Spoilers – 7th August 2015

Shastri Sisters:

Raju targets Anu and she saves herself. She tries running from there. Rajat tries to free himself from the chair and falls down. She hears the sound and goes ahead to see. Anu finds Rajat tied to the chair and meets him for a long separation. She frees him and Sameer gets to know from Raju that Anu and Rajat have escaped. Alka also gets free from Sameer and runs away. Sameer plans and changes clothes, donning Rajat’s beaten up and tortured look. He reaches home while everyone get to know about Sameer being Rajat’s doppelganger.

KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya packs her bags and decides to leave just as Dadi announces her decision. In the morning, she goes and brings Tanu before Dadi takes her decision. Dadi being helpless announces Tanu and Abhi’s marriage. Tanu gets happy while Pragya leaves the house teary eyed. Aaliya knows the secret that Tanu is carrying Nikhil’s baby and decides to help Tanu to take revenge from Abhi. She thinks it will be a big punishment for Abhi to be separated from Pragya and gives his name to someone else baby. She decides to make Nikhil go from there so that Tanu marries Abhi smoothly.

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  1. can u pls post MATSH spoiler also

  2. don’t drag too much the present track in Kumkum Bhagya

  3. Oh crap thapki is marrying to bihaan.please stop it. Thapki is getting nice trp don’t waste it writers.kkb don’t drag I am waiting for grand entry for pragya.matsh spoilers plssss

  4. ss ending like this all of sudden is really shocking…. wel i was doubting but simultaneously thought dat may b its tym slot will b changed…. but its ending:( wel gud byeee shastri sisters

  5. At last ishira United…….it took a lot of time…….waiting for a new baby in yhm…….ssel spoilers plssssss…..

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