forget that good happens with only good people. Barkha says its a myth. Sara asks why she expects good after doing wrong. Adhik shouts at Sara to stop. Ankush says Sara is right. Sara says whether Barkha attends Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony or not, she will go for sure. She walks to her room while Ankush tries to calm her down. Barkha cries that her own daughter has changed being with Anupama just for 2 days, she wants to stop her from attending the function. Adhik says they should go there to be in Anuj’s good books. He thinks even he will be benefitting by attending the function.

Anupama divides function arrangement work between Shahs and says its both Kinjal and Toshu’s function. Anuj jokes they don’t want to listen to her 5-page speech. Leela frowns thinking nobody is bothered about Vanraj’s absence. Anupama says it would have been better if Mr Shah was present here. She serves beverages to the family and dances with them on Lets Rock.. song. After sometime, they forcefully send Kinjal to rest. Leela thinks function cannot be better with Kapadias’ presence. Pakhi messages Adhik that she is eager to see him at the ceremony. Anupama notices her behavior.

Vanraj while discussing about job interview excitedly describes how family must be enjoying the function. Kavya says they can wait for the job for a more days, he can attend the function. Vanraj says he feels like reaching there right now somehow, but he can’t as he is a father who has responsibilities of his family. He describes the sacrifice of a father, a man, and his helplessness, etc. Leela works on the ceremonial veil feeling sleepy. Hasmukh asks why don’t she go and sleep. Leela says she can’t dump all the work on Anuj and Anupama alone and asks him to get her kundan bangles from the bank locker and get them polished. Hasmukh asks if she wants to gift it to Kinjal. She says yes. He says when she loves everyone so much, why don’t she show it. She expresses her disappointment about Vanraj’s absence and says Anuj is not baby’s grandfather, even then he will attend the function and not Vanraj, etc.

Rakhi thinks her daughter’s baby shower ceremony is in a poor house and its Anupama’s responsibility to control that house and if any drama happens, Anupama would responsible. Barkha thinks she will not be quiet if Shahs create drama tomorrow. Leela thinks Anupama replaced Anuj in Vanraj’s place and if any drama happens tomorrow, she will not spare Anupama. Anupama wakes up at 4 a.m. in the morning and finds everyone asleep in the living room after partying. She thinks tomorrow is today is Kinjal’s baby shower ceremony and as a mother she is both worried and excited about it. She feels anxious that all the mother Rakhi, Barkha, Leela will be together tomorrow and she needs to manage them all.

After some time, she goes to kitchen when Anuj walks in and gets romantic. She feels shy. They both discuss about their dress code today. Samar joins them and taunts them. Anuj leaves. Anupama expresses her anxiouness about managing the ceremony. Samar asks her to relax as everything will be managed peacefully. Kinjal talks to her baby. Toshu joins her. They both feel that Anupama will handle the function well. Anupama hears their conversation and thinks she needs to manage both her maika and sasural today.

Precap: Leela tells Anupama that she will welcome her in-laws. Rakhi thinks there will be triple entertainment with Shahs, Kapadias, and Daves present under same roof. Leela asks Barkha to remove her sandals before entering the house. Anupama introduces Barkha to Rakhi.

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  1. Good attempt by makers to whitewash Vanraj character. Gaurav Khanna should leave the show if he is having any self-respect.

    1. He have self respect and not ego.

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  2. I don’t understand what Kavya wants in her life. At first she was hellbent on divorcing Vanraj and now she wants to be with him. Even Vanraj wanted to divorce her. Both don’t know how to handle marriage and are confused.

    1. So the writers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      They are unable to decide their characters..

    2. so haramkhor is very sure about his own character.

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  3. At least we are going to get to see some good entertainment in the coming episodes as Rahki says everything you go to the Shah house there’s Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

    1. Everytime*

    2. Lol ikr


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    Poor third rate writing and idiotic show. Even paid trollers cant help much.

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  5. Yes what happened to the divorce and when will Hasmuk get his surgery? He’s fit as a fiddle through all drama and I’m sure doctor said no stress therefore during the wedding he was bedboundπŸ€”
    Writers forget – viewers don’t πŸ˜„

    1. Exactly!

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    3. improvement hoga nhi hoga, dekhenge… par kuch bhi tere jaisa harami tarha nhi hoga

  7. Anupama considers her ex in laws as her maika . Where is her real maika , her mother and brother who lives down the road . They are never invited anywhere . What a shame

    1. True! And the reason being is, Kanta and Bhavesh can’t humiliate their own Anupama so they won’t be able to create any drama.
      Fir unko kyu invite karna? Fir serial strech kaise hoga?

  8. What does Vanraj want in his life? Divorce or happy married life with Kavya? Career or family? all of a sudden he became good from evil. Poor Kavya is another character just like Anuj. Her past, present and future are ruined. Na ghar ki na ghaat ki rahi bechari. Still she stays with Ravanraj who wanted divorce from her. Where is aniruddh?

    1. Are you sure about your own life? Be happy and positive.

  9. Even the sister dolly and her husband are no longer seen. I guess production budget is low.

    1. 😝😝😝

    2. Abey gandu producers can afford even 100 more characters but only if story demands.
      They wont change storyline as per your advice.

    3. I know, Kanta Mom has gone to Surat for some other marriage.
      And Dolly bhen and Sanjay are onsite.

    4. Wait for next episode. Don’t judge too soon.

  10. Shahs spent the last penny they had, and Anu darling is having high Bp while pondering how to manage the wild Moms.
    Well thts what is happening with our celebrations. [Artha hani Prana pida].
    We gather together to follow Rama navani rituals and fight/kill each other property disputes.
    We together fast for Durga Ashtami but female foeticide and dowry death are rampant.
    We gather is mass but no one helps in need.
    We worship sun, moon, air, water, planet… almost everything and ruin nature without a second thought.
    Somewhere something is so wrong that Ritual have become Artha hani Prana pida.
    And on top of that instead of helping, people don’t forget to criticize the host over arrangements!
    Family can’t stand together during adversities. But have to perform rituals together.
    And Vanraj we all know how much fathers do for children.
    And for that they are respected/worshiped/have all the rights.
    Still majority of them are commanding/egoistic/mistreat child when someone is weak(Just as Vanraj treated Samar) and most annoyingly they are not treated harshly when they cheat and destroy the family/children.
    Mothers don’t have any right/respect/identity, they give their entire life to serve, cry with whole heart for the weakest child. Children are her life not matter of honor. Hope you get the difference.

      we are not rules, rules are for/by/of us. Understand to change/improve/optimize, something that can’t change is dead. And we don’t want our culture to be dead for sure, so start understanding and improving.

  11. Teri maa ki hawas ka koi ant nahi hai bechari itni pyasi hai ki tere jaise harami paida kar ke forum me chhod deti hai aur tu kutta banke bhuankne lagta hai. Bhag udhar se gaandu mchodd

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