Kalash 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sakshi tells Ravi that he’s a hero, why he’s paying attention to villain and asks him to resume the game. Both Ravi and Devika take out the ring together. One guest says that means there will always be love between them. Other guest says it’s possible that there will be nok joks only. They then give pose for photographs. Ravi wants to leave, but he’s stopped by Sakshi. Saket notices Ravi and Devika keeping distance from each other. Sakshi forces them to come closer and Ravi’s bro takes photographs.

Saket’s sister is angry at herself for not being able to do anything for Saket. She asks him to leave. Saket says he’s very happy. He achieved what he came for. He was just worried about Ravi and Devika getting closer, but nothing happened last night. In fact, they seemed angry so they must have had fight. Saket’s sister says now she will show mirror to her mother in law. Saket asks her to leave and let her live in crore of rupees dream because if she finds out this, then she will definitely bring them closer.

Chacha comes paying all the bills and says it was expensive. Chachi tells Beeji about pagh-phere ritual, but Beeji says there’s no need for it. Chachi says what will society say? Beeji says she doesn’t care. She would have done all rituals had Devika married with their choice and permission. She leaves. Chacha tells Chachi not to worry.

Photograph session is still going on. Ravi tries to excuse himself again, but Sakshi says she never came in any photo. She gives a pose with her sister. She then tells Ravi’s bro to join them and she will take photos. She secretly takes Ravi’s bro and her sister photo while they were looking at each other. Ravi sees Saket and wonders what he’s still doing there. Saket finally leaves. Ravi follows.

Ravi’s bro asks Sakshi to give her number and he will send all photos. She says good try and asks him to take her sister’s number. She agrees. Sakshi teases them.

Chachi calls Sakshi and asks where she’s. Sakshi gives photo to Devika and Chachi is happy to talk to her. Devika says she wasn’t feeling good, so it’s good that her sisters came. Chachi tells her she has to win their heart now and give them love, only then she will get love in return. Devika gets emotional and Sakshi takes away the phone. Chachi tells them to come home soon.

Ravi stops Saket outside and tells him that he got saved today, but if he’s seen again near his house, then he won’t spare him. This time, even police won’t be able to do anything. Saket laughs and says he may have everyone’s support, but he doesn’t have of support of his own wife. First he was going to make Ravi’s life hell, but now he doesn’t need to do anything. If one doesn’t get love in return of love, then it’s still bearable, but when someone gets hate in return of love, then life becomes hell which exactly is Ravi’s situation. He goes on and on and says Devika married Ravi, but she will never be with him. He got one more chance and now he will win Devika. He lost, but he still won while Ravi won, but still lost. Ravi says Devika has values and she understands marriage’s pavitra bandhan, she will never look at any other man. Ravi warns him if he does anything, then this time he will expose him in front of everyone in his rally only and then he will see what he does without MLA position. Saket laughs again asking who will trust him and who will support him. Sakshi comes there and says she will. She tells Saket not to think that Ravi is alone. She is always with him. Saket got his MLA position by accusing his senior for misbehaving with a lady. Saket has done worse and when it will come in media, he won’t be able to do anything, nor will he get support from anyone. Saket is still smiling and leaves.

Precap: Ravi is in bathroom. He asks Devika how long to give a towel. She tells him she knows he’s wasting her time purposely. She goes to the door and asks him to come out. He closes door tightly and asks how she can do this. She tries to break the door. Ravi comes out and they both fall on the floor.

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