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Veera 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dilawar aiming at Veera. Veera asks him to shoot her, he will not be saved after it, he is alone here and they all will kill him. Dilawar looks at everyone. Baldev signs Ranvi. Ranvi pushes Dilawar and Baldev and Ranvi hold Dilawar. Dilawar pushes them and Veera hits on his head. Dilawar shoots at her and Ranvi comes in between. They all get shocked as the bullet hits his heart. Baldev beats Dilawar. Veera and Gunjan cry. Balwant calls for ambulance.

The police comes there and arrest Dilawar. Baldev asks inspector to arrest Manjeet too. Dilawar says he will see all of them. Baldev asks Ranvi not to close eyes. The medical service comes and they take Ranvi on the stretcher. They rush him to the hospital.

Gunjan asks Deepu to play with Ranvi when he gets fine, she won’t stop him. The doctor comes and says they removed the bullet, but Ranvi is critical and he should get conscious next 48 hours else he can die. They all pray for him. Bansuri consoles Gunjan. Deepu asks anyone to come with her, and takes Gunjan. Baldev asks where is Veera. Deepu takes Gunjan to pray. Gunjan kisses her and Deepu wipes her tears. Baldev looks on and smiles, and asks Lord to make Ranvi fine.

Veera talks to Ratan’s pic and tells about Ratan. She prays for Ranvi and says he came infront of her to save her life. She recalls their childhood. She says we would have been together, I can’t stay without Ranvi. She says she won’t let anything to Ranvi, he always saved her, he will get fine for her now. She goes to see him.

The doctor monitors Ranvi. The nurse says they need more blood. The doctor asks the family about the blood group. Balwant says Veera’s blood will match. He calls Baldev and asks him about Veera, as Ranvi needs blood, her blood can match, she can save him. Baldev says she is not here, I will find her. Balwant says bring her fast.

Veera prays for Ranvi and walks barefoot to pray mannat for Ranvi. Veer ki ardaas veera……………plays……………. Her feet start bleeding. Baldev comes to hospital and says Veera is nowhere, he tried finding her. The doctor comes and asks him to get A- blood donor, they have just one unit now and need more units. Balwant sends Baldev to get Veera fast. Veera comes to Gurudwara and prays for Ranvi’s recovery and life, saying Lord should not let Ratan’s sacrifice go waste, as Ratan died to save them. Baldev thinks where is Veera, Ranvi needs her. Gunjan prays for Ranvi.

Jaggi and Billa get Veera and tell her that Ranvi needs blood. Gunjan prays for Ranvi aloud. Baldev asks Balwant to be hopeful. The nurse says they arranged blood, and Baldev rushes and they all see Veera. The doctor says magic happened as Ranvi is fine now. Bansuri says he magic is Veera. Gunjan thanks Veera and apologizes for her mistake. Veera says its our mistake, we could not understand you, I want Ranvi to get fine, he is everything for me, my brother, mum and dad. The nurse says Veera ji, listen….

Veera and Baldev break Veera’s pregnancy news to Ranvi, Gunjan and everyone. They all smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Think veera and baldev should give their baby (once its born) to ranvi and gunjan as they cant have their own child and they are trustworthy. I think veera baldev are kinda younf and have many other responsibilities and they can have a baby again in the futute unlike ranvi and gunjan. ?

  2. That is wat is going to happen.
    Veera n Baldev r going to handover d baby to Ranvi n Gunjan.

  3. Wow.
    Such a nyc ending.
    Gonna miss d show

  4. Aww thats cute! And yay i was right. I also love the serial badtameez dil. Have u got any spoiler for that Priya? Xx

  5. Priya * sorry x

  6. I think that veera and baldev should have twins and they can give one to ranvi and gunjan

  7. Superb episode.loved it……

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