Karn Sangini 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Shubhra’s Dirty Games

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Shubhra starts emotionally blackmailing Uruvi and says she could not tolerate Karn insulting her. Uruvi apologizes on Karn’s behalf. Shubhra cries that she is worried for Uruvi’s happiness and wanted to return to Pukeya and happily inform her husband that their daughter is enjoying royal amenities again. Uruvi falls for her emotional blackmail. Shubhra continues and walks away shedding crocodile tears. She sees Radha and boasts that she succeeded in creating rift between Karn and Uruvi. Uruvi says she will create their differences. Shubhra challenges her that Karn will herself drop Uruvi to Pukeya in 2 days. Radha thinks she will not let that happen.

Karn angrily practices archery reminiscing Purshottam telling he played game on Shubhra’s order and Uruvi supporting her mother. Uruvi walks in. Karn says her mother insulted his self-respect. Uruvi says her mother cannot be wrong, she was just worried for her happiness. Their argument ensues and Uruvi walks away. Radha watches that and gets concerned. Next morning in courtyard, Karn apologizes Purshottam for whatever happened. Purshottam says Uruvi’s mother is at fault, so Uruvi should apologize. Uruvi says her mother did not do any mistake, even then if someone feels they are insulted and seeks apology, she will. She apologizes Purshottam and walks away.

Radha thinks she should not let Shubra’s plan succeed and walks to Karn with laddoos. Karn tastes them and says they are tasty. She says she did not add sweet in laddoo, and Karn does not want to point his mother’s mistake as he loves his mother immensely, similarly Uruvi loves her mother immensely and cannot see her mistakes like Karn, her love is pure for Karn. After sometime, while washing clothes, Karn’s aunts try to provoke Uruvi by saying Karn did wrong by insulting his wife in front of everyone. Uruvi confronts them and says Karn followed his king’s duty. Aunt continues provoking her. Karn walks to Uruvi and and seeing her crying asks reason. She says something went in her eyes. Karn wipes her tears and hugs her. Uruvi calms down. Maid comes and informs Uruvi that her father got paralysis attack and cannot move.

Karn, Uruvi, and Radha reach Pukeya and see Uruvi’s father lying on bed and vaidya telling that king could not bear hearing his daughter’s condition and got paralysis attack due to stress. Radha asks if he will be alright. Vaidya says he cannot say anything. Shubhra sheds crocodile tears and asks everyone to go while king rests. Once they all walk away, Shubhra closes door and smirks. Her husband wakes up normal. She says it is their plan’s final move. Uruvi cries that her parent’s problems are because of her. Karn consoles her that it is not her mistake.

Precap: Shubhra’s aides inform Uruvi that King’s children or son-in-law can take over his crown in his absence. Uruvi announces Karn will rule Pukeya then. Karn stands shocked while Shubhra smirks.

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