Spoilers 6th October 2018

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan chases Ullu to cut his long hair. Ullu doesn’t want to lose his hair. He loves his hairstyle. Yuvaan tells him that he is looking like a monkey, he will look civilized if he gets a sober hair style. Ullu asks Bela to save his hair. Bela asks Yuvaan not to trouble Ullu. Yuvaan tells her that he wants to cut Ullu’s hair. Yuvaan pretends to get hurt. Ullu goes to see him. Yuvaan catches him. Gungun asks Yuvaan not to cut Ullu’s hair. Yuvaan doesn’t listen. Gungun stops Yuvaan and tells him the story about Ullu’s long hair. She tells Yuvaan that mum used to like Ullu’s long hair and called him little Kanha of the family.


Meera meets the tantric Guru Maa and gets warned about Vivaan. Dolly gets more worried for Meera’s life. Guru Maa asks Meera not to believe Vivaan, he is playing with her life. She asks Meera to break ties with Vivaan. Guru Maa knows much about Vivaan. She learns Vivaan and Paromita’s past. She feels Vivaan is doing wrong with Meera. She alerts Meera that Vivaan will become a threat for her. She wants to help Meera and prove truth to her.

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Ishq Mein Marjawan


Ishq SubhanAllah

Jiji Maa

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