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Imli gets expressing love for Raghav. Imli is very happy, even when she is in jail, just because she has found love again. Chakor just loves Suraj. She can never love Raghav. Imli is aware of this fact and thinks Raghav will just be of her. Imli feels Raghav isn’t Suraj and Chakor will never accept him. She plans a proposal for Raghav. He also wants to propose Chakor for marriage so that he can complete the family. Chakor doesn’t have any feelings for Raghav. Imli wants Raghav desperately. Chakor isn’t aware of Raghav’s feelings for her.

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer and Zara visit the poor locality and realize the poverty. He gets worried seeing the people dealing with poverty. He wants to help the people. He asks the people if they didn’t get the blankets. The people tell him that they had got the blankets but sold those to get money for living. The people fall ill by cold. Kabeer gets emotional and wants to help them.

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