~Healing Her With love~ |Part – 12|

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As I said, our Shivaay and Annika has faced a lot of happy moments and sad ones too. It was one of the moments when Annika wished never happened as it literally broke her apart.

It was when Shivaay and Annika went for a business trip. He had to go for a trip to Rajasthan as there was an award function. That morning, Shivaay did many silly mistakes, including not able to tie a tie, even though he has been doing it perfectly since years.

She too went with him as he will get a company and was waiting for the function to start. The function started and the “Outstanding Businessman Award” winner is yet to announced. Shivaay was a nominee of this award. So, they were waiting for the winner to be announced.

At last, the awaited moment has arrived. The winner was announced and I am sure, I don’t need to say who got it. It was Shivaay who got it. He went to receive the award and they forwarded the mike to speak.

He took the microphone and spoke out, “This is really one of the happiest moments in my life. This is for the first time, I am receiving this award. I am really happy for my lucky charm cum my beautiful wife, Annika Trivedi…..” Suddenly, they hear a sound of gun shot and then the next moment Shivaay falls down.

Blood started flowing out and Annika ran to him. His white coat is stained blood. She felt a bit dizzy and nauseous seeing his condition. She shouted, “Someone help me take him to the hospital.” Everyone was shocked to see this sudden mishap. They were rooted to their places and couldn’t suddenly understand what was happening.

Suddenly, they heard a voice, “Annika, your Shivaay is no more…Now no one will stop me from making you mine.” Annika gets shocked hearing his voice and turns to see who was it. It was Daksh. Annika shivered.

Her worst nightmare is happening in front of her. Meanwhile, some people held him in their control and others helped Annika to take Shivaay to hospital. Shivaay was taken to the operation theatre and Annika was crying harder.

Suddenly, she became silent and bend her head down.


The Oberoi Family were shocked as they saw the live footage flashing in the news. They took a flight to Rajasthan and went to the hospital. They saw Annika sitting on the metal chair with her head bend down and puffed eyes. Om and Rudra tried to pacify her and Jhanvi tried to pacify Pinky. Shakti was not able to react, but he was sure his son will be fine.

1 hour later, the doctor came out and said, “The operation is successful and the patient is fine right now. Don’t let him take any stress.”

Pinky asked him, “Can I see my son now?”

Doctor replied, “I will shift him to private ward right now. You can see him after that.”

Annika didn’t even move. Om saw that, goes to her and says, “Shivaay is fine, Annika.”

She doesn’t turn and says, “He got shot because of me.” 

Om widens his eyes and asks, “Annika, what are you saying?”

She replies, “It was Daksh who shot him. Hadn’t those people caught him, then he would have forced me to go with back.”

He then says, “We will take care of him. You can go and see him once they shift him to the private ward. The police will take care of him.”

She replies in a strong tone, “I don’t want them to take care of them. I need to torture him to take my life from my Shivaay’s. “

Om looks at her shocked. He never expected her to react like that. Even when she was troubled, neither did she react to anyone nor did she ever take revenge. This was the first time, he saw this version of Annika.


Meanwhile, Shivaay was shifted to private ward. Everyone was in the room, crowding it a lot.

I must say, Shivaay is lucky to have such a loving family, but you all didn’t know what was the condition of this family before. It was dysfunctional. Everyone has been against each other. Everyone was living in their riches.

The three brothers had to work hard to bring them back to the beautiful family which it is now. So, the family is all together because of their sons.

I am sure everyone is waiting for Shivaay to wake up. Suddenly, Pinky notices the person missing and asks, “Where is Annika?”

Om replies, “She has to do some work. She will come after some time.”

Shakti asks, “What work?”

Om says, “She told me not to tell where she is going, but I assure she will come as soon as possible.”

They nods and wait for him to get his consciousness.

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